Hi Hi Angels,

Thought not to be ‘windy’ (as in long winded) in my reply but think it is going to be a typhoon! Get ready angels, here are some TAILORED little notes for YOU!

Uncle Meng Huat:  Has always been with us all these retreats, showing not just physical support but also giving experienced guidance and advice. Thank You sooo Much! (Oh btw, sometimes though lacks CONCENTRATION!) :)

The Loi Family (Uncle Loi, Mona & big Brendan):  Thanks for the yummy salad that is made of potatoes, mayonnaise, bacon bits, spring onions… & most importantly, the THOUGHTFULNESS! We could feel it, received it and ate it! Thanks!

Uncle/Bro Song:  Why is it that you’ve such a big kind heart? Ever so ready to give, to support, to help the elderly and also to drive us around. Just don’t know how to express our gratitude… but sure know – WE LOVE YOU!

Gary:  Thanks for showing your cute and ‘rounded’ face at the retreat despite a work assignment on hand and a test on Monday. Well, you’ve proven your ability to cope between work and volunteering and thus, it is time to take on more tasks and important roles in Moral Home. :) On!!

Ken Goh:  Please do take good care of your health and recover really soon! Certainly appreciate your presence at the chalet. Take Care!

Sam’s Family (Sam, Bee Leng, Shawn & little Brandon):  Aiyo, your wife and 2 boys simply add life, fun and laughter to our retreat! Through playing that cheapy ‘5¢ 10¢’ game, we learnt that Bro Sam is a good OBEDIENT husband but a nasty dad and a betrayer to his fellow brother angels! :O

Ping Sing:  An excellent role model cum SENIOR to our young ones by taking up coordinating roles for not just 1 event but EVENTS! Beautiful! How about an overall moral angels’ coordinator, in short, VL, in 2010? 😛

Yong:  Besides working over-time and attending wedding dinner till late on Saturday, Yong made an effort to arrive at the chalet before 10am (shhh…with naps in between meals) :)Good job! Yum Seng Yong!! 😛

Rusty:  Having so busy looking around Singapore island for a home of your own and not forgetting our angels’ retreat, volunteering to be in-charge of big event… THANK YOU babe!

Jin Xiong:  In order to attend the retreat, angel Kim Leng painted his house at a speed of ‘200km/hr’ on Saturday. At the meeting, he volunteered himself to take charge of a MH celebration event too! Bravo!! Btw, any 1 needs painting service? :)

Jasmine:  An awesome ‘bar-girl’ with excellent services. You’ve gotten yourself this job permanently! Oh oh, think you need to attend some ‘CONCENTRATION’ camp huh? 😛

Jojo:  From quiet, unnoticeable to vocal and confident! At least confident enough to ‘surrender’ herself as in-charge for 2 big MH events. Well done! :)

Fiona:  Never fails to add sweetness and fibres to our diet. Thanks so much for the longuns!! Yummy yummy! :)

Alex:  THANK YOU so very much for composing our very first Moral Angel song. Think the angels are all excited, so, when you are ready to present, we are ready! 😛

Xiao Xuan:  Congratulations! Despite being a busy, newly ‘ROMed’ wife, came, showed face and took up a couple big celebrations’ coordinating roles. Thank you many many…:o

Xian:  Wow! Being a young angel and has no hesitation in taking charge of High-Key event, we, the ‘old’ angels are proud of you! (esp Yong) Also, having the spontaneity and thus staying over at the chalet allows the angels to get up-close & personal with you. Thank you! 😮

To other MIA MA:  It would be wonderful and meaningful to have you at our annual Retreat. We missed you all and hope to see ya next year!! :O

Retreat Committee – HQ(my honey), SK(the cat), Yen(the gal behind bar…counter), Stuart(the game planner), Doris(the 2 in 1) and Sharon(the the the new VL)

Too much to say, too little space to write. You know, I know, they know! Just keep up the good job and keep HIGH – The Volunteerism Spirit!!! 😮

Yum Sengs