Howdy Angels, long time no hear from me. Oops sorly for the bad engboon.:) With so many angels that can write better flash, I’m beginning to get l. a. z. y. :)

With Uncle Song help as Transport Minister, Aunty Molly arrived at 2pm with her sumptuous homemade “Siew Mai” snacks for the elderly. Our helpful Hui Hui was there to assist the nurses distribute the snacks together with 3 young walk-in volunteers

After the snacking, the usual activities were then conducted. Jin Xiong started playing the card games with the usual ah mas, which was subsequently taken over by Auntie Molly, Ah Xian and later Min Yuet.

Shu Hua was warming the seat for an Ah Kong at the ever popular mahjong table. She later proceeded to play airplane games with an elderly together with Song and Xian.

The elderly at the common area played fishing, throwing balls, hoop on bottles and bean bags throwing. Luckily we had 3 young volunteers to assist us in conducting these games.

Rico and me, as usual went around doing befriending and running errands for the elderly. Poh Yan was also there to take turn to assist in the board games.

Everything looks normal for the day, except we will not see an ah kong playing Chinese chess with Mr. Lim anymore. On Thursday, Lee Kok Kee passed away. Life is such…It’s painful but let’s not dwell on it…there are others that needs our loves and concerns.

Angels, this Saturday is our kopi roti time, but instead of roti, we are giving them popiah and kuay pie tee. So many many hands are needed to take order, serve and wrap the popiah. Poh Yan, hope you can get your friends down to help.

After our home activities, we’ll proceed to Pasir Ris for our Volunteers-Get-Together BBQ. Hope all angels can be presents.

See you…