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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 260408

Wooo Jinxiong… You are right man. I am next in line to write the weekly flash after you… (how do you know ah?? you have a crystal ball at home ah).

Anyway, here it goes… As I stepped into the home, I saw Christina and Hui Quan busy mobilising the elderly. Well, we had a hard time coaxing the elderly to leave their comfort zone to join us in the activities downstairs (despite us telling them that there are pretty gals and handsome guys downstairs?…Oh No… we seems to have lost our charm ?). Well, I guess it’s time to think of some ‘motivators’ to lure them downstairs.

As usual, Uncle Sam and Uncle Song were spotted playing black jack with the regular black jack ‘kaki’. But for some reason, the Ah Kong and Ah Ma decided to end their session much earlier this week. Are they bored with the game already??

While Damien, Jinxiong, Hui Quan, Christina and I were playing fishing and bean bag with some elderly, Ah Kiat was seen playing checkers with Uncle John. Oh, before I forget, may I know who was the one who bought the Paris Tower Challenge? Christina and I were having a hard time assembling it lor… Luckily my Ah Kong was waiting patiently for us to get it fixed before he gets to play it with Damien. So where is Rico and Sharon? They were running around the home talking to the Ah Kong and Ah Ma.

Hereby, let me introduce our new MA singers… Poh Yen and Ken Goh!! – I suggest registering them for the upcoming Moral Home Super Stars ? (I don’t think there will be any objection right hehe). Hmmmm… no sight of our regular singers. Gary, Ah Yong, Ping Sing and Jo Jo??? What are you guys and gals busy with??? Our Ah Kong and Ah Ma misses your singing leh.

Back in the volunteer room, Rico’s BROTHER-IN-LAW Ah Kiat =) updated us on their recce to Chinatown Tour. And they bought back some ham chee peng from Maxwell Market!!!. But hor… My Senior and I didn’t get to eat it lor… =(…. Reason being…. Someone ate our share…. (you know who you are hor…Mr XXX ?) .

Public Announcement — Paging paging for Mr Charlie Yong, my senior Ping Sing is looking for you. Please contact her in private ya…=)…

Finally, for everyone’s info, we are thinking of introducing Moral Home Set Menu for the monthly snack. The set menu allows elderly to choose the filling of the sandwiches and beverages of their choice. Order will be taken by volunteers, prepared on the spot and served to the elderly fresh from the oven ?… Yummy yummy… I’m so looking forward to the launch of this set menu… Great ideas from Hui Quan who had gotten this idea from Sree Home (I think).

Hui Xian

Just to share: I was at the CM home last Saturday, took my own transport and bumped into Huiquan and Poh Yan at the bus-interchange, waiting for bus 178 to CM home. As we arrived at the home kitchen, there SHE was, all ready to help out in preparing the breakfast! Who Who Who?????? KEN GOH is her name! 😛 I then understood from her that she actually took a cab from tiong bahru(home) to marsiling(CM home). Although it “could” be a one time thing, the thought and effort is simply moving, inspiring… send three cheers to KEN GOH! Ken Goh can go J (ricola)

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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 190408

    Hi angels,

    it was a lovely afternoon at moral home. It was not quite the usual crowd but we did quite all right nevertheless. When I was there at 3pm (late as usual), uncle Meng Huat was at the helm of the blackjack table instead of our regular big boss uncle Song. We need a bigger table as the gambling den is attracting more Ah Kong Ah Ma in anticipation of the IRs opening. Song and Sam (S&S) were spotted on the 2nd and 3rd floor doing their rounds to PR with the residents and also some new elderly at the home.

    SK can be seen running around in search for MJ kakis for our Ah Ma waiting downstair at the MJ table. Thru his crystal ball, SK had foreseen the angels turnout for this week. And so he brought along his secret weapon: Teochew Opera VCD! It worked like a charm. Ah Kong Ah Ma were glued to the TV. Meanwhile I was beaten up down left right at the checker table by uncle John. I think he misses Poh Yan, even though he tried hard to cover up his yawn of boredom.

    That’s about all folks. Thanks for reading.


    The story would have ended if not for our newest additions to the angels family. Introducing Desmond and Darren (D&D)! Desmond is a soccer kaki of SK, and after a brief tour of moral home, he immediately dive into action helping with the games and stuff. Darren is a friend of Josephine Neo, and he was here last week too. He took some photos of Ah Kong Ah Ma last week, and the Ah Kong Ah Ma can be seen grinning ear to ear when he handed them the developed photos this week. Hey Darren, great work! Take more photos in the future and we can put them up on the blog too.

    Here are some good news for all the fans of Uncle Lee. After taking a short break at CGH chalet, uncle Lee is back at the home with even more zest, hoping to make up for the lost time at the chess table. He may even make it for the temple outing, why not? Talking about the outing, angels coordinators Shuhua and Huixian were running around auditioning our Ah Kong Ah Ma for the outing. They were also thinking aloud wondering WHY angels have not replied to their email on their attendance for the outing. Hey angels, you know who you are…

    And last but not least, despite the low turnout for the 1st sports day of 2008, we did manage to enjoy ourselves thoroughly. Uncle Song conducted a badminton clinic, and I learnt how to hold a racket properly for the 1st time of my life! Nice. Credit goes to the welfare committee and Dietitian angels for making the sports day possible.

    Cheers! Have a nice week ahead!
    Jin Xiong

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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 120408

    Weekly flash:

    Dear angels,

    Another saturday in our lives, elderly’s lives have just gone by.

    Instead of the normal weekly flash, thought I would do something different by sharing more about the volunteer in me.

    As a volunteer, I have gone through various phases of emotions and thoughts throughout the years. I was an enthusiatic young volunteer to start off with, full of purpose in my outlook, to return to society what has been bestowed upon me, an education which provided the means and resilience to start off an career which I have always wanted to try out. I then reluctantly became a leader, but it was heartening to play a part in a volunteer group which went on from strength to strength, sustaining the efforts to provide love and happy moments for the elderly.

    A know we can only provide moments of happiness for the closing chapters of the lives of the elderly but I guess it does mean a lot more to them than to us, and that’s something which I will like to take the chance to share here.

    There were times when it got a bit tiring for me, I wanted out, work was demanding and of cos is more demanding now and I wanted to do a good job, I felt overstretched and my heart was crying out to cut down on my commitments, and one thing that came to mind was to slowly pull myself out of volunteering totally.

    I did not….not that I think that i am indispensible as a volunteer haha that’s thinking too highly of myself but i could not bear to make myself leave my family of friends and elderly behind, and to play mahjong. I am proud to be able to serve regularly but it’s really not a matter of personal record but to leave an impact does make life more meaningful and satisfying an experience…that’s how I view my job too

    Anyway through it all, I have learnt that leadership in volunteering is very important as it means that there can be focused energies in providing effective and widespread services for a bigger group of beneficiaries. And more importantly, every single one of us has a role to play in the larger picture. It is like a cockroach (yucky analogy) where without a leg, it still can crawl but take away more legs and it cannot move eventually. A cockroach can survive without its head but only for a while cos eventually it will die off with its body intact.

    I dislike the cockroach but you have got to admire its resilience. it has been around millions of years but humans…a few thousand years? if mankind is to exist longer, we have better learnt to treasure our legs and keep our heads on 😉

    Is there any messages that i am trying to bring across….definitely…but to each a different interpretation cos each of us is a different individual, our personal beliefs and values dictate how we interpret each sentence and each action. each of you is special and can be spectacular in your own right.

    Keep your volunteering spirit burning, there are times to conserve fuel and there are times when we feel like burning brightly to light up the darkness. Put the flames together and the world will be a pretty bright one :)


    the “full of nonsense” electronic emailer forced to blog

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  • Vote for New Look

    Hi angels,we are planning a brand new look for our ever-popular blog, and we want u… yes you angels… to help us decide on our new design!We have already shortlisted 5 different themes that are made available by some of the very talented designers on the web. Click through the image for a closer look.Vote for your favorite theme by writing on the comment box. Voting will be closed by end of April. Hurry!

    Moral Angels Weekly Flash 050408

    Hi everyone!

    I prepare a short weekly flash to update you all on what happened last week at the home on 5th April.

    Last Saturday a visiting Youth Group organize a program at the Moral Home for the elderly. The program was very successful because of Moral Angels; Sharon, Christina, Ricola, Huiquan, SK, Song, Fiona, Ping Sing, Mr. and Mrs Loi, Brandon, Josephine, Ricola, Rusty, Yong and others all turn up early to setup the sound system and bring down the elderly before Dr. Faishal, a Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC joined us for the day. (if I miss your name Pai Seh!)

    The program started with Huiquan giving a brief presentation to our visitors on what the Moral Angels do in Moral Home every week followed by a guided tour of the place for the MP and his Youth Leaders. At the same time, the elderly were served helpings of “Baos” as snacks before the performance commence at 3:00pm as per schedule

    Starting the show at 3:00pm for the day was a Stage Magic Performance by the Bonezz Family (and Alex the Pigeon) who dazzled the elderly with their magical performance

    Right after the Magic Show at 3:30pm, Lay Cheng or “Na Na” as she prefers to be called on stage, captured the full attention of the elderly with her fluent Hokkien and jokes¡­ drawing laughter and responses from the elderly in the front rows.

    This was followed by song performance by “Na Na” who delivered three all time favorites oldies which includes Mandarin, Hokkien and Cantonese songs. Sam even dance with Rose lee to the tune of  “Xiao Cheng Gu Shi” sang by the guest Emcee “Na Na”

    The Elderly was not to be beaten by such show of talent, one of them belt out an Oldies song and another performed a well-practiced Harmonica piece much to the pleasant surprise of elderly and volunteers alike.

    Mr. Loi mesmerized the crowd with his romantic number and mingled among his fans among the elderly as he sings. This was followed by a upbeat number “Xiao Sa Zou Yi Hui” by who else but our very own Josephine which ended with a roar of applause by everyone present.

    The Youth Network members who attended the event also performed “Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xin”, “Xiao Wei” and Country Road. The event ended with a “Grand Finale” by Moral Angels and Youth Network together with Dr. Faishal on stage singing “Ai Pia Jia Eh Ya”

    The event finished around 5:00pm and was really an enjoyable Saturday for both the elderly and volunteers alike!

    Best regards,


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  • Moral Angels 10th Year Anniversary

    Hi Hi Angels,

    Event: Moral Angels 10th Year Anniversary Celebration
    Date: 22nd November 2008
    Time: 2.30pm ~ 5.00pm
    Venue: Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society; Moral Home for the Aged Sick

    Main Organizers: Sharon Liow, Rico Chow and Christina Lee

    * Please kindly post all your comments and suggestion provided at the left hand site of the webpage “Moral Angels 10th Year Anniversary”.