Hi Moral Angels,

Thank you, Hui Quan for the appreciation present. It was so touching; never realize I am so good.J To be honest, these past 2 years working with you were such a pleasure. You are such an up beat leader, always whipping out a laptop.J We seen a lot of changes under your leadership, like keeping volunteers data, moral angel web page, name tags, new T-shirts, etcs…. I don’t mind working under your leadership again in future…haha. Thanks for bringing Moral Angels to what Meng Huat said; “Premium Status level.” J

I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thanks Christina, Rico, SK, Hui Quan, Doris, Stuart, Song, Sam, Shawn, Brandon, Bee Leng, Meng Huat, Gary, Yong, Rusty, JinXiong, XiaoXuan, Josephine, Mona, Loi, Brenden, Fiona, Alex, Ping Sing, Hui Xian, Ken Goh & Jasmine for their show of support. Wow, what a turn out! And not forgetting Alexandra Neo who send her wishes thru sms.

The day never end for my 2 avls since Saturday, right up to Sunday night. Without any prompting, they started to get to know each other better right thru the night J Meaning, chatting the whole night without sleep. 

On Saturday night, after Home activities, Song, Stuart, Rico, HuiXuen, SK, Christina, Jojo, HQ, Doris & I were rushing around Tampines Mall like a bunch of madcap, playing “shi zhi lu kou”. It takes teamwork to play, and we did it well.J

At dawn, around 2am, we took a slow walk along the newly build Broad-Walk to Changi Village for breakfast. It was almost 4am when some of us went to bed. It was funny to wake up seeing a notice sticking on the guys door saying “DON’T WAKE ME UP TILL 10AM AS I’M AWAY IN LALA LAND”. Anyway, avl Rico’s not a very good timekeeper. She goes knocking on door before time. J

We had the looser of last night games preparing delicious Teochew sweet potatoes porridge for lunch. I believed everyone present agreed with me that it was simple food, but tasted fantastic because we were eating together like a big family. Thanks brothers for frying ‘chai poh’ eggs and sisters for boiling salted eggs, etcs…(see attached pic)

Thanks to everyone, the meeting goes smoothly, and thanks to Stuart and Doris for coming up with such fun games that make us see the “ugly” side of angels; almost tearing angel’s limbs apart.:) While all these fight were going on, 3 angels; SK, Mona & Loi were fanning up fire. For BBQ, of course!:) The foods were sumptuous, thanks to SK.

Last but not least, under the guidance of Mona, we had a group photo taken with angels forming the words M.A.  Seems like the letters doesn’t turn out quite clear. (see attached pic and guess which one.) 

Hope everyone enjoy themselves at the retreat and lets work hand in hand for the benefit of the elderly, be it our Moral Home or other agencies.

Three cheers to Angels.
Quote: “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”:)

Angels having Teochew Porridge

Moral Angels’ Reunion Photos

Moral Angels posing letter ‘M’ & ‘A’