It’s about time for Uncle Song to write last week flash, but he goes No! No! No!…:) now Song, to report last week activities was simple, here it goes…

Those angels present were Ping Sing, Mei Kuen, JinXiong, Desmond, Poh Yan, Song and me. Movie was screen as we were short handed. Jinxiong was at the mahjong table and Desmond, Poh Yan and Song were taking turn to be banker and watching movies as well. :) Ping Sing, Mei Kuen and me were doing our befriending round. That’s it…finished. See, what’s so difficult to write, :)

Extra News… don’t forget Saturday CMH got recruitment from 10am to 1pm. Thank you hui quan, poh yan, jinxiong, sk, christina, rico, huixian, ping sing, kengoh and fiona. Fiona, you can meet us at Causeway Point @ 10am, as for the rest, thanks for offering to help with the breakfast, we will be there 7.30am. Swami Angels might not be there for the breakfast cos they are taking over the afternoon recruitment from 1pm to 5pm