Hello! It is me, SK, who has volunteered to contribute this week’s flash :)

Thumbs Up

This Saturday afternoon, I saw all the volunteers hard at work, preparing for next Saturday’s National Day’s celebrations, and befriending the elderly at the same time. Really appreciate your efforts.
I somehow start to reflect on what volunteering means to me and how its meaning has changed over the years for me.

I recall when I initially started, I just wanted to serve, and I was not comfortable meeting and working with so many different people. I wondered why we must arrow here and arrow there; take on responsibilities when I wanted to do was to “volunteer” those few hours per Saturday and that should be it.

But being part of the volunteer group, I discovered that I had to occasionally “bring volunteer work” home. When I was volunteer leader back then, assigning people duties in organizing activities was a concern to me as I was afraid I would put others off with the extra work. Uncle Meng Huat then would often give me the advice that providing volunteers with responsibilities will help grow their commitment to the home, given that they can contribute more than their interactions with the elderly. It is sound advice. Thank you Uncle Meng Huat!

I believe that there is “no one size fits all” definition to volunteering. But I do believe that by combining our efforts, we can bring about more value-added services to the elderly. And it is thus important that we keep “the end in mind” and appreciate that “every single volunteer counts”, and we help one another keep our volunteering spirit aflame.

As such, as individuals and as a group, the Moral Angels are very important and much appreciated. We are of different personalities, age group and fashion tastes, but we can sure work together and have fun at the same time, that’s certainly our strength and we should build on that.

Ok, finally what happened today at the home?

Most of us are busy with preparations for next week;

HQ was trying out the fishing game and making the Styrofoam fishes with the help of Uncle Meng Huat. I contributed a fighting fish one but it was rejected…

Ah Hsien, Shuhua and Ping Sing were planning the decorations with stuff they had bought. Ah Hsien was also very enthusiastic in guiding an elderly to colour vanguard sheets.

Art Drawing
Guiding ah gong to decorate the stall for National Day 08

Jin Xiong, Ping Sing, Mei Kuen and I helped to cut the funfair vouchers. We contracted Uncle John, Rosie and a few other elderly to help us cut. Rosie won the most positive attitude employee of the day.

Cutting Specimen MA Money 3
MAS (Moral Angels of Singapore) busy ‘printing’ coupons.

Cutting Specimen MA Money 1
Ah Ma ensures all coupons are in correct dimension.

Cutting Specimen MA Money 4
Concentrating on cutting the coupons. Oh so sweet and erhmm…

Cutting Specimen MA Money 2
Ah gong… “wai liao..wai liao”.. cut straight.. Do we have quality check?

Elsewhere Sharon, Christina, Rico and Song were befriending and running errands for the elderly.
Poh Yan was busy preparing for his can throwing stall, he was grumbling all the way but still no one can deny his good heart.

Card Games
Our own “IR”… Healthy card games.. keeping your mind clear and sound…

Josephine came in and started singing to herself on the stage. She is going through her probation as an engineer and so has not been coming down for a couple of weeks due to her work. Let’s give her a pat on the back to support her in her first job! Josephine you must piah then can win.


Auntie Molly also came down with her family, bringing kueh for the elderly, so kind of her.

Moral angels,
Let’s continue to be great companions, and get more others involved in our mission to bring joy, love and care to the elderly.

Regards from
SK, the fashionable (with the “Lays Potato Chips, Fabregas” Sling bag)