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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 260708

26072008 Saturday – Hot & Sunny

This week flasher is out!! Fresh and hot from the oven stove!! Wait hold on a min … Oopps.. it should be the weekly FLASH and not FLASHER… wahaha..

Well well, the home was slightly quiet last week as most of the elderly were out on a trip to Loyang Tua Pek Kong. Even though most of our regulars were not around, but our normal activities resumed for those who were around at the home.

At our Moral’s Integrated Casino, senior Uncle Yeo got the ball rolling with the card game despite the fact that only 3-4 kakis were present at the table. As he gambled, he chit chatted with the elderly.. hmmm guess he was trying to divert their attention away as we could hear his happy shouts of “Ban Lat, Ban Lat!” oh dear… ?

Next we’d our wonderful Uncle Song making his usual rounds of grocery shopping for his “customers” at the nearby Cold Storage. Out of the home empty handed and returning with his hands filled with plastic bags. His service is truly EXCELLENT for he has never failed in his grocery mission. Hey Uncle Song, don’t forget to share one or two tips on your excellent service with us ya.. haha!

At the games floor, Huihui was enjoying his game of sticky ball with an ah gong whilst the rest of the ah Mas watched on. Hey Ah Mas, concentrate on your little mermaids before they get eaten up by the sharks. Phew, the timely arrival of Ice Cream and Ah hua lead the Ah Mas back into their mermaids fishing game. And Botak @ Yan Dao Poh Yan was at the mahjong table trying to GAME his tiles.

After a short while into the games, the elderly were rewarded with mini Toberlone chocolates by our stylo milo Uncle Sam. Why stylo milo? Because he had his hair handsomely styled like what Hui Hui normally does… oops.. What I meant was Uncle Sam you’re looked younger with your new hairdo… hahahaha..

We also had VL Sharon and the very special arts team in the room, packing, gathering and organizing the games material needed for the upcoming National Day Celebration. Roulette game, golf games, and many many more.. Oh my, the activities for that day will be very fun so ANGELS do book your calendar so that you will not miss this out. Guarantee no regrets!!

Oh ya nearly forgotten about our specially kind and SOFT Rico who was doing her usual rounds upstairs.. keke.. Her siao siao chit chat sessions are greatly enjoyed by the elderly!

Hahaha with the above, the day’s activities had more or less been rounded up. The time we spent with the elderly was short but it’s enjoyable. Though things constantly change, our attitude remains unchanged for our presence can somehow make the day of the elderly worthwhile. ?

My sharing for today will be:-

Valuable is the work you do
Outstanding is how you always come through
Loyal, sincere and full of good cheers
Untiring in your efforts throughout these years
Notable are the contributions you’ve made
Trustworthy to that someone in need
Eager to serve in every aspect
Effective in the way you fulfill your role
Ready with a smile like a shining star
Special and wonderful—that’s what you are


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 190708

    Same Old Weekly Flash – SPECIAL!!!

    19th of July 2008 (Sat) at Moral Home For The Aged Sick… everything seemed to be as usual, as per normal…as special…

    We have the very “Special” arts team in action!! They are: specially not so special Huiquan and Jinxiong with especially sweet Meikuen and Shuhua, lead by the all time especially nonsense SK. They were working together with a few special ah kongs and ah mas on the salt bottles!!! Wow! :O Really… Special!! Thanks to the “Special” Arts!! 😛


    At one corner, we’d our especially senior Uncle Meng Huat gambling and chatting with the elderly, while at the other end, we’d our especially hardworking Uncle Song, buying food and groceries for some elderly then flew planes with them and still had to drive a few very special angels for dinner!! Can’t thank you enough!! :)


    There! The botak! The especially bald Uncle Poh Yan who conned the elderly from the mah-jong table to disturbing the folks at the flying planes game!! Gosh! Good Job 😛

    Oh! How could I forget our especially charming ‘yummy’ Huiquan who was busy playing games with other elderly and at the same time, helping out with the salt bottles thingy! No wonder Min Yuet was complaining that she had no business… no’ elderly “seung ban nak” with her 😛 Thanks to Huiquan! Must be all attracted to him :) hehe


    As for our specially accurate and efficient VL, who aimed and shooted the specially kind and SOFT AVL to write the flash, galloped around the home, sending care and warmth to the other elderly!! Lovely!!!

    When things look seemingly ok and normal on the surface may not necessarily be the ‘inside’. Things do definitely changed constantly, especially at the Moral Home. There are empty beds, some being filled up, some still empty; there are seats not occupied and some being replaced; there are new faces around with some familiar missing. We can’t always be in control of life, but we can do our very best to be in charge of our attitude to it. Here’s a Little Kindness to you:

    Someone listens, someone shares,
    Someone hears and someone cares,
    Someone says a kindly word
    And joy and hope are gently stirred.

    Someone is in need of you,
    Needs a cheerful line or two,
    Be the one to light their day,
    Sending happiness their way.

    Someone needs a friendly smile,
    Just to make their day worthwhile,
    Show a little kindness too,
    And kindness will return to you

    Typed by Rico; Created by Iris Hesselden :)

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  • Night Festival @ National Museum

    So you may be wondering what is happening to the Weekly Flash? Don’t fret my angels, the Weekly Flash is well and alive. In fact there is much happening during the past 2 weeks, Kopi Roti, BBQ, Bottling Art, etc. The angels just need a bit of time putting them into words. So be patience, you will get your fix soon…. I hope.

    Last Sat after the weekly activities and a nice dinner at Acia, some angels went to watch the Night Festival at the National Museum, performed by an Italian group. Although it was packed with people, but the spectacular show was well worth it.

    Here are some photos taken by photographers around web. Click them for more in the gallery.



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  • Angels Photos Updates

    Hi angels,

    the photo gallery has been updated with new photos:

    – ESN T3 Outing

    – Kopi Roti Corner

    – Dumpling Festival

    – Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Outing

    Many thanks to Stuart for the nice pics.

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 050708

    Howdy Angels, long time no hear from me. Oops sorly for the bad engboon.:) With so many angels that can write better flash, I’m beginning to get l. a. z. y. :)

    With Uncle Song help as Transport Minister, Aunty Molly arrived at 2pm with her sumptuous homemade “Siew Mai” snacks for the elderly. Our helpful Hui Hui was there to assist the nurses distribute the snacks together with 3 young walk-in volunteers

    After the snacking, the usual activities were then conducted. Jin Xiong started playing the card games with the usual ah mas, which was subsequently taken over by Auntie Molly, Ah Xian and later Min Yuet.

    Shu Hua was warming the seat for an Ah Kong at the ever popular mahjong table. She later proceeded to play airplane games with an elderly together with Song and Xian.

    The elderly at the common area played fishing, throwing balls, hoop on bottles and bean bags throwing. Luckily we had 3 young volunteers to assist us in conducting these games.

    Rico and me, as usual went around doing befriending and running errands for the elderly. Poh Yan was also there to take turn to assist in the board games.

    Everything looks normal for the day, except we will not see an ah kong playing Chinese chess with Mr. Lim anymore. On Thursday, Lee Kok Kee passed away. Life is such…It’s painful but let’s not dwell on it…there are others that needs our loves and concerns.

    Angels, this Saturday is our kopi roti time, but instead of roti, we are giving them popiah and kuay pie tee. So many many hands are needed to take order, serve and wrap the popiah. Poh Yan, hope you can get your friends down to help.

    After our home activities, we’ll proceed to Pasir Ris for our Volunteers-Get-Together BBQ. Hope all angels can be presents.

    See you…



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  • Poh Yan Hair for Hope 060708

    Hihi Angels,
    Our dear Uncle Poh Yan had finally said good bye to his hair. Hair for Hope, organized by Children”s Cancer Foundation, was creating awareness and seeking donations from public to raise funds for the children who are suffering from cancer. These children lost their hair through ongoing chemotherapy treatment. These volunteers in order to show support to these little patients, besides volunteered to get their hair shave, they also help to raise fund from their friends, families, organizations and the general public. Kudos to these volunteers…

    The atmosphere at Novena Square was touching and meaningful. I had witnessed many volunteers, volunteeringly parting their hairs for the children who are suffering from cancer. DJs from 100.3FM were the first to kick start the event. DJs from 100.3FM, especially one of the woman DJ, Ke Ling, shaving off her long beautiful hair for these cancer little patients. Upon witnessing these touching moments, many walk in personnel had started queuing up waiting for their hair to be shaved. Some came in to shave as family, couple and even organizations. The women were the one that we have to be really admired and respected. They are brave enough to ignore their image and shave their head bald for these children.

    Here are some of the pictures taken live from the event. (Apology for the poor quality – forget to on my stabilizer)

    online casino Cut” src=” Angels&i=Poh Yan before Hair Cut.jpg&w=440&h=” alt=”Poh Yan before Hair Cut” />
    Poh Yan… Before Hair Cut (Now you see it…)

    Half Way
    Half Way… This hairstyle also quite hip. Maybe can stop… :)

    Listening to handphone
    Talking to his “sweetheart” while getting his hair shaved.

    Finished product
    Proudly receiving his certification.. The End Product.. (Now you don”t…)

    Poh Yan and Rico
    Poh Yan and Rico (oh.. so sweet…)

    This is moral angels correspondant, Xiao Quan Quan, reporting from Novena Square.

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