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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 230808

23 August 2008, a rainy afternoon. the weather was wet and dully. Everywhere was people rushing to get into shelters, pulling out umbrellas, sneezing and coughing away. The sleepy mode was switched on automatically for every passer-by, nothing seem to interest anyone at the bus stop. While hanging out the head like a giraffe to see just when bus 45 or 14 is coming so as to get off the boring bus stop soonest pssible. Bus 14 finally arrived, tapped the card I go…………………..

Finally feeling some sense of live……
“Wah..what took you so long ahh……… we started long ago liao lor… still slowly stroll stroll..” that’s christina’s voice when I arrived at the main gate of moral home. “Wooo..thought is Alex, but no leh..don’t look like leh…oh.. Yee sheng ahh…long time no see!!” voiced poh yan and christina. Yes, Yee Sheng being such a good boy despite the rainy day still want to come over to moral home after he finished his homework. Why is Poh Yan and Christina not at the activities area but at the area outside office.. welcoming our arrival?? They two are actually pumping air into the mini fishing pond.

Moving on to the activities area, the gambling den was already set up and once again full house! The den owner is aunty Molly. Her laughter and rapport with the other ah mas filled the areas with lively air. Upon going up the second floor, “HELLO!!! Long time no see, hahaha…how have you been??” an half hug was exchanged with our most lively uncle Song!!!!!! He was doing rounds taking orders from the old folks. How can anyone not know of his contagious laughter and generous kind heart.. HAHAHA..
Then Sam was spotted at the second floor doing befriending while “psycho-ing old folks to join us at the activities area. His magnetic force and friendliness is superb!

Soon the activities area was filled with activities such as fishing (no longer from the floor..but from “pond”), mahjung, gambling and music. The gloomy rainy day finally awaken! Soon ah quan arrived, spreading his charm around before settling at one corner playing chess with a ah gong at the dining area. Then more angels flew in, ping sing and her “cannot say de secret” desment came in, Shuhua came in, ah Xian came in, Jinxiong came in, (oops please forgive me!!!!! I didn’t pay attention to what they are doing!!)

Uncle Loi finally come!! With his 10,000 songs ktv set. Quite a few angels were singing their lungs out (me included* :D) Thanks to this ktv set, the old folks got to enjoy the latest hits music!! Meikuen came in and was quick at pulling business to her “salt bottle making business”, however she was forced to wind it up soon after as the ah mas became lazy! Gary was obviously doing something at the home, but the inattentive me wasn’t looking, so he must be doing something…

As time grew later, an argentina soul flew in with a nike polo man (rico and sk), they were back from Swami Home. Quickly they mingled around the old folks and helped out anyhow they could. Luckily, they still behaved and had not been “swamified”. round of applause to them who ventured into other homes to help out!

Dinner time stepped in, one by one the folks were helped to the dining areas and the activities area became a ktv corner for angels~
Mooncake Festival celebration meeting was also carried out at this ktv corner, all angels were highly participative, receiving arrows and shooting arrows everywhere.. how “spectacular”! 12 lotus movie outing was also discussed..interested angels, drop me a sms or email~

What a meaningful day it turned out to be………….


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 160808

    Dearest Moral Angels,

    So, why does char siew bao cried when watch movie with mun tu?? Don’t know? Don’t  know? It’s because char siew bao has ‘fillings’!! And why does char siew bao cried while duo sa bao laughed in the movie? Don’t Know? It’s because they have different ‘fillings’!! 😀 hahaha (from our Funny entertainer Jasmine 😛 thanks!)

    Yes pls don’t think this AVL is a member of FON (though has the potential) 😛 starting off the weekly flash with this ‘joke’ it’s not meant to make you laugh but to reflect upon the fact that everyone of us are made up of different ‘substances’ and hence has very different ‘fillings’ 😛 we react differently to the same incident and that makes each of us different and ‘special’! And it’s due to this very fact, Moral Home needs YOU (of different personalities) to please and entertain our different SPECIAL ah kongs and ah mas!!! :) hehe yes, every one of YOU is important to them!!

    This week at moral home, we’ve our:

    1. Faithful Yen being there for the gamblers, playing nothing but the playing cards 😛 Running errands on behalf of uncle Song and befriending the folks.
    2. Flirtatious Xiong running errands for the elderly, befriending them and eventually slaughtered by our ‘dumb king’ uncle john!!
    3. FON SK playing mah-jong, bullying the ah kongs and ah mas!!
    4. Feminine Shuhua carrying out activities like fishing, throwing bean bags with the elderly. Good job!
    5. Fashionable Ping Sing with her ‘Future’ boyfriend Desmond (not our MA Desmond) keeping the ah kongs ah mas accompany; with Ping Sing competing fishing with them and Desmond throwing bean bags and faking his ‘burnt’ black jack cards into ‘21’ points. Ai! Ai! Ai! Ping Sing why your Desmond must be as ‘smelly’ as you huh?? 😛

    Oh, not enough of me giving you the “Fs”? 😛 hehe well, after our home activities, we FORWARD to Silra home to join our FLAWLESS Huiquan and FEARLESS Pohyan to check out how Silra’s 7th Month Gei Tai is being carried out! We are definitely FACINATED by the gifts and the amount of food they had for their elderly. The details of the entire Silra Home exchange sharing will be done by Huiquan and Pohyan ya?? Thank you so much! Oh! By the way, SWAMI Home at sembawang will be having their 7th Month Celebration this coming Sat(23/08/08) 2-4pm, we are sorted of invited, I’ll will keep you all posted!!! 😛

    Bye! Remember our date with ah kongs and ah mas on Saturdays ok!!

    From a FANATIC moral angel

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  • National Day 2008

    It was a typical Saturday in Singapore, hot and humid, and the trains packed with commuters. But then you noticed something not so typical: everyone is wearing red, and then you realized: oh its Chinese New Year National Day!

    The day started fairly quiet, the old folks having their lunch and the repairman fixing some wheelchairs. Rico was the 1st to arrive with her loads of food and the all important national day cake, with some help from her aunt. At the same time 3 big boxes of tapioca kueh were delivered by 2 generous sponsors. A big thank you! FYI the sponsors have a stall near Sharon place, so please support when you are in the area.

    As more angels started arriving at the home, the preparation was well under way. Poh Yan was sighted fiddling with some foreign looking objects. He was acting rather mysteriously and decline to comment on his action. It was 20 minutes later then we realized what he was really up to. In a flash, he was transformed into Ironman (some would say dustbin-man but I digress) in his shiny new armor! You have my vote for the best dressed stall IC, Poh Yan.

    After the fishing pool was filled up with water, it had to be moved due to bad feng shui, according to our feng shui master SK. It took the better of 6 angels to move the super heavy pool to like eh, 2 meters away?! After some spilling, slipping and adjusting, our feng shui master SK, finally looking satisfied, then proceeded with the fish freeing ceremony. However the fishes took some time to warm up as the pump was being fixed. It took a while but in the end our feng shui master SK magically fixed the pump and the fishes were by then happily chasing after one another.

    Rico and Ming Yuet were overwhelmed with tons of food, but luckily help was readily available from the many volunteers who form a factory line churning out boxes of delicious snacks.

    Hui Quan and Fiona faced some problems trying to put all the barang barang on display. Even the biggest table at Moral Home appeared tiny when loaded with the mountain of daily items. An additional table had to be added to display everything on sales.

    In contrast the other stalls were setup without much fanfare, and all the stalls IC were raring to go. The time was 220pm and the dining area was filled with a sea of red shirts. There must be like over 40 volunteers? What a great turnout! There was a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air as the elderly took their seats. Each elderly was given 10 angel dollars and immediately their sights were set on the Mama shop, all ready to flaunt their new found wealth.

    We began the carnival with the birthday cake. August babies (uncles in this case) were invited to share the limelight with our nation. I have no idea how the baker did it but the cake was yummy delicious! I’m sure I was not the only who ate more than my fair share.

    After everyone had their fill, it was party time. Most elderly dashed (literally) for the Mama shop, not only to get their hands on the items, but also to catch a glimpse of our dashing Hui Quan in his sarong. Together with Fiona, they were doing some brisk business. In fact business was so good they had to restock! They elderly were really enjoying themselves, bargaining and filling up their shopping bags. Maybe we should set up a permanent Mama shop?

    Other elderly were eager to explore the game stalls and grab some snacks at the food stall. I was really impressed by the quality and the variety of the snacks on offer. There were pastries, home made kueh kueh, and home made sandwiches. Thank you Ming Yuet and Rico. You should start a catering business for the monthly kopi roti corner.

    Right beside the Mama shop is the Fishing Pool. It is similar to the fishing game the elderly play every week, but with a twist: added water and moving fish. The elderly seems to enjoy it but maybe the moving fishes made their dizzy. Xiao Xuan can be heard shouting from miles away to save her dwindling business.

    The Casino was buzzing with elderly eager to try their luck. Although the elderly are well into their 70s and 80s, their mind are still as sharp and easily put most angels to shame. As hard as the gambling bosses (Molly, Loi, Ping Sing) tried, they stood no chance against the seasoned pro. Luckily we have a powerful backer (uncle Meng Huat) to inject much needed fresh funds into the near bankrupt business.

    Located beside the Casino is the Steady Hand. Even though Alex tried his best touting for customers, few took the bait. Brandon was recruited as the PR guy but it made no difference. Maybe the elderly scare kenna electrocuted?!? Despair not Alex, we shall reduce the voltage next time, haha.

    The Golf station was located in the dining hall. The elderly were lining up to be the next Nicklaus or Norman or somebody old and good at golf. Sharon the tigress was nowhere to be found so it was left to Rusty the cub to run the show, and boy did she run the show. Elderly were getting hole-in-one like nobody business and Rusty was happily handing out the dough. Hey I think we have some hidden talent at the home.

    Poh Yan was attracting lots of attention to his Ball Throwing station with his superhero Ironman costume. Alex we will make you one next year, Batman? Despite his superhero power, Poh Yan couldn’t stop the cans from falling all over the place. The elderly were simply too powerful even for Ironman to handle. In the end Ironman had to transform into a rubbish can and hide in one corner, as the elderly continued their rampage. Don’t worry Poh Yan, even though your power sucks, your costume still looks awesome. And we still love you.

    At 4pm, with their energy expended, the elderly were resting in the dining hall happily inspecting their handful of shopping bags. Sensing their moment, the MH entertainers sprang into actions and took over the stage. Our MH idol Yong (aka Huang Pingyuan) belted out oldies favorites and transformed the home instantly into 7th month Getai. Our lovely Xiao Xuan joined her male counterpart on stage, and charmed her way into the elderly heart. Not to be outdone by the young pretenders, veteran Loi turned out a masterful performance and captured the imagination of the audience.

    The carnival reached its climax during the singing of the national day songs. All the elderly and volunteers joined in the singing and waved the Singapore flags to show their love for the country. It was a fitting finale to a wonderful day.

    I’d like to thank everyone individually but there were simply too many of you! Luckily a picture says a thousand words, and so I’d like to thank everyone in this photo:


    I counted 51 of us, correct? Here’s the candid version:



    • Almost every elderly participated in the carnival. Its one of those rare occasions that you see all the Moral Home elderly up and running around. Okay maybe not exactly running but you get the point.
    • I am really touched by the large turnout of volunteers. Its a public holiday and by turning up at the home says it all. We couldn’t have done it without you. Keep up the moral angel spirit!
    • We should have more carnivals!

    Many thanks to the generous sponsors, Moral Home staffs, stall ICs, decor crews, talented signboard designers, coordinators, entertainers, crazy angels, even crazier organizing committee, and all the volunteers! Happy National Day!

    National Day Carnival 2008

    Hi angels,

    we are now 4 days away from the big day, can u believe it? The air was filled with excitement and anticipation as we made the final preparation last sat at the home.


    We will celebrate this National Day in carnival style. There will be games, food, prizes and song performance to mark this special occasion. All elderly will be given 10 angel dollars each, and they are free to use it for games, food, or exchange for prizes. Immobile elderly will be accompanied by 1 volunteer to help them move around the various stalls.

    The food stall will be selling Mee Hoon Kuey (specially made by Min Yuet), Oneh oneh, tapioca kuey and other yummy food. Our dear Rico is the lady boss, so make sure you ask for discount, and some sweet love!

    The mama shop is stocked up by Hui Quan, Song and Poh Yan. In fact there are so much varieties it should be called a hypermart. Many thanks to the bosses who helped buy all the stuffs. The towkay and towkay neo for that day will be HQ and Fiona.

    The games are:
    – Fishing – With real pond and real fishes!! And real Jojo!
    – Casino – Roulette, big small, odd even with Big Boss Meng Huat and Sam.
    – Ball Throwing – Whack the can, or Poh Yan shiny head.
    – Steady Hand – Touch the wire and be shocked by Mei Kuen.
    – Golfing – With Sharon the tigress.

    The events are:
    220pm – everyone in dining area for open ceremony
    230pm – Cake cutting and song singing
    245pm – Start of carnival
    430pm – End carnival by singing lots of country loving songs
    5pm – Jet fighters fly pass, and fireworks.

    Other important committee members:
    Photo – Stuart
    Video – Ah Kiat
    Game assistants – Rusty, Loi, Shu Hua, Xiao Xuan
    Decor – Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Ping Sing
    Volunteer coordinator – Ah Yen
    Big Boss – SK

    All committee members please kindly meet up at 1pm. We need to decor the place, move the tables, set up the games, have some fun, etc.

    Volunteers please turn up at 2pm, or earlier if you wish to help out. We sure can use some extra hands.

    And please wear the brightest, reddest shirt you ever own.

    Jin Xiong

    Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 020808

    Hello! It is me, SK, who has volunteered to contribute this week’s flash :)

    Thumbs Up

    This Saturday afternoon, I saw all the volunteers hard at work, preparing for next Saturday’s National Day’s celebrations, and befriending the elderly at the same time. Really appreciate your efforts.
    I somehow start to reflect on what volunteering means to me and how its meaning has changed over the years for me.

    I recall when I initially started, I just wanted to serve, and I was not comfortable meeting and working with so many different people. I wondered why we must arrow here and arrow there; take on responsibilities when I wanted to do was to “volunteer” those few hours per Saturday and that should be it.

    But being part of the volunteer group, I discovered that I had to occasionally “bring volunteer work” home. When I was volunteer leader back then, assigning people duties in organizing activities was a concern to me as I was afraid I would put others off with the extra work. Uncle Meng Huat then would often give me the advice that providing volunteers with responsibilities will help grow their commitment to the home, given that they can contribute more than their interactions with the elderly. It is sound advice. Thank you Uncle Meng Huat!

    I believe that there is “no one size fits all” definition to volunteering. But I do believe that by combining our efforts, we can bring about more value-added services to the elderly. And it is thus important that we keep “the end in mind” and appreciate that “every single volunteer counts”, and we help one another keep our volunteering spirit aflame.

    As such, as individuals and as a group, the Moral Angels are very important and much appreciated. We are of different personalities, age group and fashion tastes, but we can sure work together and have fun at the same time, that’s certainly our strength and we should build on that.

    Ok, finally what happened today at the home?

    Most of us are busy with preparations for next week;

    HQ was trying out the fishing game and making the Styrofoam fishes with the help of Uncle Meng Huat. I contributed a fighting fish one but it was rejected…

    Ah Hsien, Shuhua and Ping Sing were planning the decorations with stuff they had bought. Ah Hsien was also very enthusiastic in guiding an elderly to colour vanguard sheets.

    Art Drawing
    Guiding ah gong to decorate the stall for National Day 08

    Jin Xiong, Ping Sing, Mei Kuen and I helped to cut the funfair vouchers. We contracted Uncle John, Rosie and a few other elderly to help us cut. Rosie won the most positive attitude employee of the day.

    Cutting Specimen MA Money 3
    MAS (Moral Angels of Singapore) busy ‘printing’ coupons.

    Cutting Specimen MA Money 1
    Ah Ma ensures all coupons are in correct dimension.

    Cutting Specimen MA Money 4
    Concentrating on cutting the coupons. Oh so sweet and erhmm…

    Cutting Specimen MA Money 2
    Ah gong… “wai liao..wai liao”.. cut straight.. Do we have quality check?

    Elsewhere Sharon, Christina, Rico and Song were befriending and running errands for the elderly.
    Poh Yan was busy preparing for his can throwing stall, he was grumbling all the way but still no one can deny his good heart.

    Card Games
    Our own “IR”… Healthy card games.. keeping your mind clear and sound…

    Josephine came in and started singing to herself on the stage. She is going through her probation as an engineer and so has not been coming down for a couple of weeks due to her work. Let’s give her a pat on the back to support her in her first job! Josephine you must piah then can win.


    Auntie Molly also came down with her family, bringing kueh for the elderly, so kind of her.

    Moral angels,
    Let’s continue to be great companions, and get more others involved in our mission to bring joy, love and care to the elderly.

    Regards from
    SK, the fashionable (with the “Lays Potato Chips, Fabregas” Sling bag)

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