Hi Hi Angels,
It has been 2 weeks since you guys and gals received the weekly flash… Well, basically the committee members have decided to update it if necessary such as recapping of special events, major announcements and some funny jokes to share about… As and when we will up load interesting pictures or photgraphs if necessary… Eh… Kim Leng.. I think you have to teach us to upload the photographs lei….

As for last Saturday, it was particularly a quiet week… not just because of few volunteers turning up… it is just because our minister of culinary, Auntie Molly was not there last week.. haha… well was wondering whether it was a good thing or not… haha.. good, in the sense that we have good food to eat if nothing bad comes to the food.. bad, in the sense that we have to finish the leftover food if something bad happens to the food… haha… contridicting right…

We had a new visitor coming in last Saturday, it was Suzanna’s youngest sister… And she is just only Primary 5 currrently this year and sings well too… very cute… We had Poh Yan and Desmond to play chess with Uncle John… Uncle Song to conduct the card games which was subsequently taken over by Christina, Suzanna, Jerlene and their sister… We also had Uncle Sam, Mei Kuen, Christina and Ping Sing to conduct games activities with the elderly… They even had a mini musical passing parcel for the elderly so as to distribute the leftovers coffeemix… all elderly who turned up for the activities were awarded with at least one or two packs of coffeemix…

Uncle Song, Sharon and Rico went to run errands for the elderly… As Ah Yong went missing for no particular reason, it was Gary and Suzanna’s sister to lead the singing session…


1. Moral Angels Recruitment

A reminder that we have our annual recruitment drive at NVPC (National Volunteering Philanthrophy Center)

Here are the details:
Date: 25th October 2007 (Thursday)
Time: 7pm – 9pm
Venue: NVPC, #05-01, 7 Maxwell Road, Annex B, MND Complex. It is just above Amoy Street Food Center.

2. Outing to Orchard Cineleisure, Movie 881

A gentle reminder that we will be bringing the elderly out to Orchard Cineleisure on the 29th September 2007… Here is the schedule:

1030am to 11am -Volunteer reporting and registers

1120am -Briefing for the outing

1130am -12pm – Moving the elderly to the bus. We will set off at 12pm

12pm -1230pm – journey to the cinema

1230pm -1250pm- alighting and bring up the elderly to the cinema hall

1250 – 115pm -Snacks time

115pm – screening of the movie

315pm – movie finished and bring them back to the bus

345pm – we will be going back to Moral Home to have our buffet dinner.

430pm – Back to Moral home , and ready to have dinner.

Volunteers are advised to come down to the home this coming Saturday for a final briefing… There are still a few things need to be squared away… For your information, there will be 21 elderly and 2 nurses from Moral Home to go for this coming Saturday outing…

In addition, we have invited elderly from Kreta Ayer Chinatown to join us as well.. There will be 18 elderly and 2 volunteers from their side to join us… All of them are mobile… Christina and Fiona, please take note… we will discuss more in details this coming Saturday…

And Desmond will likely upgrade the hall to 76 seaters… Details will also be announced this coming Saturday…

Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society 52nd Anniversary Celebration

On the 25th September 2007, Chee Hoon Kog Moral Promotion Society will be celebrating their 52nd Anniversary.. we will be given one table of 10… Interested personnel, please kindly let me know by this coming Saturday… We will be given an appreciation plague as well.. However, it will be a vegetarian dinner…. Time from 7.30pm…