Hihi Angels,
Our dear Uncle Poh Yan had finally said good bye to his hair. Hair for Hope, organized by Children”s Cancer Foundation, was creating awareness and seeking donations from public to raise funds for the children who are suffering from cancer. These children lost their hair through ongoing chemotherapy treatment. These volunteers in order to show support to these little patients, besides volunteered to get their hair shave, they also help to raise fund from their friends, families, organizations and the general public. Kudos to these volunteers…

The atmosphere at Novena Square was touching and meaningful. I had witnessed many volunteers, volunteeringly parting their hairs for the children who are suffering from cancer. DJs from 100.3FM were the first to kick start the event. DJs from 100.3FM, especially one of the woman DJ, Ke Ling, shaving off her long beautiful hair for these cancer little patients. Upon witnessing these touching moments, many walk in personnel had started queuing up waiting for their hair to be shaved. Some came in to shave as family, couple and even organizations. The women were the one that we have to be really admired and respected. They are brave enough to ignore their image and shave their head bald for these children.

Here are some of the pictures taken live from the event. (Apology for the poor quality – forget to on my stabilizer)

online casino Cut” src=”http://moralangels.com/gallery/photo/zp-core/i.php?a=Moral Angels&i=Poh Yan before Hair Cut.jpg&w=440&h=” alt=”Poh Yan before Hair Cut” />
Poh Yan… Before Hair Cut (Now you see it…)

Half Way
Half Way… This hairstyle also quite hip. Maybe can stop… :)

Listening to handphone
Talking to his “sweetheart” while getting his hair shaved.

Finished product
Proudly receiving his certification.. The End Product.. (Now you don”t…)

Poh Yan and Rico
Poh Yan and Rico (oh.. so sweet…)

This is moral angels correspondant, Xiao Quan Quan, reporting from Novena Square.