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Moral Angels’ Kopi Roti Menu

Hi Angels,
Here is the coming Saturday 31st May 2008 Moral Angels’ Kopi Roti Menu.

MA Kopi Roti Menu copy

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  • Angels,

    Uncle Yeo was playing cards with the ah gong and ah ma which was subsequently take over by Desmond, Uncle Song and Jin Xiong. It seemed like we had a new ah gong joining the card games. By the way, one of the mahjong and card khakis, Kim Geok had passed away very peacefully last Sunday because of heart attack.

    Jojo and Ah Xian conducted the fishing game with the elderly which was subsequently taken over by me. Jin Xiong was initially playing chess with one of the ah gong until he migrated and played mahjong and cards with the elderly. Hui Quan and Mei Kuen were playing mahjong with the ah ma. I think Mei Kuen won one match for the whole session.

    The all time favorite board game, the “leaning pisa tower” was conducted by jojo and subsequently taken over by Ah Xian. Poh Yan as usual had a fierce battle with Uncle John on chess. By the way, there is this new ah gong by the name of Kwa Tien Soon, a retired English teacher. A very nice ah gong to talk with. Check it out.

    Uncle Song as usual went around doing befriending and running errands for elderly. Ping Sing arrived from this food festival from expo and she immediately went around talking to the ah pek and ah ma. (Never bring goodies back – Sigh). The karaoke singing session was conducted by our all time favourite singer, Jojo. However, her singing seemed a bit restless… perhaps no support…

    Then what about our VL and AVLs?? They were doing area cleaning of the volunteers’ room. Now, the room is sparkling clean, neat and tidy. You can even see yourself clearly at the window panel and even whiteboard. 100% clean and satisfaction guaranteed. And we now know who are very super particular on cleanliness. Kudos to the VL and AVLs!!!

    Thank you, hq for writing the above flash. :) On behalf of CMH elderly, a big thank you to those early birds angels for helping out at the home. It was tidious cutting 30 bowls of food, but with so many angels’ hands, it makes work fun.:) and Hui Xian ‘happily’ got scalded by hot coffee many times.:) Sindy was there too, it was great to see her once again. :) Hope to see you more Sindy.

    Here are some of the photos at Christalite Methodist Home Breakfast Serving:

    Pic 2 - CMH Prawn Noodle Snippers
    CMH Prawn Noodle Snippers – Ah Mui, one bowl please??

    Pic 1 - CMH Prawn Noodle Breakfast Group_edited
    CMH Prawn Noodle Group – Busy Busy…

    Pic 3 - CMH Coffee Trio-copy_edited
    CMH Coffee Trio – Kopi Ah Pek, Kopi Ah Soh and Kopi Boy

    After the breakfast session, we went down to Causeway Point to do some “catching” :) Wow, we learnt what is direct snub and rejection…hahaha. But glad that there are still some very wonderful people around. Looking at fiona, hq, sk, poh yan, jinxiong, kengoh, ping sing, hui xian, christina; all over the compound, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride for them. :) This brought me to the China earthquake where every able body stretch out their hands to help. I have no doubt that more moral angels would want to lend their hands if not for work and study constrain. Hip Hip Hooray to MORAL ANGELS!


    That’s not the END!!! How about our ROTI CORNER??? 😛

    Here’s our Roti Corner corner:
    Roti Corner will be replacing our ‘monthly’ snack and this coming sat 31/5/08 (2pm) will be our very first attempt!

    Setting up area: In front of the stage/around the stage because we need the power supply and space for volunteers to perform while making drinks :)
    Reporting time: latest by 1.30pm ; for those who could meet up for groceries shopping at nearby Cold Storage, pls report by 1pm and let HQ knows.

    Angels who have confirmed in helping out at different areas are-

    HQ(Boss): Get menu ready
    Song and HQ (Supervisors): Taking orders
    Meikuen (Half-boiled Egg Woman): Preparing HARD-boiled eggs NOT!
    Jojo, Yen and Rico (Best Chefs at Moral Home): Making sandwiches and yummy roti
    Jinxiong and Sharon (Kopi teh uncle auntie): Making traditional kopi and teh tarik
    Hui Xian, Shuhua and their senior-Ice Cream (Waitresses): Serving food and drinks

    Yes, for those who would like and could help out this sat, do report early and we would allocate angels accordingly 😛 Btw, normal usual activities are still ON!!

    oh oh, boss, do we need to wear UNIFORM?? For example, yellow angel T-shirt??? hehe

    See ya all 😛

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  • Moral Angels Weekly News Flash 170508


    It’s about time for Uncle Song to write last week flash, but he goes No! No! No!…:) now Song, to report last week activities was simple, here it goes…

    Those angels present were Ping Sing, Mei Kuen, JinXiong, Desmond, Poh Yan, Song and me. Movie was screen as we were short handed. Jinxiong was at the mahjong table and Desmond, Poh Yan and Song were taking turn to be banker and watching movies as well. :) Ping Sing, Mei Kuen and me were doing our befriending round. That’s it…finished. See, what’s so difficult to write, :)

    Extra News… don’t forget Saturday CMH got recruitment from 10am to 1pm. Thank you hui quan, poh yan, jinxiong, sk, christina, rico, huixian, ping sing, kengoh and fiona. Fiona, you can meet us at Causeway Point @ 10am, as for the rest, thanks for offering to help with the breakfast, we will be there 7.30am. Swami Angels might not be there for the breakfast cos they are taking over the afternoon recruitment from 1pm to 5pm


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  • Chinatown Buddha Tooth Temple 2008

    Hiyo Angels,
    Its me again with my brother Ah Kiat to do a short report on the outing to Chinatown Heritage Center and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. This time round we try to have more pictorial presentation than wordy presentation. At the same time, there will be more comments and suggestions along the way how can we improve for the next outing onwards. :)

    Volunteers started flocking in at around 12.30pm and registered their names with our volunteer coordinators Shu Hua and Hui Hsien. Initially it was complicated due to shuffling of elderly and volunteers because of overwhelming response from the elderly but we were only to able to bring 20 elderly because of transport issue. Despite Hui Hsien and Shu Hua first attempt in handling the registration, they were able to handle it with no problem. The best thing was we managed to bring Lee Ah Kim out. Yeah!!!

    One comment from the floor: Colour Tags should include the handphone number of group leaders for safety issues.

    Ah Kiat conducted the briefing. It was his first attempt and thought he had done it quite well except that the location is a bit noisy. I should have been around as well incase he left out any important points.

    Ah Kiat felt that the climax was not there before setting out. In fact the event coordinator and group leaders should try to interact and communicate more with the volunteers, increase the morale and the motivation level and let them sense that the trip was going to be enjoyable one.

    11 elderly and 2 volunteers boarded the HWA (Handicapped Welfare Association) bus while the rest boarded the WTS (Woodlands Transport) bus with embedded microphone system. The HWA bus was highly recommended for future outing as it saved a lot time and volunteers’ strength in mobilizing the elderly. It was convenient and helped to lower the risk of causing injuries and discomfort on the elderly and volunteers while boarding and alighting the buses. The microphone system for WTS bus was not that fantastic as the sound was blurred. One advantage was that the prices for both buses were relatively cheap and reasonable.

    Hydraulic lift at HWA bus makes mobilising of Elderly Easier.

    Upon reaching the Chinatown at 2.00pm, 2 groups were headed towards the Chinatown Heritage Center while another 2 groups were headed towards the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. Along the way towards Chinatown Heritage Center, the elderly were able to witness the bustling activities at Chinatown. Initially, some elderly did not wish to go as probably some might not want to recall the past. However, most elderly had a wonderful experience. In fact it was the elderly that did all the narration and explanation about the past and not the volunteers.

    Some comments: It is not appropriate for the funeral exhibition to be put at the 3rd level where it is the first thing that visitors saw upon coming out from the lift. Some might find the tickets quite expensive despite subsidies.

    Chinatown Heritage Center Entrance

    Poh Yan, how come you are squatting down? Typical Chinese Coolie.



    Witnessing the bustling activities at Chinatown

    Here we come!!! Back to the Past!!!

    Identifying my roots

    Ah Yong why so sianz?? Is Lee Ah Kim that hard to handle?

    At around 3.15pm, 4 groups started to gather along the corridor space besides the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum to have their snacks. The elderly were treated with buns and hot coffee, tea and even ice-cream. (by the way who buy the ice-creams). The feedback for the buns was fantastic. SK even had 3 of it. Whaha.

    Where is my food?


    Beautiful walkway of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Uncle Song and Desmond posting with Ah Gong. Look at the smiles..

    Damien and ah ma posting happily infront of the camera..

    Stuart – Your photography skill is superb. Nice Pic.

    After the break, the other 2 groups headed towards Chinatown Heritage Center while the other headed towards Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. It was a wonderful place to visit especially with the narration by the 2 tour guides; it was more interesting and enriching tour for elderly as well as volunteers.

    Tour Guides doing some introduction and narration on Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Buddhist devotees doing their chanting at the Main Hall, Level 1.

    Multiple Hand Buddha located at the Back Hall, Level 1.

    As most elderly are Buddhism followers, most of them pray from the bottom of their heart. Some even bathed the Buddha and some even make donations on every floor of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum.

    Helping the elderly to bath the buddha.

    Elderly bathing the buddha. The thougths that counts…

    Devoted Ah Ma making cash donation to Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Beautiful orchid garden at Level 5 which is not wheelchair accessible.

    Rico making her rounds on the chanting wheels at Level 5 wishing that she will get younger. Not possible la.. haha..

    After the whole activities, the whole group gathered in front of the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum to have group photographs. The weather was great during that day and everything went on smoothly as schedules.

    Group Photos at Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Musuem

    Group Photo taking across the road with full view of Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum

    Upon reaching the home, the elderly were immediately treated with s sumptuous dinner with top-ups such as vegetables, roast ducks and desserts prepared by Sharon and Rico.

    Appreciation Honours

    Matron Leong and Winnie – Thank you for being so supportive for all of our events. Despite both of you just came back from overseas on early May; you are able to give us the list of elderly within a short period of time. Thank you for preparing the logistics such as umbrella, caps, mineral water and first aid boxes.

    Margaret, Janet and Alice Lim – Thank you for sponsoring the event.

    Poh Yan – Thank you for sponsoring the tour guides. Your suggestion of engaging the tour guides for the tour is brilliant.

    Shao Kuang – Thank you for sponsoring the HWA bus. In fact you are the first one to approach the committee members that you want to sponsor the HWA bus.

    Joseph Cheng from Mount Faber Group – Thank you for offering us subsidies rates for the volunteers and elderly when visiting the Chinatown Heritage Center.

    Celia Shao and 2 tour guides Eddie Quek and Howard Lim from Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum – We appreciate your hospitality and warm welcome during our tour at the premise. We had a wonderful and fantastic tour experience. Thank you.

    Grace and the driver from HWA– Thank you for letting us to have the biggest HWA bus despite the fact that you have an ongoing event which requires it as well. The driver is simply fantastic, very accommodating and helpful.

    Malcolm from Woodland Transport – Thank you for charging us a cheaper rate for you transport with microphone system embedded.

    Volunteer Coordinators (Rusty, Hui Hsien and Shu Hua) – Sincerely appreciated for your effort in gathering and coordinating the elderly and volunteers. Not an easy task but I thought you gals have done very well. So do you all still want to strangle me? Haha.

    Group Leaders/ICs (Kee Teck, Hwee Ling, Fiona and Alex) – Thank you so much for assisting us in managing the groups of volunteers and elderly. Hwee Ling – admire your volunteering spirit; despite your injury you still want to come and assist the event. Kee Teck – hope you can bring back experiences and benefit to your elderly at All Saints. Fiona and Alex – I think is time for both of you to take up important and leading roles at Moral Angels.

    Food and Beverages (Sin Ming, Rico and Sharon) – The feedback for the snacks and dinner have been extremely fantastic. Thank you so much for arranging and preparing all these delicious food for the benefits of the elderly.

    Logistic (Uncle Song and Jin Xiong) – Thank you for preparing all the necessary logistics for this outing. Without fail, can always count on both of you for the job.

    Entertainment (Ah Yong & Ping Sing) – Yan Dao… Kum Sia lei (Thank you). Pai Sei for the poor microphone system. Has feedback to my friend. Will try to get you one with Karaoke for next outing. Ping Sing – Thank you for preparing the Bingo game. Even though we did not play the game but we can use it for future use. We appreciate your effort.

    Videographer and Photographer (Hui Wei, Stuart, Poh Yan, Xiang Jian) – Thank you for taking and editing all the beautiful pictures for this outing. Even though there are only some that have been uploaded, but I can see it is very beautifully taken. I think we can send some for competition. I mean serious. (but first need to ask permission from the Home).

    Lastly to all volunteers who have made this outing possible. Be it who you are, we appreciate all your efforts, contribution and help in making a different Saturday for the elderly of Moral Home for the Aged Sick. Thank you….

    Special Presented By:
    Ah Kiat and Ah Quan

    Moral Angels Weekly Flash 030508

    Hihi Angels,

    It is me who has being arrowed by VL to write this week flash. It has been more than 4 months since I write my last blog. Miss my flash??

    Right now, I am writing this flash with a very heavy heart. Life has being so unpredictable, in fact always unpredictable. Sometimes I have been asking myself whether I have being living my life to the fullest. Will I be able to leave this world without any regrets? What about you guys? Have you ever think about it?

    I have received a phone call and a sms in late afternoon. One of my men, my subordinate, has passed away suddenly because of bike accident. This is my second encounter of my camp mates leaving the world at such a young age. Perhaps I am not ready to face this kind of separation. Throughout my life, I have being working and chasing after this thing called ‘paper’. Why paper? Our education certificates, contracts, money, testimonials are all papers. Even when we passed away, we will not run away from paper which is our death certificates.

    I have been going through my mind how I want to live my life. After going through some of the flashes written by you guys especially SK on 12th April 2008, I guess I know the answer. One particular sentence quoted from SK’s weekly flash that I like it a lot, “it’s really not a matter of personal record but to leave an impact does make life more meaningful and satisfying an experience”. I am glad that I have started early and very grateful to those who brought me here. If someone asks me why I volunteer, I think I am able to answer them with conviction, “to make an impact and difference in the lives of others”. And this is how I am going to live for the rest of my life. I will be trying out different kinds of volunteering experiences including overseas humanitarian work and hope to influence my loved ones, friends and family to involve in this non-recognition but yet noble job.

    Enough of sharing… Well, it was a rowdy Saturday. It was great to see many volunteers turned up last Saturday including Ping Sing, Ah Yong, Gary, Josephine Neo and Rusty. I believe the ah gong and ah ma shared the same sentiment as me. The volunteers seemed to be more than the elderly who were involved in activities. Perhaps this was due that some elderly went out for an event relating to Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

    Uncle Song, Ah Kiat, Uncle Meng Huat and Damien arrived at the home very early. Damien and Ah Kiat were involved in setting up the games, mahjong table and the system. Some of us went up to start mobilizing the elderly. Uncle Song, as usual, went around running errands for the elderly. Ah Kiat and Damien were then involved in the card game which was then subsequently taken over by Ping Sing. It seemed like the response for card game had been overwhelming. Perhaps we need to set up another table for it.

    As the hour and minute hands passed 3pm, volunteers such as Jin Xiong, Gary, Rusty, Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Rico, Christina, Ah Yong, Sharon, Jojo, Josephine Neo, Darren and Ping Sing started flocking in to the home.(Did I miss out anybody?) Jin Xiong, Damien, Gary and Christina were involved in conducting the normal activities with the ah gong and ah ma. Rusty, Shu Hua and Hui Hsien were sorting out the volunteers and elderly list for the outing next week. Jojo was busy doing the sandwiches for the volunteers and elderly. Ah Yong, Gary, Jojo, Darren and Uncle Song started charming the ah gong and ah ma with their voices. Especially Ah Yong, his singing skill had improved (honestly) but however his shouting and ranting at the microphone seemed to irritate the volunteers. J Josephine Neo, Rusty, Ping Sing, Ah Yen, Hui Hsien, Shu Hua, Sharon, Rico and Gary were involved in feeding for elderly at the dining area.

    We tried out the Kopi Roti Sandwiches last Saturday. We even let some of the elderly to try some of it. Response had been good and I thought it would not be a problem to have it on the 31st May 2008. VL and AVLs, I think you can start arrowing people to be in-charged and start a small committee.

    And surprise…surprise… Doris and Stuart were here last Saturday, bringing their little angel, Lucas. It was a commotion upon their arrival. Everybody was vying to carry Lucas. Strong request to bring Lucas out often to the home.. Oh gosh, he is so adorable, cute and chubby. Permission to have his photo put on the flash?

    Last but not least, all angels are reminded to reach Moral Home by 1pm next Saturday, 10th May 2008 so that Ah Kiat can conduct the briefing. Expect to mobilize the elderly up the transport by 1.20pm. Remember to wear your yellow T-Shirts. See you guys then!!!

    Our cute little angel, Baby Lucas



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