Uncle Yeo was playing cards with the ah gong and ah ma which was subsequently take over by Desmond, Uncle Song and Jin Xiong. It seemed like we had a new ah gong joining the card games. By the way, one of the mahjong and card khakis, Kim Geok had passed away very peacefully last Sunday because of heart attack.

Jojo and Ah Xian conducted the fishing game with the elderly which was subsequently taken over by me. Jin Xiong was initially playing chess with one of the ah gong until he migrated and played mahjong and cards with the elderly. Hui Quan and Mei Kuen were playing mahjong with the ah ma. I think Mei Kuen won one match for the whole session.

The all time favorite board game, the “leaning pisa tower” was conducted by jojo and subsequently taken over by Ah Xian. Poh Yan as usual had a fierce battle with Uncle John on chess. By the way, there is this new ah gong by the name of Kwa Tien Soon, a retired English teacher. A very nice ah gong to talk with. Check it out.

Uncle Song as usual went around doing befriending and running errands for elderly. Ping Sing arrived from this food festival from expo and she immediately went around talking to the ah pek and ah ma. (Never bring goodies back – Sigh). The karaoke singing session was conducted by our all time favourite singer, Jojo. However, her singing seemed a bit restless… perhaps no support…

Then what about our VL and AVLs?? They were doing area cleaning of the volunteers’ room. Now, the room is sparkling clean, neat and tidy. You can even see yourself clearly at the window panel and even whiteboard. 100% clean and satisfaction guaranteed. And we now know who are very super particular on cleanliness. Kudos to the VL and AVLs!!!

Thank you, hq for writing the above flash. :) On behalf of CMH elderly, a big thank you to those early birds angels for helping out at the home. It was tidious cutting 30 bowls of food, but with so many angels’ hands, it makes work fun.:) and Hui Xian ‘happily’ got scalded by hot coffee many times.:) Sindy was there too, it was great to see her once again. :) Hope to see you more Sindy.

Here are some of the photos at Christalite Methodist Home Breakfast Serving:

Pic 2 - CMH Prawn Noodle Snippers
CMH Prawn Noodle Snippers – Ah Mui, one bowl please??

Pic 1 - CMH Prawn Noodle Breakfast Group_edited
CMH Prawn Noodle Group – Busy Busy…

Pic 3 - CMH Coffee Trio-copy_edited
CMH Coffee Trio – Kopi Ah Pek, Kopi Ah Soh and Kopi Boy

After the breakfast session, we went down to Causeway Point to do some “catching” :) Wow, we learnt what is direct snub and rejection…hahaha. But glad that there are still some very wonderful people around. Looking at fiona, hq, sk, poh yan, jinxiong, kengoh, ping sing, hui xian, christina; all over the compound, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for them. :) This brought me to the China earthquake where every able body stretch out their hands to help. I have no doubt that more moral angels would want to lend their hands if not for work and study constrain. Hip Hip Hooray to MORAL ANGELS!


That’s not the END!!! How about our ROTI CORNER??? 😛

Here’s our Roti Corner corner:
Roti Corner will be replacing our ‘monthly’ snack and this coming sat 31/5/08 (2pm) will be our very first attempt!

Setting up area: In front of the stage/around the stage because we need the power supply and space for volunteers to perform while making drinks :)
Reporting time: latest by 1.30pm ; for those who could meet up for groceries shopping at nearby Cold Storage, pls report by 1pm and let HQ knows.

Angels who have confirmed in helping out at different areas are-

HQ(Boss): Get menu ready
Song and HQ (Supervisors): Taking orders
Meikuen (Half-boiled Egg Woman): Preparing HARD-boiled eggs NOT!
Jojo, Yen and Rico (Best Chefs at Moral Home): Making sandwiches and yummy roti
Jinxiong and Sharon (Kopi teh uncle auntie): Making traditional kopi and teh tarik
Hui Xian, Shuhua and their senior-Ice Cream (Waitresses): Serving food and drinks

Yes, for those who would like and could help out this sat, do report early and we would allocate angels accordingly 😛 Btw, normal usual activities are still ON!!

oh oh, boss, do we need to wear UNIFORM?? For example, yellow angel T-shirt??? hehe

See ya all 😛