26072008 Saturday – Hot & Sunny

This week flasher is out!! Fresh and hot from the oven stove!! Wait hold on a min … Oopps.. it should be the weekly FLASH and not FLASHER… wahaha..

Well well, the home was slightly quiet last week as most of the elderly were out on a trip to Loyang Tua Pek Kong. Even though most of our regulars were not around, but our normal activities resumed for those who were around at the home.

At our Moral’s Integrated Casino, senior Uncle Yeo got the ball rolling with the card game despite the fact that only 3-4 kakis were present at the table. As he gambled, he chit chatted with the elderly.. hmmm guess he was trying to divert their attention away as we could hear his happy shouts of “Ban Lat, Ban Lat!” oh dear… ?

Next we’d our wonderful Uncle Song making his usual rounds of grocery shopping for his “customers” at the nearby Cold Storage. Out of the home empty handed and returning with his hands filled with plastic bags. His service is truly EXCELLENT for he has never failed in his grocery mission. Hey Uncle Song, don’t forget to share one or two tips on your excellent service with us ya.. haha!

At the games floor, Huihui was enjoying his game of sticky ball with an ah gong whilst the rest of the ah Mas watched on. Hey Ah Mas, concentrate on your little mermaids before they get eaten up by the sharks. Phew, the timely arrival of Ice Cream and Ah hua lead the Ah Mas back into their mermaids fishing game. And Botak @ Yan Dao Poh Yan was at the mahjong table trying to GAME his tiles.

After a short while into the games, the elderly were rewarded with mini Toberlone chocolates by our stylo milo Uncle Sam. Why stylo milo? Because he had his hair handsomely styled like what Hui Hui normally does… oops.. What I meant was Uncle Sam you’re looked younger with your new hairdo… hahahaha..

We also had VL Sharon and the very special arts team in the room, packing, gathering and organizing the games material needed for the upcoming National Day Celebration. Roulette game, golf games, and many many more.. Oh my, the activities for that day will be very fun so ANGELS do book your calendar so that you will not miss this out. Guarantee no regrets!!

Oh ya nearly forgotten about our specially kind and SOFT Rico who was doing her usual rounds upstairs.. keke.. Her siao siao chit chat sessions are greatly enjoyed by the elderly!

Hahaha with the above, the day’s activities had more or less been rounded up. The time we spent with the elderly was short but it’s enjoyable. Though things constantly change, our attitude remains unchanged for our presence can somehow make the day of the elderly worthwhile. ?

My sharing for today will be:-

Valuable is the work you do
Outstanding is how you always come through
Loyal, sincere and full of good cheers
Untiring in your efforts throughout these years
Notable are the contributions you’ve made
Trustworthy to that someone in need
Eager to serve in every aspect
Effective in the way you fulfill your role
Ready with a smile like a shining star
Special and wonderful—that’s what you are