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Moral Home Weekly Flash 241107

Hi hi angels,
Its me (Ah Quan) here to do the weekly flash… How have you guys being?? Missed me? haha.. :) I was at the home last Saturday.. Sad to see not many volunteers were around to welcome me back… sigh.. okay la.. jokes aside.. have a lot of very important announcement to announce… So must pay attention ho…

Well, as for last saturday, we have Uncle Song and Uncle Meng Huat to conduct the card games with the ah ma. 3 ah ma and 1 ah gong were there to play mahjong… In fact there were a few of new residents who know how to play mahjong… see whether we can involve them as well.. I think we need another set of mahjong table.

Mei Kuen, SK and I conducted the games activities… Quite fruitful as most elderly get to play at least 2 to 3 games. We had mineral water bottles games, fishing, bean bags throwing and ball throwing games. These games were then rotated among the elderly. Gary, Sharon and Rico went aroung the home running some errands for the elderly. Gary, Uncle Meng Huat and I then conducted the sing-a-long session….

Important Announcements

1. ESN Carnival
The ESN Carnival will be held on the 15th December 2007, Saturday from 2pm to 4.30pm.. However the elderly will be leaving from moral home at around 1.15pm and arrive back to moral home for dinner at around 5pm. We are targeting 10 to 15 elderly and around 20 to 25 volunteers… Some of the volunteers will be there early to set up stores… Please refer to Rusty’s email for more details.

2. Christalite Home Bus Ride along Orchard Road
Sharon and Rico are organizing a bus ride for the residents of Christalite Home to Orchard Road to see the Christmas lightings… The event will be on the 15th December 2007 as well at around 7pm at Christalite Methodist Home,#51, Marsiling Drive. I will leave it to Rico and Sharon to annouce the details… So we can encourage the volunteers to participate after the carnival… Even though we have 2 events on that day, however it will not be tiring as the last event is only a bus ride…

3. Christmas Celebration
Our annual Christmas Celebration will be held on the 22nd December 2007 at 2.30pm.. The volunteers are encouraged to be there at around 2pm to assist in the decoration… I will leave it to Gary and Stuart to announce the schedule and the roles.. There will be organizations to join us for this Christmas.

4. Potluck
We will have a potluck on the 29th December 2007 which is the last Saturday of Year 2007.. Details will be announced soon.

5. Ping Sing’s Shop
Ping Sing is inviting the angels for her shop opening. She opens her fruit florist shop this coming Saturday, 1st December 2007 at Kovan, Simon Road. Go, peep at her website.

6. Retreat
Retreat will be held on the 13th January 2007 at Changi Chalet… Details will be announced in a few weeks time.. So make yourselves free this time… The organizers have put in a lot a lot of effort in the programs and gifts…

7. Chinese New Year Shopping Outing
Mei Kuen and Uncle Song have volunteered to organize the coming year Chinese New Year Shopping Outing.. It wil be held on the 26th January 2008.

8. Sourcing New Games
I will be sourcing for new games this coming Saturday, 1st December 2007 at Tampines Mall. Interested personnel can meet me for lunch at 12 noon at Tampines Mall.. We then go shopping and source for games for the elderly.. Its time for a change…


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  • Moral Home Weekly Flash 101107

    Hello Angels,

    Last saturday was pretty normal at the Moral Home. Board games by Poh Yan with Uncle John, Music entertainment by Yong, Cards game played alternately by Meng Huat, Song & SK, fishing by Yen, Mei Kuen, Alex, Rusty.

    Aunty Jenny is back home after almost 2 weeks in CGH. Her right toe got injured and it’s black and painful. According to her, doc said not gangrened. As for Uncle Yiak Long, he’s recovering well but still wont be able to come downstair to play Timburr.  The rest of the ah kongs and ah mas are recovering well from the bout of flu.

    Some Angels were up and about at day break helping at the Christalite Home. It was a real experience for us. This home is like a prison, with high grilled gate and barbwired. There is a 24 hrs resident security’s guarding the door. The residents must sign and get a pass before they can go out. Most of them have not been outside since they came in, especially those on wheelchair. Some even forgot how to take food from side dishes because they are so use to eating their meals  from one tray in front of them. Some forgotten how to talk and some got difficulty in swallowing, Mei Kuen & Rusty can come in handy. :) We were slow in making so many pots of freshly brewed coffee and the residents were eyeing us. It’s unnerving :)  So angels, interested to help or look see, look see, come forwards! :)  Some angels are going down this sat. Thanks pals.

    Ping Sing wont be able to come down for the next few weeks coz she’s preparing for her fruit florist shop opening next month at Kovan, Simon Road.  Go,  peep at her website. :)

    Cheers, sharon.

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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 031107

    Hi Angels,

    9 Angels; Song, Sam, Yong, Poh Yen, SK, Meng Huat, Desmond, Mei Kuen & I, were down at the Home last Saturday. CDF’s Captain Stuart came down to make sure the room was properly locked up and angels were properly seated for dinner at Bangkok Jam :)

    We managed to do our usual activities of board games, cards, mahjong, fishing and highlight of the day, Singing. We have quite a few new ah kongs and ah mas, they were a bit shy. We’ll have to get them to join the fun. :) One of the new ah ma can play mahjong but too bad no more place for her.

    Last Saturday, we saw SK carrying marketing bag, to market, to market, to buy a…bagful of Instant Noodles and…for uncle Kok Kee. Ha, great job.

    Yiak Long is back Home. He’s still weak but well. But aunty jenny is still in CGH. Uncle Joo Keat still having sore throat and Uncle Kok Kee’s recovering well.

    Oh, some news from Tomoko, “Hi sorry 4 not having contacted so long. A bit lazy in logging pc lah…we are now in Brisbane and settling in a new place. Try to log in.”

    Next Saturday morning around 7.30-10.30am, 8 angels are going down to Christalite Methodist Home,#51, Marsiling Drive. Directions: – Woodlands MRT (meeting point)

    Information: -Christalite Methodist Home is a haven for about 170 socially disadvantaged referred by the MCYS. When destitutes and vagrants are brought into the Home, they suffer low esteem and have little confidence in themselves, as their families and society may have rejected them. To address this, the Home introduced a “Home Earning Scheme” whereby some able body residence are match to suitable tasks like laundry, gardening, cooking, etc…in the Home. Residents participating in this scheme earn some pocket money.

    They are seeking help from volunteers to bring cheers and flavors to the residents’ f & b.:) We’re going down to help serve breakfast and see what else we can offer in future.

    Angels, if you are interested to spread your loves to other home please step forwards.:) Exchange a little less sleep for some warm smiles and handshakes. :) Get in touch with me, if interested.


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