Same Old Weekly Flash – SPECIAL!!!

19th of July 2008 (Sat) at Moral Home For The Aged Sick… everything seemed to be as usual, as per normal…as special…

We have the very “Special” arts team in action!! They are: specially not so special Huiquan and Jinxiong with especially sweet Meikuen and Shuhua, lead by the all time especially nonsense SK. They were working together with a few special ah kongs and ah mas on the salt bottles!!! Wow! :O Really… Special!! Thanks to the “Special” Arts!! 😛


At one corner, we’d our especially senior Uncle Meng Huat gambling and chatting with the elderly, while at the other end, we’d our especially hardworking Uncle Song, buying food and groceries for some elderly then flew planes with them and still had to drive a few very special angels for dinner!! Can’t thank you enough!! :)


There! The botak! The especially bald Uncle Poh Yan who conned the elderly from the mah-jong table to disturbing the folks at the flying planes game!! Gosh! Good Job 😛

Oh! How could I forget our especially charming ‘yummy’ Huiquan who was busy playing games with other elderly and at the same time, helping out with the salt bottles thingy! No wonder Min Yuet was complaining that she had no business… no’ elderly “seung ban nak” with her 😛 Thanks to Huiquan! Must be all attracted to him :) hehe


As for our specially accurate and efficient VL, who aimed and shooted the specially kind and SOFT AVL to write the flash, galloped around the home, sending care and warmth to the other elderly!! Lovely!!!

When things look seemingly ok and normal on the surface may not necessarily be the ‘inside’. Things do definitely changed constantly, especially at the Moral Home. There are empty beds, some being filled up, some still empty; there are seats not occupied and some being replaced; there are new faces around with some familiar missing. We can’t always be in control of life, but we can do our very best to be in charge of our attitude to it. Here’s a Little Kindness to you:

Someone listens, someone shares,
Someone hears and someone cares,
Someone says a kindly word
And joy and hope are gently stirred.

Someone is in need of you,
Needs a cheerful line or two,
Be the one to light their day,
Sending happiness their way.

Someone needs a friendly smile,
Just to make their day worthwhile,
Show a little kindness too,
And kindness will return to you

Typed by Rico; Created by Iris Hesselden :)