Dearest Moral Angels,

So, why does char siew bao cried when watch movie with mun tu?? Don’t know? Don’t  know? It’s because char siew bao has ‘fillings’!! And why does char siew bao cried while duo sa bao laughed in the movie? Don’t Know? It’s because they have different ‘fillings’!! 😀 hahaha (from our Funny entertainer Jasmine 😛 thanks!)

Yes pls don’t think this AVL is a member of FON (though has the potential) 😛 starting off the weekly flash with this ‘joke’ it’s not meant to make you laugh but to reflect upon the fact that everyone of us are made up of different ‘substances’ and hence has very different ‘fillings’ 😛 we react differently to the same incident and that makes each of us different and ‘special’! And it’s due to this very fact, Moral Home needs YOU (of different personalities) to please and entertain our different SPECIAL ah kongs and ah mas!!! :) hehe yes, every one of YOU is important to them!!

This week at moral home, we’ve our:

  1. Faithful Yen being there for the gamblers, playing nothing but the playing cards 😛 Running errands on behalf of uncle Song and befriending the folks.
  2. Flirtatious Xiong running errands for the elderly, befriending them and eventually slaughtered by our ‘dumb king’ uncle john!!
  3. FON SK playing mah-jong, bullying the ah kongs and ah mas!!
  4. Feminine Shuhua carrying out activities like fishing, throwing bean bags with the elderly. Good job!
  5. Fashionable Ping Sing with her ‘Future’ boyfriend Desmond (not our MA Desmond) keeping the ah kongs ah mas accompany; with Ping Sing competing fishing with them and Desmond throwing bean bags and faking his ‘burnt’ black jack cards into ‘21’ points. Ai! Ai! Ai! Ping Sing why your Desmond must be as ‘smelly’ as you huh?? 😛

Oh, not enough of me giving you the “Fs”? 😛 hehe well, after our home activities, we FORWARD to Silra home to join our FLAWLESS Huiquan and FEARLESS Pohyan to check out how Silra’s 7th Month Gei Tai is being carried out! We are definitely FACINATED by the gifts and the amount of food they had for their elderly. The details of the entire Silra Home exchange sharing will be done by Huiquan and Pohyan ya?? Thank you so much! Oh! By the way, SWAMI Home at sembawang will be having their 7th Month Celebration this coming Sat(23/08/08) 2-4pm, we are sorted of invited, I’ll will keep you all posted!!! 😛

Bye! Remember our date with ah kongs and ah mas on Saturdays ok!!

From a FANATIC moral angel