Weekly Flash 14/06/08

14/06/08 Saturday

Rico: Thanks Gary for taking up the precious opportunity to write the weekly flash!

Gary: Hey but I don’t have internet access at home, so may take a longer time hor!

Rico: No problem! As last week flash on the dumpling celebration is under construction yet! Our dear senior Ping Sing is still figuring her ABCs…

(Meanwhile, Gary is fooling around, pretending…..hoping some kind angels would take over the job :.)

18/06/08 Wednesday

Rico: Hi babe, please remind our Gary to surrender the weekly flash. ?

Yen:  *think think* aiyoh better remind Gary to faster write… or else later he got no time to finish it man…

19/06/08 Thursday

Gary: AVL, need help, I know it is a bit late, is it possible to get some1 to do the flash. I’m very busy and not in good condition.

Rico: Want to die immediately huh? Guess we just have to take over ya? U owe us 2 flashes then! Take care you! : P

In Rico’s mind: Wah liao ai! Trying to be funny huh?? Not in good condition?? Think you are electric appliances ah?? Spoilt huh?? Geeze! Ok la, AVLs will take over! 😀 

Rico: Gosh!! What has happened last Saturday? Who were there?

Yen: well, well let me see, ya… as usual early bird Uncle Song was there with Aunty Molly’s yummy pumpkin cake for the elderly as snacks. And the other angels present were gary la, ah Xian la, ah Hua la, SK la, VL Sharon la, JinXiong la, Poh Yan and his chio chio colleague-June and her friend Eleanor, Eleanor’s daughter-Nina and Eleanor’s son-Ricci =D

Rico: Look! Shuhua is under mental tortured by uncle john, playing the “dumb”…think that will be her first and the last time??? Haha…: P Oh another ah ‘gong’ (jinxing) at the other corner, playing the Chinese Chess with an ah kong.VL Sharon walks out of the room and heads towards the AVLs…

Sharon: AVLs never set good examples ah! “???!!!!!!”… always never wear your angel’s tag!! Quick ah, faster go wear!

AVLs Rico and Yen walks hurriedly back to the room to collect and distribute the tags… (Moral of the story: PLEASE WEAR YOUR ANGEL’s TAG ah!!!)

Rico: it’s almost 4pm already; shall we start our sing-a-long session?

In Rico’s mind, faster finish singing la, I want to eat the PUMPKIN cake!! (Drools, drools and drools).

Yen: ya, ya, can start cos the elderly also tired already…but hor, busy bodied Yong and lazy Jojo not around today lehz..

Rico: *look towards the gambling table* Ey eye y Gary, go and sing la !! Don’t sit here and play poker!! Faster go away la cos I want to take over the Banker seat and wipe out all the chips from the ah gongs and ah mas with my BAN LAT, BAN BAN and ‘5 dragons’…..

Yen: Hahaha… Are you sure you can… don’t get wipe clean by the elderly hor! Or else Moral Angel’s gambling den will have to cease operations with immediate effect man… and by then our banker, Song will have to be out of job! He will be “KUI SIM” (heartbroken) and the elderly will also be KUI SIM (happy)

Soon after, June and Eleanor entertained the elderly with the lovely voices while angels were at the floor moving their bodies and the musical instruments.

Rico: Wow!! Oh, while Poh Yan”s girlfriends are entertaining our elderly, some of the angels were rotting inside the volunteers” room, playing with the colorful salt, getting prepared for the elderly to work on the salt bottles next week!! 

Yen: Wow the session is finally over… feeding time for volunteers!

Sharon: Hey, AVL! Go cut the pumpkin cake leh, very hungry…

Rico: Come angels, go wash your hand and go into the volunteer room. Pumpkin cake cut and waiting for you!!

In Rico’s mind-Waa! The AVLs’ job is not easy leh, clean the room, vacuum the floor, wipe the table, and serve the angels, some more now write the flash for ‘not in good condition’ Gary…: P

Yen: So, what’s the Moral of the Flash??? Appreciate the AVLs and the VL! J