Finally… I got the time to sit down and write the weekly flash. So sorry to delay the entertainment ya :)

It was a very special day, as we were celebrating the dumpling festival at Moral Home. Most of the Angels fall in around 1.30pm, and everyone were busy preparing for the celebration:

– Our deco teams Shu Hua and Ah Xian were busy putting out the deco: Dragon boat pictures (recycles for many years), paddle, fishes etc with the help of Poh Yan and Jin Xiong.

– Games committee Hui Quan started doing the last minutes gift wrapping, after showing his beloved grandma and aunts around the home (while the 3 ladies were looking for a suitable granddaughter –in- law :)). Our guest visitor Shermaine volunteered herself with the gift wrapping, thanks ya..

– Over the small corner of the hall, you could hear the laughter of our MC Rico and Jin Xiong while they were rehearsing the skit for the “Origin of Dumpling Festival”, as Xing Jian (the Chinese Teacher) needs to ensure nothing but the truth of the story.

– Our talented Jojo was looking through the CD, tried to fill in the gap for the performance slots as ‘Ah Yong’, the original singer, was down with fever and resting at home (Hope you feel better now ya). While I was figuring how to operate the sound system, my lucky star – Stuart appeared, (quickly pushed the responsibility to him). Then I could join the crazy MC to discuss the crazy skit re the ‘Qu Yuan’ :)

– The smell of Dumpling draws me to the kitchen, while Doris, Christina, and Aunty Molly brought in the ‘Bak Zhang’, look yummy licious. Thanks ya.. I know that Aunty Molly was up at 5am in the morning, just to prepare the ‘Bak Zhang’ for the elderly, your volunteer spirit is something that we always look up to. Thanks to Doris and Christina for helping Aunty Molly with the wrapping in the morning as well. Also not forgetting our super flexible Driver – Song for delivering the dumpling J Distance always not a problem to him, thanks for the sacrificial heart.

Slowly, the nurses brought down our dear Ah Kong and Ah Ma, and they eagerly anticipated…not knowing what we are up to :)

At 2.30pm…

The ‘Bak Zhang’ was served.. you can see the joy in the elderly face as they enjoying the special high class Bak Zhnag that made with Japanese Rice, pork, mushroom, and lots of love and careJ You can’t find it anywhere, only at Moral Home.. only by Aunty Molly..

At 3pm…

The program started, by me introducing the ever most famous MC – ‘Siau Chay Boa-Rico’ and ‘Siau Tar Bor-Jin Xiong’… Their lively styles really lighten up the whole place, you could hear laughter from all over the place. Then, the short skit began with our narrator- Xing Jian….Qu Yuan acted by Jin Xiong and ‘Pin Ming’ by Rico and Ping Sing. Not sure wheather the story was correct or not, but Qu Yuan did jump down from the chair and stoned by the ‘Bak Zhang’ :)

At 3.15pm..

The performance began with the song ‘Shio Bak Zhang’, no one actually knew how to sing the song.. then Stuart and Jin Xiong took over the mic and felt so relieved when it’s over :)

Jojo and me performed the song – ‘xiao Sa zo Yi hui’, followed by our F4 (Uncle Loi, Sam, Stuart and Jin Xiong), they sang their ‘Cheng Ming Qu’- Zhen Xin Ying Xiong. Then Jojo and me took over the mic again, performed another song ‘Zhen xin zhen yi guo yi sheng’. Althogh we were not really prepared for it, thanks all the angels for cheering the Ah Kong Ah Ma up..

At 3.45pm..

The dragon boat’s race between SK and HQ began.. with the help of 6 Ah Kong and Ah Ma in each team, we were cheering our heart out while seeing the dragon boat being pulled from one end to another.. .quick quick quick… jia you jia you jia you… finally SK’s boat won the race!!!! 3 cheers to the Ah Kong and Ah Ma that help to win the race

HQ.. don’t be sad.. although your boat was torn at the first round.. it still survived till the end :) Moral of the story.. built a stronger boat or get a smaller racer :)

At 4pm..

The hall was filled with the beautiful music that performed by Alexandra and the teams. They were so professional with the various musical instruments.. our mind followed the flow of the music..up up up to the hill… down down down to the sea.. flying like a bird and free from the cage, one of the Moral Angel and Ah Ma even began to dance :)

My favoriate one was ‘Da Chang Jin’.. just beautifully played. Thanks Alexandra and the teams, I know that it’s challenging to combine all the various music instrument together, and you guys had done a great job. By the way, they had signed a 10 years contract with Moral Angles, so please remember to ask them to perform at our next event ya :)

At 4.30pm..

The gangster Ah Tao- Sam, conducted the Bingo games. You could hear him shouting out the number, as the Ah Kong Ah Ma searching the number on their bingo card. ‘Ai Xia Mi Ho Ma??!!!…’ ‘No 6.. No 7.. No 21..No 16..’ , the spirit was high, Angels were runing around to help the Ah Kong Ah Ma with their bingo card, elderly were waiting for the last number to be called… And.. you hear “Bingo”, “Bingo”, “Bingo”.. wow.. so many bingo at one time.. we were runing out of prizes. Last minutes, HQ took all the 3 in 1 drink in the volunteer room and gave it out as a prize…wow such an exciting game. Thanks our gangster Ah Tao for making it so fun for the elderly as well as the Angels :)

At 5pm..

The Finale singing session led by Jojo and HQ. They performed 3 oldies: “Zhi lan zhi pua’, ‘Lu Bian de yeh hua bu yau chai’, and ‘Ai pia jia e yang’. I found some of the ah kong knew the song, and sang along with them. We should seriously thinking of forming a Ah Kong Ah Ma Superband ya.. :)

At 5.15pm..

The program ended. And… dinner time… yeah..

Ah Kong Ah Ma enjoyed their dinner with the karaoke performed by Uncle Loi, Jojo and Stuart. Christina prepared the yummy dessert – almond jelly cocktail and watermelon. Taste heavenly. Thanks for the hard work that you had put in.. tell you secretly huh.. I had 2 bowls of it lei :)

Thanks everyone for helping out in any small ways… taking the photo (Poh yan), filming the video (Ah Kiat), cheering the elderly (Sharon, Mona, and the two young girls—sorry forgot your name), decorating the place (Shu Hua, Ah Xian), making the food (Christina, Aunty Molly, Doris), conducting the games (Hui Quan, Sam, Ah Xian-doing the bingo card), performing (Jojo, Stuart, uncle Loi, Sam, Alexandra and gangs, Hui Quan, Jin Xiong).. And lots and lots more… Please forgive me if I forgot to mention your name, but I believe the elderly had felt your love…

Good Job Everyone… 3 Cheers to You…


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