This is the original electronic emailer providing the weekly flash for 23 Feb 08 :)
  First of all, let me say that coming to our 10th year anniversary of service to the elderly at Moral Home, we have really come a long way. My original spam email has evolved into a blog space! Compliments to all of you volunteers who made it possible with your passion to serve and to give.
  The weekly flash serves to connect all of us, new and old, ad-hoc and regular volunteers to the Moral Home, keeping us in touch and with thoughts of the elderly in our minds. My wish therefore is for the family of moral angels to grow in strength and in spirit :) Can only do it with all of us!
  Okie okie, mai loso, onto your much desired dose of weekly flash. Teck Ee, you used to love reading the emails, I hope you still do. You are always in some of our minds 😉
  For today, let me see, Poh Yan, Huiquan, Mei Kuen, Shuhua, Christina, Sharon, Song, Rico and myself are present. Song, Sam, ShuHua, Christina, Ping Sing went to recce Labrador Park for the outing on the 8th of March, and hence was late.

  So what did we do for activities?!
  Me and Mei Kuen engaged the elderly in fishing, velcro marksman, and beanbag throwing; Huiquan played “dumb” with Uncle John, Christina was also somewhere over the dining area side playing games. Rico and Sharon did befriending around the entire home; Poh Yan was gambling with the ah mas; When Song came; he took over? Again I cannot recall properly : /
  But today…horrible, I have to sing for the elderly…so ke lien, think they were not enjoying it haha. But there was this uncle (who is growth impaired) who sang or rather hummed to songs and held his mini concert…but alas we received a complaint from the dining area. Nevertheless I let him continue as it is seldom that we have a elderly who wants to take to the mike. I am sure he’ll look forward to following saturdays haha
  Last but not least but help publicise to all about the outing Song, Sam and Mei Kuen are organising for the elderly on the 8  March 08. We are going to Labrador Park for sightseeing and games,  so please  make yourself free to  accompany the elderly. We need about  40 volunteers in all, so let’s turn up in strength Moral Angels!
  You can give Rusty; hp#97408327 a ring or an email to let her know that you want to help out ok?
  Right I shall stop here.

The Moral Home Electronic Emailer 
“We can never volunteer enough, volunteer while we can, we never know what the next day really brings”

Ah mor ah mor ah moral angels!