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Chinatown Tour on 10th May 2008

Hi Hi Angels,
We will be having a Chinatown Tour on 10th May 2008 from 1230hrs to 1715hrs. We will be visiting the Chinatown Heritage Center and Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and Museum. Please refer to the link provided below for the details of Chinatown Tour on 10th May 2008 from 1230hrs to 1715hrs. The PDF document includes roles and responsibilities of committee members, schedule, contingency plan and timeline.

Chinatown Tour on 10th May 2008 (PDF Document)

Ah Quan

Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 220308

Congratulations! Let us proudly announced the sub-committee members for our Moral Angels 10 years Anniversary Celebration! (tentatively on 22nd Nov).. Here they are:

Entertainment (includes the program and our Moral Angels Song) – Xiao Xuan, Jojo, Alex, Stuart, Loi, Rusty & Gary

Exhibition Booth & Montage – SK, Jinxiong & Hui Quan

F & B (including dinner & cake) – Doris, Shu Hua, Hui Xian & Christina

Decoration – Mona, Sharon & Rico

MCs – Sam & Ping Sing

Logistic – Desmond

Guest Relation (in Cheongsum with slits up to the hips???) \ – Song, Uncle Meng Huat

Video & Photographing – KIV (Rico’s Students)

Angels, don’t get too excited now!!! Yes, worry not, we (VL and AVLs) will meet up with the different sub-committee members and further discuss on your specific area in charge! Just be available for our date!! Thanks!!

Calling calling calling for angels;

Alex boy: Pls report to the home this coming Saturday and get our Moral Angels Song ready!!

Ping Sing: Still in some resort enjoying your long weekend?? COME to MORAL HOME this coming short weekend!!! Back to serious business…

Gary: When will your exam end? Do report to the MH soooon!!!! Work hard and study smart for the exams!! Good luck!

The Loi family: What’s up?? The ah kongs ah mas missed our Moral Angel Idol!!

Due to time constraint, I shall stop yelling for our angels! Hope to see you all soon this Saturday! 😛

Smile always

Wait!! Hold! That’s not the end of my mail! You have yet to read our weekly flash!!

Uncle Song…present! Brother Sam…present! Shu Hua, Xian, Jojo., Jinxiong, Huiquan, Sharon, Rico…present present present present…! Yong…lai liao also…

With these 10 angels around, mission accomplished successfully :) First, let me introduced you our new mahjong player, Mdm Lim Yeok Lan, a short, white hair ah ma with a pair of pearl earrings. That’s not it, having brother Sam taking charge of the Black Jack which later took over by Jinxiong was eventually handled by an ah kong-Lim Kim Lay! Wow! (Think JX went bankrupt and he bought over our Moral Home IR!!!) Now, JX is master Lim’s ‘leg boy’. Moreover, we have a new musician-Mr Chow Ming Hua who played excellent harmonica! So, MH Symphony possible huh???!! 😛 Welcome all!!!

That’s not everything happened at the home! Having Shu Hua, Xian, Huiquan, Jinxiong conducting our usual fun games with the folks at the exercise area, Jojo, at the other end, the dinning area, trying so hard to bully our ah kong with the confusing challenging jigsaw puzzle 😛 At the same time, the Chinese Chess buddies continued with their Chess war. (getting vigorous now!!) :) Guess who got “dumped” by uncle John-our MH “dumb” King?? None!!!! As uncle John is sick and bored of killing us and would rather take a longer nap upstairs! Po Yan! Quick come back! Come back to let him slaughter!

While all the above are happening, Sharon, Song and Rico are happening ‘above’. They went ‘up’ befriending the elderlys, run errands for them.

Now, paging for handsome Yong! Time for you to entertain the folks!! Oh there he is! Starring in front of the “interestingly” yellow karaoke MTV, singing ‘engrossly’(with heart and soul) for the elderlys! Hahaha 😛 Okay okay, he was just standing in front of the MTV instead! :) Jojo and Irene also sang their lungs out for the elderlys!! Fantastic!

Zoommm!! So fast comes the yummy dinner time! Xian, Shu Hua, Sharon and Rico were on the feeding floor. Having delicious healthy “Jumbo” as fruits for the folks, our healthy health dieticians cant help but drooling over…. Hey! Behave behave! Pls don’t behave like your senior-Ping… :) Oh, in the meanwhile, beautiful live music was provided by Song and Jojo!

Just to share: I was away from the Moral Home for 2 weeks and when returned, I was shocked by jojo telling me that the ma whom I used to feed gone missing! I got panic asking the nurses and the first thing that came to my mind was will I ever see her again? I cant feed her anymore?? Being silly for nothing, she was having fun at the exercise area, just that her personal wheelchair is spoilt and was left in her room… Learn how to be detached from the ah kongs ah mas was a difficult thing for many of us. Thus, go with your emotions your feelings, maybe that will have less internal conflict 😛 haha That also implies… “Miss the elderly? Fly straight to the Moral Home @ 1 Jalan Bilal!!”

See ya there!


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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 150308

    Yalo Angels,
    here it goes….

    hahaha…back by popular demand..jojo is back to give you the ever interesting weekly flash!!

    lazy ahhh people….one week after outing..then all disappear ahh….haha…this week the volunteers that came were…uncle meng huat, uncle song, desmond, jinxiong,poh yan, sk,christina,jojo, and ….huiquan…=p (if i miss u out..dun beat me !)

    normal activities were not carried out this week as we have limited manpower..and hence the old folks have to make do with movie screening…can you imagine this….u never come..then short handed..then old folks no choice but to stare at square box with some people moving in it…(if u dunno..its movie show on tv la…)haha..just joking..everyone’s has got their own commitment ya…=)

    HOWEVER, the ever lasting moral gambling den never close shop despite shortage in manpower…infact business expanded!!! there were 2 mahjong tables set up this time together with the usual “21pts” gambling cards table…wow….the den owner were namely desmond, sk, uncle meng huat, uncle song..

    so where is ah yen??? aha…she was doing befriending with the old folks upstairs…chatting around and bringing laughter all over…

    then what’s going on in the canteen? the usual chess games was there… huiquan (as usual) was trashed by uncle john at the checkers games and no face to play another round…so he got replace him to get trashed…haha…

    so what about poh yan?? poh yan..please defend yourself ahh..heehee…. cos the not so observant me…didnt spot you in action…sorry!!! dun beat me!!! no grudges ahh…. but i am pretty sure you are there to make the old folks happy somewhere…oops!!

    haha…jojo wasnt lazing around ahh…she was playing jigsaw with one of the ah ma…ppl..think its a rather good try..cos it really give a sense of satisfaction to the old folks when they are done with the completed puzzle…i feel la…

    so time flies….dinner time…feeding was done…moral ktv club started…as time pass…everything kept..and door locked.and..that’s about it for this week activity….

    do drop by matter young and old..small or big..beautiful or ugly..BUT when you come down on become young and small and beautiful…cos u make the day of the old folks le…jojo quote..copyright pending…haha..

    ok..sorry if i am long winded again…

    jojo (your all time favourite weekly flasher)=P

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  • Labrador Park Outing 2008

    Hilo Angels,
    Thank you for everyone support for this outings. Sorry I don t have the name list of everyone who took part… Otherwise put your name here. (SeeSan do you have the list you can add in?).

    The outings went on well with the support of the volunteers and the weather.

    Some of the committee were there by noon to set up things like Stuart, Doris, Song, Christina, See San, Gary, Josephine and SK.

    The elderlys were so eager for this outing. They were downstair waiting by 12.30.The weather was hot and sunny, so the committee decided to continue the plan to go to the park.

    Volunteer registration were from 12.30 to 1.45, most of the volunteers were there by 1.45. Last minute there were some changes in the volunteers and the elderly list, some could not make it, with the strong support of our volunteers, we manage to keep this outing smoothly. Finally, there was one less in the number of elderlys that supposed to join this outing. Good job josephine, see san and christina.

    Volunteers registered themselves at the booth.

    Wowww… Look at the crowd!!!

    Final Co-ord with the angels…

    The thorns among the rose… Whahaha..

    Sam gave briefing to the volunteers regarding the outing detail and the handling of wheelchair by 2pm.

    This outing was divided to two groups, one for each bus.

    We aboard the bus by 2.30. In the bus, our guitarist, and song team did a good job entertainment the elderlys. Everyone including the volunteers enjoyed the journey.




    We reached the park within half an hour. We quickly took our group photos as the unpredictable weather began to rain.Umbrellas were distributed to all the volunteers. We took a shelter at the temporary “tent”(I don’t know what it is called) which was big enough for us to conduct game there. The “tent” was not there when we prior to this outing. Luckily there was shelter otherwise we might need to get back to the bus and continue our plan B.

    In the shelter, the elderlys had their yam cake and drink, then followed by the volunteers. Elderlys’ hands were washed prior and after the snack.





    Snack Time!!! Don’t snatch.. Is enough for everyone!!! Look at all the hungry souls.

    SK led the games after that. They played musical ball, which, the music was songs sang by the volunteers and guitarist. The elderlys who had the ball when the music stopped would get a bottle of chicken essence. Then the next game involved some of the volunteers in the middle of the circle, kick or throw the ball between them and the elderlys.



    Its Game Times.. Woww..lot of goodies to be given out…

    About 3.45pm, the “passing rain” stopped. All the elderlys except two were put on wheelchair to stroll and enjoy the breeze by the sea. They were divided to two groups, one group to one end of the park, while the other group headed to the jetty. It took about 20 minutes for them to reach to one end, then each group headed to the other end of the park. By 4.30 the two groups gathered and boarded the buses to go back to moral home.

    Beautiful View of Labrodor Park





    “Couple” strolling down the park..

    Look at how happy they are…

    Volunteers and the lovely ah gong and ah ma








    Through out the journey home, song team and the guitarist did a good job again entertaining everyone. When we reached to the moral home, the elderly had their buffet dinner.

    Group Photos (Quan Jia Fu)





    Sam gathered the volunteer for debrief. The organiser and co-organisers thanked all the volunteers for their support.

    The volunteers were invited to have the buffet dinner at the moral home.

    Mei Kuen

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  • New Photos in Gallery

    Hi Angels,

    you can now view the latest photos from Labrador outing, CNY celebration and more… in our gallery


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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 010308

    Hiyo Angels,

    hot and juicy weekly flash for 01/03/08 is out… get it fresh and hot from the oven… :)

    Hahaha.. it’s time for Ah yen ah ma to report. Here it goes… another eventful, busy and lovely Sat has flown away leaving behind beautiful moments for us to store once again in our human memory card.

    Last week, we had a group of young and lovely girl students turning up at Moral Home to volunteer. These girls were oriented by our recruitment leader – Ping Sing (haha…she finally gets to know the rest of her recruitment team members, so ppl watch out for her arrow for any upcoming orientation program). In the volunteer room, she shared with them photos and video clips of our past year activities. Following that, they were taken for a short tour around the home whereby they chatted and mingled with the elderly.

    After the tour, it was time for them to get up, close and personal with the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs. They joined angels such as Sharon, SK, HQ, Jin Xiong, Shu Hua, Hui Hsien, Uncle Sam and Damien in the game of fishing, beanbags throwing and befriending. Even though some of them were inexperienced in volunteering, it doesn’t stop them from bringing fun to the elderly.

    Over at the dining area, Josephine (not Jojo) and Melissa was there to take on the ‘Paris Tower Challenge” with two ah gongs. Not forgetting Li Ling who took on a tough challenge with Uncle John in the checkers games. Hmmm, wondered if Uncle John was lenient with his moves.

    At the home that day, we also had 3 under aged girls (Tiffany and Company) engaged illegally at the poker game table. But the response for the Mahjong game was so overwhelming last Sat that we nearly wanted to set up another table.

    Aunty Jenny was sitting the lift lobby waiting patiently for Uncle Song to return with her groceries. Rico Bee too was busy running errands for Mr Lee.. oh no no.. dun be mistaken that’s not her honey.

    As for the sing-a-long session that day, we had singers from both the young and older generation to entertain the elderly. With their beautiful voices, they filled the home with romantic oldies and pop songs. Their presence at the home today rescued ke lien SK from his fear of having to stage his solo mini concert, phew!

    Hey for those who were not present last sat, you know what? A big big banner has been beautifully put up for the outing to Labrador Park this Sat. Wow! Imagine taking a group picture with the colourful banner… cool, cool, cool and cool.. :)

    With that, we shall wrapped up last Sat’s activities and we hereby wishes to extend a special thanks to:-

    – all moral angels who were there to spend time with the elderly. You have indeed brighten up their day :)

    – Myrna, Li Ling, Wendy, Melissa, Kelly, Josephine, Shi Qi, Cherie and Adeline for your presence at the home. You’ve filled the old folk’s day with fun and laughters… do drop by to visit them often :)

    – Ping Sing for the wonderful orientation program arranged for the newbies :)

    – Moral Home’s talented special arts angels. The idea of using the palm prints of the elderly to paint the banner was really creative and FANTASTIC!

    – our “IT Brainies” who developed an EXCELLENT web page for moral angels to read, comment and connect.… haha..

    Some pictures taken during last week activity: Enjoy:)

    7 beautiful girls posting in the pics (including the ah ma..haha)

    Hey girls.. are you underaged? (for card games)

    Playing aeroplane board games with the ah gong..

    2 ah gongs having a chinese chess battle…

    Pong! Chi! Hu! Mahjong King and Queens!

    Pictures during the singing session

    One of the ah ma’s friends singing their favourite oldies..

    Singing their hearts out!!!. Well done girls…

    Applause for Chen Peng Jie!!!

    Here are the pics from Special Arts

    Ah Gong helping out creating banner for the upcoming Labrador Park

    Handprint left by “The Hulk”!! Do we need to engage the Singapore Paranormal Investigators??

    Ah Gong with the Special Arts Committee Members.

    Faces of Elderly


    Okey dokey, think Ah yen ah ma talked too much liao .. I shall stop here then and if I have accidentally missed you out in the above flash, do pardon me hor.. Oh ya.. ey ey ey.. before we close off this web page, here are some important announcements for you to take note of:

    Announcement 1: Outing to Labrador Park

    U ho angels, a gentle reminder to all of you that don’t forget the date that you have with the Ah Mas and Ah Gongs this Saturday afternoon. Come dress in your most appealing yellow angel’s t-shirt and be ever ready to start your date. Please be at the home by 12.45pm and the program is as follows:-

    Time Table:

    1.00-1.30pm – Volunteers registration, issuing of identification tag and Group I/C to gather your volunteers and elderlys.

    1.30-2.00pm – Sam to brief all volunteers on safety matters prior to boarding bus.

    2.00-2.15pm – Volunteers and elderlys to board bus.

    2.15-2.45pm – Proceed to Labrador Park.

    2.45-3.00pm – Arrival at Labrador Park, snacks and taking of group photographs. Bus to stop at Labrador Park bus bay.

    3.00-4.15pm – Strolling along the park, wheeling the elderlys to Jetty to view the sea and all the natural surroundings.

    4.15-4.30pm – Boarding of bus.

    4.30-5.15pm – Proceed back to Moral Home for buffet dinner.

    5.15-6.00pm – Dinner time.

    6.00-6.30pm – Sam to debrief.

    Announcement 2: Breakfast Serving at Christalite Methodist (CM) Home

    The volunteers at CM home will be serving yummy delicious laksa to the elderly this coming Saturday. Angels who have not been there and wishes to extend your help in serving the yummy breakfast, try to be at the home before 7.30am. The address is at No 51 Marsiling Drive. You can take bus 178 from Woodlands Interchange and it brings you directly to the gates of CM home.

    Came across this quote which I personally felt was quite meaningful so decided to share this with all of you — “Volunteers do not necessarily have the time; they just have the heart. ~Elizabeth Andrew”


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