Hello Angels,

Last saturday was pretty normal at the Moral Home. Board games by Poh Yan with Uncle John, Music entertainment by Yong, Cards game played alternately by Meng Huat, Song & SK, fishing by Yen, Mei Kuen, Alex, Rusty.

Aunty Jenny is back home after almost 2 weeks in CGH. Her right toe got injured and it’s black and painful. According to her, doc said not gangrened. As for Uncle Yiak Long, he’s recovering well but still wont be able to come downstair to play Timburr.  The rest of the ah kongs and ah mas are recovering well from the bout of flu.

Some Angels were up and about at day break helping at the Christalite Home. It was a real experience for us. This home is like a prison, with high grilled gate and barbwired. There is a 24 hrs resident security’s guarding the door. The residents must sign and get a pass before they can go out. Most of them have not been outside since they came in, especially those on wheelchair. Some even forgot how to take food from side dishes because they are so use to eating their meals  from one tray in front of them. Some forgotten how to talk and some got difficulty in swallowing, Mei Kuen & Rusty can come in handy. :) We were slow in making so many pots of freshly brewed coffee and the residents were eyeing us. It’s unnerving :)  So angels, interested to help or look see, look see, come forwards! :)  Some angels are going down this sat. Thanks pals.

Ping Sing wont be able to come down for the next few weeks coz she’s preparing for her fruit florist shop opening next month at Kovan, Simon Road.  Go,  peep at her website.  www.7degreec.com :)

Cheers, sharon.