Howdy angels,
We had a quite a crowd last saturday. We had 14 new volunteers from volunteer resource network (VRN) turning up at Moral Home last Saturday. They were Christine, Shoo Yeng, Chiu Yee, Kah Hwee, Hwee Ling and Sin Min. Hwee Ling and Sin Min are currently lecturers from Tampines ITE and they even brought their students along with them and they are Thein Tan, Bryan, Patrick, Wei Jun, Hairulnizam, Marcus, Gim Yong and Yong Sheng. Let us give them a very big welcome…

They were given a short orientation by Ping Sing and Sharon, showing them photos, video clips and a tour around the home, chatting and befriending the elderly. After that, they were free tocassist us in the activities.. Oh my… They were very proactive conducting activities with the ah gong and ah ma despite the fact that most of them had no volunteering experience. Some of them played mahjong with the ah gong and ah ma, some played throwing balls, bean bags and fishing with the elderly and some were chatting and befriending the elderly. The students from Tampines ITE conducted the sing-a-long session with the elderly, bringing out latest chinese pop songs. We believe the ah gong and ah ma had an enjoyable time with the new accompanied and at the same time, we hope the new volunteers enjoyed the short volunteering session with the elderly and us as well…

Uncle Sam and Uncle Meng Huat were there to conduct the card games and it seemed like we had a new ah ma joining the card game as well… Ping Sing and Sharon were conducting a short orientation with the new volunteers while Mei Kuen, Ah Xian, Uncle Song, Fiona, Jojo and Christina and SK were there assisting in conducting the games and the board games… Poh Yan was having a tough chess competition with Uncle John…. Rico went to the home pretty late as she was stuck at the bus stop because of the rain… As usual, she run errands for the elderly and assisted in the feeding…

Here are the pics:

Volunteer posing with Auntie Rosie

Volunteer playing mahjong….

Volunteers assisting in bowling.. Panting… That ah gong such a good thrower..

Students from Tampines ITE assisting in the fishing activities….

Ping Sing showing some of the board games conducted at Moral Home…

Students from Tampines ITE singing their guts out..