23 August 2008, a rainy afternoon. the weather was wet and dully. Everywhere was people rushing to get into shelters, pulling out umbrellas, sneezing and coughing away. The sleepy mode was switched on automatically for every passer-by, nothing seem to interest anyone at the bus stop. While hanging out the head like a giraffe to see just when bus 45 or 14 is coming so as to get off the boring bus stop soonest pssible. Bus 14 finally arrived, tapped the card I go…………………..

Finally feeling some sense of live……
“Wah..what took you so long ahh……… we started long ago liao lor… still slowly stroll stroll..” that’s christina’s voice when I arrived at the main gate of moral home. “Wooo..thought is Alex, but no leh..don’t look like leh…oh.. Yee sheng ahh…long time no see!!” voiced poh yan and christina. Yes, Yee Sheng being such a good boy despite the rainy day still want to come over to moral home after he finished his homework. Why is Poh Yan and Christina not at the activities area but at the area outside office.. welcoming our arrival?? They two are actually pumping air into the mini fishing pond.

Moving on to the activities area, the gambling den was already set up and once again full house! The den owner is aunty Molly. Her laughter and rapport with the other ah mas filled the areas with lively air. Upon going up the second floor, “HELLO!!! Long time no see, hahaha…how have you been??” an half hug was exchanged with our most lively uncle Song!!!!!! He was doing rounds taking orders from the old folks. How can anyone not know of his contagious laughter and generous kind heart.. HAHAHA..
Then Sam was spotted at the second floor doing befriending while “psycho-ing old folks to join us at the activities area. His magnetic force and friendliness is superb!

Soon the activities area was filled with activities such as fishing (no longer from the floor..but from “pond”), mahjung, gambling and music. The gloomy rainy day finally awaken! Soon ah quan arrived, spreading his charm around before settling at one corner playing chess with a ah gong at the dining area. Then more angels flew in, ping sing and her “cannot say de secret” desment came in, Shuhua came in, ah Xian came in, Jinxiong came in, (oops please forgive me!!!!! I didn’t pay attention to what they are doing!!)

Uncle Loi finally come!! With his 10,000 songs ktv set. Quite a few angels were singing their lungs out (me included* :D) Thanks to this ktv set, the old folks got to enjoy the latest hits music!! Meikuen came in and was quick at pulling business to her “salt bottle making business”, however she was forced to wind it up soon after as the ah mas became lazy! Gary was obviously doing something at the home, but the inattentive me wasn’t looking, so he must be doing something…

As time grew later, an argentina soul flew in with a nike polo man (rico and sk), they were back from Swami Home. Quickly they mingled around the old folks and helped out anyhow they could. Luckily, they still behaved and had not been “swamified”. round of applause to them who ventured into other homes to help out!

Dinner time stepped in, one by one the folks were helped to the dining areas and the activities area became a ktv corner for angels~
Mooncake Festival celebration meeting was also carried out at this ktv corner, all angels were highly participative, receiving arrows and shooting arrows everywhere.. how “spectacular”! 12 lotus movie outing was also discussed..interested angels, drop me a sms or email~

What a meaningful day it turned out to be………….