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Moral Angels Weekly News Flash 260108

welcome to the most well read moral angels weekly flash…

on the headline….

Ms Soh Hwee Ling brought with her beautiful and lovely hearted girl students over to moral home for an orientation….suddenly girl power was felt all over the moral home atmosphere…not forgetting macho lecturer Mr Tan and guy students…all handsome and nice….

soon activity started at the usual sports and recreation corner (SRC)….chinese new year music was played…gambling den was set up and the fishing crew line up…and mahjong group gather up…..and new moral home grown bowling team was also formed up hiding one corner to practice for upcoming olympics… these activities were carried as per usual but with some touch of speciality—- the wonderful students and the teachers’ involvement brought these seemingly routined activities into a fun-filled and laughter-everywhere activity…….angels such as huiquan, christina, uncle meng huat, uncle song and uncle sam were busy helping out in orientating the wonderful student volunteers with the games at the SRC , while rico was running errands,  gary was playing paris tower with 2 other old folks at the dining area and poh yan playing checkers with unbeatable uncle john…

soon there was a changeover…jojo took over the paris tower from gary, and poh yan got beaten again in his checkers game with uncle john and a much younger dare-to-challenge volunteer took over from poh yan to play checkers…

the paris tower was replaced by a game called “aircraft chess” if i am not wrong… uncle song, poh yan, desmond, ah xian and shu hua came to join in the fun…soon the “colors parties” are formed up…namely the red, blue, green and yellow allies…the game started innocent and quiet but ended noisy and revealing the rough side of some know who :P…

.the old folks playing this aircraft chess must have been very much overwhelmed  by these “color parties” cos they are all noisy and counting how to kick each other plane to “lau pat sat”(back to starting point)…the game went on for 2 rounds and seem more like a volunteers’ challenge than old folks’ recreation…haha…but the old folks are laughing and enjoying every bit of it…

finally sing-a-long session…wow…we got a “mass choir group” singing ktv to the old folks..and some “you qing ke chuan” from gary and jojo during short intervals…

thanks to all moral angels who were there at the home this week to make yet but another meaningful and fun filled day for the old folks…

many thanks to the student volunteers, names not in order of rank..

rudolf, ren hao, faisal, bao yao, wee xian, li zhen, shariffah, tong soon, yi wen, sarah, zainal and Ms Soh and Mr Tan.thanks for your time spent at moral home..with such beautiful smiles and presence of all of you made the day of the moral home old folks even brighter…do drop by often, if not always, if not every week, if not be a regular… :)

alex was also at moral home for the new year day celebration meeting…please take note of important anouncement to come….

meikuen reaches moral home…so late ahh…haha..but at least we know she knows how to make ” kuay tow” (chicken head) ..haha..

pardon me for this long but spontaneous weekly flash…hope i did not miss out anybody..if i did…dun beat me!!

your correspondence for this weekly flash,

Jojo.. 😀

to sharon:

on the sharing part, paiseh during the sharing session…i wasnt very responsive..the ideas didnt came until now though…

there are 2 points i wanna share.. one is the snake and ladder games which i thought we had a giant version…(why arent we playing that?)..after seeing the aircraft games…i believe..we can engage the old folks more by playing such games.with cheers shouting from volunteers..shall we give it a try?

number two to point out is when i brought a game over to auntie jenny and get her to play..she was not willing and say she is not small kid..i suddenly realised..we could if possible let some of these old folks who are still mature and stubborn (like auntie beng choo, auntie nellie, auntie jenny) to get them to do sewings or some really hands on things that seem “difficult” enough for their level and this might engage them and perhaps some other old folks as well…??

that’s all… have a good day!

Here are the pics taken on Saturday

Student Volunteer “competing” chess game with Uncle John

Student volunteers conducting card games with the Ah Ma.

A student volunteer handing a ball to one of Moral Home “professional thrower”

Sing-a-long sessions by student volunteers from Tampines ITE.

A group photo to mark the end of a happy and meaningful Saturday..

Gift from VL and AVLs to our new volunteer of 2007, Shu Hua as an induction to the Moral Angels’ family… Sign on for life… haha.. :)

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  • Weekly News Flash 190108

    Hi, Angels

    We had a movie screening of “The Twin Effects” and snacks for the Old
    Folks on last Saturday 19.1.08 afternoon at the Dining Hall while someone was
    busy repairing wheelchairs at our Activity Area.

    After that Music Video Karaoke was on with light songs and music just
    before dinner. I myself was encouraged when I was having a good talk with Ah Ma Rosie
    and the other Ah Mas on the same dinning table.

    Hui Quan was busy playing chess, and Christine, Rico, Sharon, SK was
    busy feeding the Mas and Ah Kongs.

    All of us including Song and Desmond had a rewarding time at the Home.


    ken goh.

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  • Thank You Angels

    Hi Hi Angels,

    Thought not to be ‘windy’ (as in long winded) in my reply but think it is going to be a typhoon! Get ready angels, here are some TAILORED little notes for YOU!

    Uncle Meng Huat:  Has always been with us all these retreats, showing not just physical support but also giving experienced guidance and advice. Thank You sooo Much! (Oh btw, sometimes though lacks CONCENTRATION!) :)

    The Loi Family (Uncle Loi, Mona & big Brendan):  Thanks for the yummy salad that is made of potatoes, mayonnaise, bacon bits, spring onions… & most importantly, the THOUGHTFULNESS! We could feel it, received it and ate it! Thanks!

    Uncle/Bro Song:  Why is it that you’ve such a big kind heart? Ever so ready to give, to support, to help the elderly and also to drive us around. Just don’t know how to express our gratitude… but sure know – WE LOVE YOU!

    Gary:  Thanks for showing your cute and ‘rounded’ face at the retreat despite a work assignment on hand and a test on Monday. Well, you’ve proven your ability to cope between work and volunteering and thus, it is time to take on more tasks and important roles in Moral Home. :) On!!

    Ken Goh:  Please do take good care of your health and recover really soon! Certainly appreciate your presence at the chalet. Take Care!

    Sam’s Family (Sam, Bee Leng, Shawn & little Brandon):  Aiyo, your wife and 2 boys simply add life, fun and laughter to our retreat! Through playing that cheapy ‘5¢ 10¢’ game, we learnt that Bro Sam is a good OBEDIENT husband but a nasty dad and a betrayer to his fellow brother angels! :O

    Ping Sing:  An excellent role model cum SENIOR to our young ones by taking up coordinating roles for not just 1 event but EVENTS! Beautiful! How about an overall moral angels’ coordinator, in short, VL, in 2010? 😛

    Yong:  Besides working over-time and attending wedding dinner till late on Saturday, Yong made an effort to arrive at the chalet before 10am (shhh…with naps in between meals) :)Good job! Yum Seng Yong!! 😛

    Rusty:  Having so busy looking around Singapore island for a home of your own and not forgetting our angels’ retreat, volunteering to be in-charge of big event… THANK YOU babe!

    Jin Xiong:  In order to attend the retreat, angel Kim Leng painted his house at a speed of ‘200km/hr’ on Saturday. At the meeting, he volunteered himself to take charge of a MH celebration event too! Bravo!! Btw, any 1 needs painting service? :)

    Jasmine:  An awesome ‘bar-girl’ with excellent services. You’ve gotten yourself this job permanently! Oh oh, think you need to attend some ‘CONCENTRATION’ camp huh? 😛

    Jojo:  From quiet, unnoticeable to vocal and confident! At least confident enough to ‘surrender’ herself as in-charge for 2 big MH events. Well done! :)

    Fiona:  Never fails to add sweetness and fibres to our diet. Thanks so much for the longuns!! Yummy yummy! :)

    Alex:  THANK YOU so very much for composing our very first Moral Angel song. Think the angels are all excited, so, when you are ready to present, we are ready! 😛

    Xiao Xuan:  Congratulations! Despite being a busy, newly ‘ROMed’ wife, came, showed face and took up a couple big celebrations’ coordinating roles. Thank you many many…:o

    Xian:  Wow! Being a young angel and has no hesitation in taking charge of High-Key event, we, the ‘old’ angels are proud of you! (esp Yong) Also, having the spontaneity and thus staying over at the chalet allows the angels to get up-close & personal with you. Thank you! 😮

    To other MIA MA:  It would be wonderful and meaningful to have you at our annual Retreat. We missed you all and hope to see ya next year!! :O

    Retreat Committee – HQ(my honey), SK(the cat), Yen(the gal behind bar…counter), Stuart(the game planner), Doris(the 2 in 1) and Sharon(the the the new VL)

    Too much to say, too little space to write. You know, I know, they know! Just keep up the good job and keep HIGH – The Volunteerism Spirit!!! 😮

    Yum Sengs


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  • Moral Angels Retreat 2008

    Hi Moral Angels,

    Thank you, Hui Quan for the appreciation present. It was so touching; never realize I am so good.J To be honest, these past 2 years working with you were such a pleasure. You are such an up beat leader, always whipping out a laptop.J We seen a lot of changes under your leadership, like keeping volunteers data, moral angel web page, name tags, new T-shirts, etcs…. I don’t mind working under your leadership again in future…haha. Thanks for bringing Moral Angels to what Meng Huat said; “Premium Status level.” J

    I wish to take this opportunity to sincerely thanks Christina, Rico, SK, Hui Quan, Doris, Stuart, Song, Sam, Shawn, Brandon, Bee Leng, Meng Huat, Gary, Yong, Rusty, JinXiong, XiaoXuan, Josephine, Mona, Loi, Brenden, Fiona, Alex, Ping Sing, Hui Xian, Ken Goh & Jasmine for their show of support. Wow, what a turn out! And not forgetting Alexandra Neo who send her wishes thru sms.

    The day never end for my 2 avls since Saturday, right up to Sunday night. Without any prompting, they started to get to know each other better right thru the night J Meaning, chatting the whole night without sleep. 

    On Saturday night, after Home activities, Song, Stuart, Rico, HuiXuen, SK, Christina, Jojo, HQ, Doris & I were rushing around Tampines Mall like a bunch of madcap, playing “shi zhi lu kou”. It takes teamwork to play, and we did it well.J

    At dawn, around 2am, we took a slow walk along the newly build Broad-Walk to Changi Village for breakfast. It was almost 4am when some of us went to bed. It was funny to wake up seeing a notice sticking on the guys door saying “DON’T WAKE ME UP TILL 10AM AS I’M AWAY IN LALA LAND”. Anyway, avl Rico’s not a very good timekeeper. She goes knocking on door before time. J

    We had the looser of last night games preparing delicious Teochew sweet potatoes porridge for lunch. I believed everyone present agreed with me that it was simple food, but tasted fantastic because we were eating together like a big family. Thanks brothers for frying ‘chai poh’ eggs and sisters for boiling salted eggs, etcs…(see attached pic)

    Thanks to everyone, the meeting goes smoothly, and thanks to Stuart and Doris for coming up with such fun games that make us see the “ugly” side of angels; almost tearing angel’s limbs apart.:) While all these fight were going on, 3 angels; SK, Mona & Loi were fanning up fire. For BBQ, of course!:) The foods were sumptuous, thanks to SK.

    Last but not least, under the guidance of Mona, we had a group photo taken with angels forming the words M.A.  Seems like the letters doesn’t turn out quite clear. (see attached pic and guess which one.) 

    Hope everyone enjoy themselves at the retreat and lets work hand in hand for the benefit of the elderly, be it our Moral Home or other agencies.

    Three cheers to Angels.
    Quote: “If you haven’t got any charity in your heart, you have the worst kind of heart trouble.”:)

    Angels having Teochew Porridge

    Moral Angels’ Reunion Photos

    Moral Angels posing letter ‘M’ & ‘A’

    Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 120108

    Howdy angels,
    We had a quite a crowd last saturday. We had 14 new volunteers from volunteer resource network (VRN) turning up at Moral Home last Saturday. They were Christine, Shoo Yeng, Chiu Yee, Kah Hwee, Hwee Ling and Sin Min. Hwee Ling and Sin Min are currently lecturers from Tampines ITE and they even brought their students along with them and they are Thein Tan, Bryan, Patrick, Wei Jun, Hairulnizam, Marcus, Gim Yong and Yong Sheng. Let us give them a very big welcome…

    They were given a short orientation by Ping Sing and Sharon, showing them photos, video clips and a tour around the home, chatting and befriending the elderly. After that, they were free tocassist us in the activities.. Oh my… They were very proactive conducting activities with the ah gong and ah ma despite the fact that most of them had no volunteering experience. Some of them played mahjong with the ah gong and ah ma, some played throwing balls, bean bags and fishing with the elderly and some were chatting and befriending the elderly. The students from Tampines ITE conducted the sing-a-long session with the elderly, bringing out latest chinese pop songs. We believe the ah gong and ah ma had an enjoyable time with the new accompanied and at the same time, we hope the new volunteers enjoyed the short volunteering session with the elderly and us as well…

    Uncle Sam and Uncle Meng Huat were there to conduct the card games and it seemed like we had a new ah ma joining the card game as well… Ping Sing and Sharon were conducting a short orientation with the new volunteers while Mei Kuen, Ah Xian, Uncle Song, Fiona, Jojo and Christina and SK were there assisting in conducting the games and the board games… Poh Yan was having a tough chess competition with Uncle John…. Rico went to the home pretty late as she was stuck at the bus stop because of the rain… As usual, she run errands for the elderly and assisted in the feeding…

    Here are the pics:

    Volunteer posing with Auntie Rosie

    Volunteer playing mahjong….

    Volunteers assisting in bowling.. Panting… That ah gong such a good thrower..

    Students from Tampines ITE assisting in the fishing activities….

    Ping Sing showing some of the board games conducted at Moral Home…

    Students from Tampines ITE singing their guts out..


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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 050108

    Hi Hi Angels,
    On behalf of the committee members, let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year… A brand new year to a brand new start with brand new management… Haha… I think it will be appropriate for me to announce that I will be stepping down as VL and Sharon and Stuart will be stepping down as AVLs from 13th January 2008 onwards. On 13th January 2008, a new management will be formed and I strongly and confidently the new management will lead us to greater heights and beyond horizon… haha… what am I talking about… Let me announce the upcoming VL will be Sharon and 2 lovely and sexy ladies will assisting her will be Rico and Christina… (Lovely and sexy for now only)… These 3 iron ladies will bring out new and fresh ideas and more interation between volunteers and elderly… So let us rally together and show our support to the new management of Moral Angels 2008.

    Okay back to last Saturday.. We had Uncle Meng Huat to conduct the card games for the ah ma.. Mei Kuen playing mahjong with the ah ma as well… Sharon, Uncle Song and Rico went around running errands and befriends with ah gong and ah ma at moral home… Eric was playing chinese chess with the ah gongs. He even brought his daughter along… Christina, Jojo and Fiona assisted in conducting the games… Jojo and I conducted the sing-a-long session as our Gary, Uncle Loi and Ah Yong wasn’t around… Hey where are all the singers….. and so that was how our Saturday activity goes…

    Here are the announcements:

    1. Orientation Program

    This coming Saturday, 12th January 2008, there will be 10 to 15 newbie (inclusive of 8 students from Tampines ITE) coming to Moral Home to do volunteering work… They come from this network called Volunteer Resource Network.. they are basically ah-hoc volunteers and the organizer whose name is Charles will want us to convince them to volunteer as a regular basis… Thus I need volunteers to come down around 1.30pm to set up games and prepare to welcome them.. I have talked to Ping Sing and she will make the necessary arrangements… I will meet them at Tanah Merah MRT Station at 2pm to bring them to Moral Home..

    So volunteers please kindly reply if you can make it earlier that day so that Ping Sing and I will allocate duties for you….

    2. Retreat on 13th January, 1230hrs at Aloha Changi Chalet B

    As mentioned in the email…
    Our annual retreat will be held on the……

    Venue: Aloha Changi Sea Front Chalet B
    Date : 13th January 2008
    Time : 1230hrs to 1800hrs
    Attire: Hawaiian Attire (Bring extra clothing)

    Organizer has come out with numerous gifts, exciting games and marvelicious food!!!
    Guaranteed 101% of fun, gifts, food and laughter!!! With many “sexy babes” and “charming hunks” around!!! And it’s Free Admission!!! Please and please reply email to confirm attendance… See you..


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