Hihi Angels,

It is me who has being arrowed by VL to write this week flash. It has been more than 4 months since I write my last blog. Miss my flash??

Right now, I am writing this flash with a very heavy heart. Life has being so unpredictable, in fact always unpredictable. Sometimes I have been asking myself whether I have being living my life to the fullest. Will I be able to leave this world without any regrets? What about you guys? Have you ever think about it?

I have received a phone call and a sms in late afternoon. One of my men, my subordinate, has passed away suddenly because of bike accident. This is my second encounter of my camp mates leaving the world at such a young age. Perhaps I am not ready to face this kind of separation. Throughout my life, I have being working and chasing after this thing called ‘paper’. Why paper? Our education certificates, contracts, money, testimonials are all papers. Even when we passed away, we will not run away from paper which is our death certificates.

I have been going through my mind how I want to live my life. After going through some of the flashes written by you guys especially SK on 12th April 2008, I guess I know the answer. One particular sentence quoted from SK’s weekly flash that I like it a lot, “it’s really not a matter of personal record but to leave an impact does make life more meaningful and satisfying an experience”. I am glad that I have started early and very grateful to those who brought me here. If someone asks me why I volunteer, I think I am able to answer them with conviction, “to make an impact and difference in the lives of others”. And this is how I am going to live for the rest of my life. I will be trying out different kinds of volunteering experiences including overseas humanitarian work and hope to influence my loved ones, friends and family to involve in this non-recognition but yet noble job.

Enough of sharing… Well, it was a rowdy Saturday. It was great to see many volunteers turned up last Saturday including Ping Sing, Ah Yong, Gary, Josephine Neo and Rusty. I believe the ah gong and ah ma shared the same sentiment as me. The volunteers seemed to be more than the elderly who were involved in activities. Perhaps this was due that some elderly went out for an event relating to Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

Uncle Song, Ah Kiat, Uncle Meng Huat and Damien arrived at the home very early. Damien and Ah Kiat were involved in setting up the games, mahjong table and the system. Some of us went up to start mobilizing the elderly. Uncle Song, as usual, went around running errands for the elderly. Ah Kiat and Damien were then involved in the card game which was then subsequently taken over by Ping Sing. It seemed like the response for card game had been overwhelming. Perhaps we need to set up another table for it.

As the hour and minute hands passed 3pm, volunteers such as Jin Xiong, Gary, Rusty, Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Rico, Christina, Ah Yong, Sharon, Jojo, Josephine Neo, Darren and Ping Sing started flocking in to the home.(Did I miss out anybody?) Jin Xiong, Damien, Gary and Christina were involved in conducting the normal activities with the ah gong and ah ma. Rusty, Shu Hua and Hui Hsien were sorting out the volunteers and elderly list for the outing next week. Jojo was busy doing the sandwiches for the volunteers and elderly. Ah Yong, Gary, Jojo, Darren and Uncle Song started charming the ah gong and ah ma with their voices. Especially Ah Yong, his singing skill had improved (honestly) but however his shouting and ranting at the microphone seemed to irritate the volunteers. J Josephine Neo, Rusty, Ping Sing, Ah Yen, Hui Hsien, Shu Hua, Sharon, Rico and Gary were involved in feeding for elderly at the dining area.

We tried out the Kopi Roti Sandwiches last Saturday. We even let some of the elderly to try some of it. Response had been good and I thought it would not be a problem to have it on the 31st May 2008. VL and AVLs, I think you can start arrowing people to be in-charged and start a small committee.

And surprise…surprise… Doris and Stuart were here last Saturday, bringing their little angel, Lucas. It was a commotion upon their arrival. Everybody was vying to carry Lucas. Strong request to bring Lucas out often to the home.. Oh gosh, he is so adorable, cute and chubby. Permission to have his photo put on the flash?

Last but not least, all angels are reminded to reach Moral Home by 1pm next Saturday, 10th May 2008 so that Ah Kiat can conduct the briefing. Expect to mobilize the elderly up the transport by 1.20pm. Remember to wear your yellow T-Shirts. See you guys then!!!

Our cute little angel, Baby Lucas