Chinese New Year Celebrations Special Flash…

Busy, busy, busy…everyone is running up and down to get things done…while cai shen ye is dressing up in the room…

Hurry, hurry, hurry…all the old folks were seated in the dining area for the celebrations to get started as the new year songs brighten the spirit of everyone at the home…¦including the cats! haha..

Program started: Our two super good emcee-sam and xiaoxuan wearing Mickey and Minnie Mouse band are there to greet the audience…yummy snacks and packet drinks were served….

New Year songs were sang for a start….followed by Uncle Loi”s  mesmerizing songs, then followed by XX”s captivating songs and Jojo”s fascinating oldies….everyone”s singing and singing…hoping time will stop..:
lao ah, lao ah…huat ah…after the singings… The old folks are involved in the “lao yu sheng”…again the nurses and volunteers are much more hyper than the old folks…but the old folks simply enjoy it as seen from their laughter…  Games were played thereafter…writing “chun lian” and using mandarin oranges to form a mouse head…. erm…but the example given looks more like a cat…wahaha.oops…

Finally, the best part of the celebrations…the lion dance…the “da tou” wawa is sooo cute…and the performance by the troupe were simply marvelicious!!  The old folks were totally drawn into the kids hard work in the lion dance…

After “cai qing” which matron received the oranges from the lion… a martial arts were performed by xiao shi fu…huo huo huo huo huo huo huo huo….

And all the way till the end of celebrations there were singings by Loi, Charlie yong, Jojo, XX and Gary and Sam and Uncle Meng Huat and many, many more handsome and pretty volunteers…

The event was a great success… 3 cheers!!!


I would like to take this opportunity to thanks ALL ANGELS who work so hard to make this celebration a success.


To Rusty”s Shifu :- for bringing the Lion Troupe

To Pei Chun School Children & Teacher: – for Lion Dance Performance

To Poh Yan: – for sponsoring the Red Packets to elderly, volunteers, nurses and the children.

To Michael: – for the Goodies, Oranges and Drinks

To Hwee Ling  & Sin Min:- for the Red Packet to elderly

To Doris & Stuart: – for the Yu Shen and  Red Packet for games.

To Song”s friend: – for the Red Packet to the Lion Dance Troupe

To Christina & Rusty: – for the delicious Food

To Huiwei  (Rico”s future brother-in-law): -for Videoing

To Xing Jian (Rico”s ex——colleague): – for taking extra photographs

Hope I didn”t miss out any VIP.

Just to Share: CNY celebration has always been a big event for us and the folks, it”s a time when people gather, share, bond and laugh…we can”t be sure how many more CNY celebrations we”ll meet up together, so enjoy every moment. I did with no doubt. Now, for certain reasons, I missed Tomoko, aunt Molly, Teck Ee…very much…anyways, I”m sure those who were unable to attend the celebration will be able to fully embrace the fun-filled atmosphere through reading the flash! 😛 ENJOY!! Be positive and keep the energy high!


Jojo, Sharon & Rico