Congratulations! Let us proudly announced the sub-committee members for our Moral Angels 10 years Anniversary Celebration! (tentatively on 22nd Nov).. Here they are:

Entertainment (includes the program and our Moral Angels Song) – Xiao Xuan, Jojo, Alex, Stuart, Loi, Rusty & Gary

Exhibition Booth & Montage – SK, Jinxiong & Hui Quan

F & B (including dinner & cake) – Doris, Shu Hua, Hui Xian & Christina

Decoration – Mona, Sharon & Rico

MCs – Sam & Ping Sing

Logistic – Desmond

Guest Relation (in Cheongsum with slits up to the hips???) \ – Song, Uncle Meng Huat

Video & Photographing – KIV (Rico’s Students)

Angels, don’t get too excited now!!! Yes, worry not, we (VL and AVLs) will meet up with the different sub-committee members and further discuss on your specific area in charge! Just be available for our date!! Thanks!!

Calling calling calling for angels;

Alex boy: Pls report to the home this coming Saturday and get our Moral Angels Song ready!!

Ping Sing: Still in some resort enjoying your long weekend?? COME to MORAL HOME this coming short weekend!!! Back to serious business…

Gary: When will your exam end? Do report to the MH soooon!!!! Work hard and study smart for the exams!! Good luck!

The Loi family: What’s up?? The ah kongs ah mas missed our Moral Angel Idol!!

Due to time constraint, I shall stop yelling for our angels! Hope to see you all soon this Saturday! 😛

Smile always

Wait!! Hold! That’s not the end of my mail! You have yet to read our weekly flash!!

Uncle Song…present! Brother Sam…present! Shu Hua, Xian, Jojo., Jinxiong, Huiquan, Sharon, Rico…present present present present…! Yong…lai liao also…

With these 10 angels around, mission accomplished successfully :) First, let me introduced you our new mahjong player, Mdm Lim Yeok Lan, a short, white hair ah ma with a pair of pearl earrings. That’s not it, having brother Sam taking charge of the Black Jack which later took over by Jinxiong was eventually handled by an ah kong-Lim Kim Lay! Wow! (Think JX went bankrupt and he bought over our Moral Home IR!!!) Now, JX is master Lim’s ‘leg boy’. Moreover, we have a new musician-Mr Chow Ming Hua who played excellent harmonica! So, MH Symphony possible huh???!! 😛 Welcome all!!!

That’s not everything happened at the home! Having Shu Hua, Xian, Huiquan, Jinxiong conducting our usual fun games with the folks at the exercise area, Jojo, at the other end, the dinning area, trying so hard to bully our ah kong with the confusing challenging jigsaw puzzle 😛 At the same time, the Chinese Chess buddies continued with their Chess war. (getting vigorous now!!) :) Guess who got “dumped” by uncle John-our MH “dumb” King?? None!!!! As uncle John is sick and bored of killing us and would rather take a longer nap upstairs! Po Yan! Quick come back! Come back to let him slaughter!

While all the above are happening, Sharon, Song and Rico are happening ‘above’. They went ‘up’ befriending the elderlys, run errands for them.

Now, paging for handsome Yong! Time for you to entertain the folks!! Oh there he is! Starring in front of the “interestingly” yellow karaoke MTV, singing ‘engrossly’(with heart and soul) for the elderlys! Hahaha 😛 Okay okay, he was just standing in front of the MTV instead! :) Jojo and Irene also sang their lungs out for the elderlys!! Fantastic!

Zoommm!! So fast comes the yummy dinner time! Xian, Shu Hua, Sharon and Rico were on the feeding floor. Having delicious healthy “Jumbo” as fruits for the folks, our healthy health dieticians cant help but drooling over…. Hey! Behave behave! Pls don’t behave like your senior-Ping… :) Oh, in the meanwhile, beautiful live music was provided by Song and Jojo!

Just to share: I was away from the Moral Home for 2 weeks and when returned, I was shocked by jojo telling me that the ma whom I used to feed gone missing! I got panic asking the nurses and the first thing that came to my mind was will I ever see her again? I cant feed her anymore?? Being silly for nothing, she was having fun at the exercise area, just that her personal wheelchair is spoilt and was left in her room… Learn how to be detached from the ah kongs ah mas was a difficult thing for many of us. Thus, go with your emotions your feelings, maybe that will have less internal conflict 😛 haha That also implies… “Miss the elderly? Fly straight to the Moral Home @ 1 Jalan Bilal!!”

See ya there!