Hi Angels,
We had well received turn-up of volunteers last Saturday. Great to see Auntie Mona and Brandon to Moral Home and fyi, i think Brandon has exceeded me (In terms of height). We had Uncle Song, Uncle Sam and Eric taking turns playing card games with the elderly. Jojo, Shu Hua and me went to Toys ‘r’ us at Tampines Mall to shop for new games for the ah gong and ah ma. We bought one board game called the Paris Tower, 2 goal posts with an additional ball and a pump and a big rubber inflatable tube for the conducting of fishing games for the coming carnival.

As Uncle Song and I went to fix the DVD player system, thus i was not able to tell you what had happened at the home. The things that I had witnessed were that Shu Hua, Damien and Jojo were fixing the goal posts. Subsequently Shu Hua and jojo tried out the new board games with the elderly. Sharon, Auntie Mona, Brandon, Rico, Uncle Song, Eric, Desmond, Mei Kuen, SK, Rusty, Gary, Jin Xiong, Ah Yong, Damien, Poh Yan, Brandon and Stuart were there helping out in one ay or another.. running errrands, conducting games activities, befriending as well as sing-a-long session. Hoepfully I did not miss anybody out.. :)


1. ESN Inter Agency Carnival
A reminder that the ESN Inter Agency Carnival will be held this coming Saturday, 15th December 2007 at Yishun Junior College. Angels are to report to Moral Home by 1pm with your yellow T-Shirts. We will have 8 elderly to follow us for this event and therefore we need volunteers especially strong guys to be available on that day to assist in mobilising the elderly.

2. Christalite Home
Rico, Sharon and Meng Huat are some of the regulars that are helping out at Christalite Home. For those who are interested, please kindly contact sharon or Uncle Meng Huat for more details. In fact some of the angels such as SK, Poh Yen, Christina and Uncle Song have been there. Those who intend to go this Saturday, please be at Marsiling MRT Station by 7am and there will be someone to pick you up.

3. Christmas Celebration on 22nd December 2007
There will be Christmas Celebration on 22nd December 2007 at Moral Home. Angels are reminded to be there by 2pm or 1400hrs in your red or green attire to assist in the decoration and gifts. Gary will be emailing you guys the details shortly.

4. Volunteer Retreat on 13th January 2007 Sunday
Our annual volunteer retreat will be held on the 13th January 2007, Sunday at Changi Chalet B (Aloha). We will be emailing you guys the program details by end of December.