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Hohoho Angels,
Merry Christmas!!! Wow wow wow… It had been a rowdy and exciting Christmas event last Saturday. This year 2007 Christmas Celebration had been as glamorous as ever. The ah gong and ah ma at Moral Home benefited the most with fantastic performances from Mona’s friends and accompany, Cherie Hearts and Winnie’s accompany, SUN@JAM. The presents, goodies and gifts in the goodie bags had been splendid. All thanks to sponsors from Cherie Hearts accompany, Damien friends from YP and Rico ex-students Lilies and Suri.

The pre-event hightlights were neither on the presents or goodies for the ah gong and ah ma nor the beautiful decoration of dining halls. The pre-event highlight iwas the cross dressing of Santa Claus and Santa Rina. This was the first time when a man dressed as a woman and a woman dressed as a man. The Santa Claus was non other than Christina and the Santarina was …haha… Stuart… The pre-event highlight was all about looking for appropriate materials for Santarina aka Stuart’s “boobs”. It changed from 2 softballs to 2 balls of newspapers and eventually back to 2 softballs after all the squeezing, shaping, taping and tying.

The Christmas Celebration started around 2.45pm and before that… Kazuki and his Dad were around that day to celebrate the event together with us… How wonderful… Even though Auntie Tomoko was not around, she pampered us with 2 presents of candies specially imported from Australia. Thank you Auntie Tomoko, Kazuki and Kazuki’s Dad.

Santa Claus, santarina, Alex, Alex’s friend (can’t remember her name, pai sei), Alexandra, Suzanna and some of the sponsors went up to 2nd and 3rd level, distributing the goodie bags to the ah gong and ah ma. And at the same time, our MCs, Kim Leng aka Jin Xiong and Rusty kick start the event at the main dining area. Cherie Hearts started the first performance of the celebration. They performed a total of 5 dances for the celebration and oh my god, the children were so Kawaii nei (cute) that i felt like to be one of their parents… haha.. Their parents and teachers are definitely proud of them. They were very good and some of them coulddance like nobody business. One thing i realized that, the girls could really perform very well than the guys and oh my they could dance and shake like an electrical massager. Well done!!

After the performance, was the cutting of log cakes and birthday celebration for the December babies. As the ah gong and ah ma were indulging in the delicious cakes and tea, our Santa Claus and Santarina were on their way distributing the goodies for the ah gong and ah ma.. Smiling faces could be seen everywhere as ah gong ah ma grabbing their given goodies so tightly that volunteers had a hard time to convince them to put their goodie bad at the back of wheelchair so that they could eat their cakes comfortably.

Right after that, it was the boys and girls (not forgetting the 2 guitarists) from SUN@JAM to bring us melodically carol songs. This group of singers were simply amazing and marvellous in their performances. Their lovely voices had heightened up the Christmas atmosphere at Moral Home. For your information, they had been doing this for the past 3 to 4 years without fail to perform for the elderly at moral home every Christmas. Thanks to Winnie for co-ordinating.

Games came right after the caroling. 2 balls were apssing around like musical chairs. Upon music stops, the chosen elderly are to guess the items in the socks by using their hands to feel the texture and shape of the items. Upon guessing correctly, they were given a wonderful gift. Altogether, 12 prices were given out and fyi it was bottled bird nests, generously sponsored by the members of YP. Thank you so much.

Right after the games, it was mass caroling and dances from volunteers of Moral Angels. Songs by songs, the atmosphere of the celebration was even brought to a greater heights. The whole even lasted about 1 and a half hours and the ah gong ah ma, volunteers, staff nurses were treated to a wonderful and marvelicious buffet generously sponsored by Cherie Hearts.

Appreciation Honours

At this juncture, on behalf of ah gong and ah ma, I will like to show my deepest appreciation to these people who had made this event a meaningful and enjoyable one.

Sponsor: Cherie Hearts

Thank you for your generous and kind sponsors of the goodie bags and buffet. The elderly were really enjoying themselves. Thank you.

Sponsor: YP members

Thank you for your generous and kind sponsors of the biscuits and gifts for the games. The elderly liked it very much. Thank you.

Small little students from Cherie Hearts

Your performances had been great and entertaining and we hope to see more of you next time. Well done and thank you for your efforts.

Members from SUN@JAM

Without failed, you guys had been celebrating Christmas with the ah gong and ah ma for the past 3 to 4 years. Your lovely voices had touched our hearts. Thank you for your efforts and we hope to see you guys again. Winnie – Thank you for co-ordinating the performance.

Lilies and Suri

It is not easy to prepare hundreds over cookies for the ah gong and ah ma. Your generous contribution and efforts in preparing and making the christmas cookies had brighten the day of the elderly at Moral Home. Thank you.

Home administrator Winnie, Matron Leong and staff nurses of Moral Home

Thank you for supporting us on this event without fail. Your support on premises, logistics and manpower had made the event a smooth flowing ones.

Co-ordinators – Stuart and Gary

Thank you for co-ordinating the events. This Christmas Celebration had been wonderful and enjoyable… Sign on for life okay?? :)

Sponsors Co-ordinators – Mona and Damien

Thank you for co-ordinating sponsors. Without their generous sponsors, the ah gong ah ma will not be able to receive such a wonderful Christmas goodies and buffet.

Santa Claus and Santarina – Ah Yen and Stuart

The cross-dressing were simply entertaining and creative. Try again next year… haha… :)
Thank you.

Food and Beverage – Uncle Song, Ah Xian, Shu Hua and Ping Sing

Thank you for preparing and arranging the buffets, snacks and log cake for the elderly… It is marvelicious… The ah gong and ah ma enjoyed the food very much. Uncle Song, thank you for sponsoring the snacks for the performers and guests.

Decorations – Sharon and Rico

Your decorations had improved by leaps and bounds.. Very beautiful decorated randeers. Your decorations had created Christmaspheric atmostphere at the dining area.. Thank you.

Emcees – Kim Leng aka Jin Xiong and Rusty

Well done for the Emcees despite as first timers. Thank you for the hard work and I believeyou guys have no problem in continuing as Emcees for next event… haha…

Camera and Video crew – Uncle Loi and Poh Yan

Thank you for helping us to capture the memorable events and segments of the celebrations..

Games IC – Desmond

The brainchild of the guessing games from Desmond. Thank you for arranging and coming out with this wonderful games that will not require logistics and creating a mess at the dining area. Thank you…

Carole Gangs – Alex, Alex’s friend, Alexandra, Suzanna and others

Thank you for performing carols for thos ah gong ah ma who cannot join us for the main event.

Volunteers who were present – Uncle Sam, Wendy, Jasmine and others (apology if I miss you out but your presence is greatly appreciated)

Thank you for spending your time and effort in making this event a success one.

Important Announcements

1. Potluck

There will be a potluck and gift exchange at this coming Saturday, 29th December 2007. Volunteers are required to bring food and a gift of between $5 to $10. Email list will be circulating to see what food you guys are preparing… See ya!!!

2. Retreat

Details of retreat will be announce this coming Saturday as well. Email of the schedules and venues will be circulated through emails.

3. Christalite Methodist Home

There is this Buddhist group from Geylang will be bringing elderly from Christalite to Vivocity Giant for Chinese New Year shopping and they need experience volunteers to assist in the events. Most of the members do not have experiences such as handling of wheelchairs etc. You guys have done it before and they will like to request help from our volunteers. Details is as such:

Venue: Vivocity, Giant
Date: 20th January 2008 (Sunday)
Time: 12.30pm (at Christalite) to 5.30pm

Interested personnel, please feel free to email me. Thank you..

Ah Quan

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  • Moral Home Weekly Flash 081207

    Hi Angels,
    We had well received turn-up of volunteers last Saturday. Great to see Auntie Mona and Brandon to Moral Home and fyi, i think Brandon has exceeded me (In terms of height). We had Uncle Song, Uncle Sam and Eric taking turns playing card games with the elderly. Jojo, Shu Hua and me went to Toys ‘r’ us at Tampines Mall to shop for new games for the ah gong and ah ma. We bought one board game called the Paris Tower, 2 goal posts with an additional ball and a pump and a big rubber inflatable tube for the conducting of fishing games for the coming carnival.

    As Uncle Song and I went to fix the DVD player system, thus i was not able to tell you what had happened at the home. The things that I had witnessed were that Shu Hua, Damien and Jojo were fixing the goal posts. Subsequently Shu Hua and jojo tried out the new board games with the elderly. Sharon, Auntie Mona, Brandon, Rico, Uncle Song, Eric, Desmond, Mei Kuen, SK, Rusty, Gary, Jin Xiong, Ah Yong, Damien, Poh Yan, Brandon and Stuart were there helping out in one ay or another.. running errrands, conducting games activities, befriending as well as sing-a-long session. Hoepfully I did not miss anybody out.. :)


    1. ESN Inter Agency Carnival
    A reminder that the ESN Inter Agency Carnival will be held this coming Saturday, 15th December 2007 at Yishun Junior College. Angels are to report to Moral Home by 1pm with your yellow T-Shirts. We will have 8 elderly to follow us for this event and therefore we need volunteers especially strong guys to be available on that day to assist in mobilising the elderly.

    2. Christalite Home
    Rico, Sharon and Meng Huat are some of the regulars that are helping out at Christalite Home. For those who are interested, please kindly contact sharon or Uncle Meng Huat for more details. In fact some of the angels such as SK, Poh Yen, Christina and Uncle Song have been there. Those who intend to go this Saturday, please be at Marsiling MRT Station by 7am and there will be someone to pick you up.

    3. Christmas Celebration on 22nd December 2007
    There will be Christmas Celebration on 22nd December 2007 at Moral Home. Angels are reminded to be there by 2pm or 1400hrs in your red or green attire to assist in the decoration and gifts. Gary will be emailing you guys the details shortly.

    4. Volunteer Retreat on 13th January 2007 Sunday
    Our annual volunteer retreat will be held on the 13th January 2007, Sunday at Changi Chalet B (Aloha). We will be emailing you guys the program details by end of December.


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