Wooo Jinxiong… You are right man. I am next in line to write the weekly flash after you… (how do you know ah?? you have a crystal ball at home ah).

Anyway, here it goes… As I stepped into the home, I saw Christina and Hui Quan busy mobilising the elderly. Well, we had a hard time coaxing the elderly to leave their comfort zone to join us in the activities downstairs (despite us telling them that there are pretty gals and handsome guys downstairs?…Oh No… we seems to have lost our charm ?). Well, I guess it’s time to think of some ‘motivators’ to lure them downstairs.

As usual, Uncle Sam and Uncle Song were spotted playing black jack with the regular black jack ‘kaki’. But for some reason, the Ah Kong and Ah Ma decided to end their session much earlier this week. Are they bored with the game already??

While Damien, Jinxiong, Hui Quan, Christina and I were playing fishing and bean bag with some elderly, Ah Kiat was seen playing checkers with Uncle John. Oh, before I forget, may I know who was the one who bought the Paris Tower Challenge? Christina and I were having a hard time assembling it lor… Luckily my Ah Kong was waiting patiently for us to get it fixed before he gets to play it with Damien. So where is Rico and Sharon? They were running around the home talking to the Ah Kong and Ah Ma.

Hereby, let me introduce our new MA singers… Poh Yen and Ken Goh!! – I suggest registering them for the upcoming Moral Home Super Stars ? (I don’t think there will be any objection right hehe). Hmmmm… no sight of our regular singers. Gary, Ah Yong, Ping Sing and Jo Jo??? What are you guys and gals busy with??? Our Ah Kong and Ah Ma misses your singing leh.

Back in the volunteer room, Rico’s BROTHER-IN-LAW Ah Kiat =) updated us on their recce to Chinatown Tour. And they bought back some ham chee peng from Maxwell Market!!!. But hor… My Senior and I didn’t get to eat it lor… =(…. Reason being…. Someone ate our share…. (you know who you are hor…Mr XXX ?) .

Public Announcement — Paging paging for Mr Charlie Yong, my senior Ping Sing is looking for you. Please contact her in private ya…=)…

Finally, for everyone’s info, we are thinking of introducing Moral Home Set Menu for the monthly snack. The set menu allows elderly to choose the filling of the sandwiches and beverages of their choice. Order will be taken by volunteers, prepared on the spot and served to the elderly fresh from the oven ?… Yummy yummy… I’m so looking forward to the launch of this set menu… Great ideas from Hui Quan who had gotten this idea from Sree Home (I think).

Hui Xian

Just to share: I was at the CM home last Saturday, took my own transport and bumped into Huiquan and Poh Yan at the bus-interchange, waiting for bus 178 to CM home. As we arrived at the home kitchen, there SHE was, all ready to help out in preparing the breakfast! Who Who Who?????? KEN GOH is her name! 😛 I then understood from her that she actually took a cab from tiong bahru(home) to marsiling(CM home). Although it “could” be a one time thing, the thought and effort is simply moving, inspiring… send three cheers to KEN GOH! Ken Goh can go J (ricola)