Hiyo Angels,

hot and juicy weekly flash for 01/03/08 is out… get it fresh and hot from the oven… :)

Hahaha.. it’s time for Ah yen ah ma to report. Here it goes… another eventful, busy and lovely Sat has flown away leaving behind beautiful moments for us to store once again in our human memory card.

Last week, we had a group of young and lovely girl students turning up at Moral Home to volunteer. These girls were oriented by our recruitment leader – Ping Sing (haha…she finally gets to know the rest of her recruitment team members, so ppl watch out for her arrow for any upcoming orientation program). In the volunteer room, she shared with them photos and video clips of our past year activities. Following that, they were taken for a short tour around the home whereby they chatted and mingled with the elderly.

After the tour, it was time for them to get up, close and personal with the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs. They joined angels such as Sharon, SK, HQ, Jin Xiong, Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Uncle Sam and Damien in the game of fishing, beanbags throwing and befriending. Even though some of them were inexperienced in volunteering, it doesn’t stop them from bringing fun to the elderly.

Over at the dining area, Josephine (not Jojo) and Melissa was there to take on the ‘Paris Tower Challenge” with two ah gongs. Not forgetting Li Ling who took on a tough challenge with Uncle John in the checkers games. Hmmm, wondered if Uncle John was lenient with his moves.

At the home that day, we also had 3 under aged girls (Tiffany and Company) engaged illegally at the poker game table. But the response for the Mahjong game was so overwhelming last Sat that we nearly wanted to set up another table.

Aunty Jenny was sitting the lift lobby waiting patiently for Uncle Song to return with her groceries. Rico Bee too was busy running errands for Mr Lee.. oh no no.. dun be mistaken that’s not her honey.

As for the sing-a-long session that day, we had singers from both the young and older generation to entertain the elderly. With their beautiful voices, they filled the home with romantic oldies and pop songs. Their presence at the home today rescued ke lien SK from his fear of having to stage his solo mini concert, phew!

Hey for those who were not present last sat, you know what? A big big banner has been beautifully put up for the outing to Labrador Park this Sat. Wow! Imagine taking a group picture with the colourful banner… cool, cool, cool and cool.. :)

With that, we shall wrapped up last Sat’s activities and we hereby wishes to extend a special thanks to:-

– all moral angels who were there to spend time with the elderly. You have indeed brighten up their day :)

– Myrna, Li Ling, Wendy, Melissa, Kelly, Josephine, Shi Qi, Cherie and Adeline for your presence at the home. You’ve filled the old folk’s day with fun and laughters… do drop by to visit them often :)

– Ping Sing for the wonderful orientation program arranged for the newbies :)

– Moral Home’s talented special arts angels. The idea of using the palm prints of the elderly to paint the banner was really creative and FANTASTIC!

– our “IT Brainies” who developed an EXCELLENT web page for moral angels to read, comment and connect.… haha..

Some pictures taken during last week activity: Enjoy:)

7 beautiful girls posting in the pics (including the ah ma..haha)

Hey girls.. are you underaged? (for card games)

Playing aeroplane board games with the ah gong..

2 ah gongs having a chinese chess battle…

Pong! Chi! Hu! Mahjong King and Queens!

Pictures during the singing session

One of the ah ma’s friends singing their favourite oldies..

Singing their hearts out!!!. Well done girls…

Applause for Chen Peng Jie!!!

Here are the pics from Special Arts

Ah Gong helping out creating banner for the upcoming Labrador Park

Handprint left by “The Hulk”!! Do we need to engage the Singapore Paranormal Investigators??

Ah Gong with the Special Arts Committee Members.

Faces of Elderly


Okey dokey, think Ah yen ah ma talked too much liao .. I shall stop here then and if I have accidentally missed you out in the above flash, do pardon me hor.. Oh ya.. ey ey ey.. before we close off this web page, here are some important announcements for you to take note of:

Announcement 1: Outing to Labrador Park

U ho angels, a gentle reminder to all of you that don’t forget the date that you have with the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs this Saturday afternoon. Come dress in your most appealing yellow angel’s t-shirt and be ever ready to start your date. Please be at the home by 12.45pm and the program is as follows:-

Time Table:

1.00-1.30pm – Volunteers registration, issuing of identification tag and Group I/C to gather your volunteers and elderlys.

1.30-2.00pm – Sam to brief all volunteers on safety matters prior to boarding bus.

2.00-2.15pm – Volunteers and elderlys to board bus.

2.15-2.45pm – Proceed to Labrador Park.

2.45-3.00pm – Arrival at Labrador Park, snacks and taking of group photographs. Bus to stop at Labrador Park bus bay.

3.00-4.15pm – Strolling along the park, wheeling the elderlys to Jetty to view the sea and all the natural surroundings.

4.15-4.30pm – Boarding of bus.

4.30-5.15pm – Proceed back to Moral Home for buffet dinner.

5.15-6.00pm – Dinner time.

6.00-6.30pm – Sam to debrief.

Announcement 2: Breakfast Serving at Christalite Methodist (CM) Home

The volunteers at CM home will be serving yummy delicious laksa to the elderly this coming Saturday. Angels who have not been there and wishes to extend your help in serving the yummy breakfast, try to be at the home before 7.30am. The address is at No 51 Marsiling Drive. You can take bus 178 from Woodlands Interchange and it brings you directly to the gates of CM home.

Came across this quote which I personally felt was quite meaningful so decided to share this with all of you — “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew”