Yo yo angels,
Here are the excerpt of what has happened on 250807… Well, we had seemed improvement in the turnout of volunteers last Saturday.. Basically we also ‘Zulu Bravo’ (Zuo Bo aka do nothing) as we had guests from Lion Befrienders as well as friends of Auntie Molly to come and visit the ah gong and ah ma. So basically they entertained the elderly through singing from 3pm all the way till their dinner time… haha… :)

Some of the volunteers however, still went around conducting some activities for the elderly… We had Auntie Molle and Chen Peng auntie to play mahjong with the ah ma… Eric and his daughter, Uncle Song, Hui Xian and Shu Hua taking turns conducting card games with the elderly… Great to see Shu Hua coming back to the home to help out and blend in well with the fellow volunteers… Ah yong, must watned you not to bully the newbie… haha… :) Ping Sing, Christina and Mei Kuen played board games with the elderly…. Desmond played chess with Uncle John.. By the way, does anyone knows how to play international chess… I came across an elderly who knows how to play international chess…. Fiona, Rico, Sharon, Ah Yong and Gary went around doing befriending with the elderly…

By the way, Auntie Molly also cooked a lot of things for us and the elderly to eat… However, as most volunteers were quite ‘full’ at that time, the whole pot of noddles in the end ended up with the nurses… haha.. :)


1. Recruitment

A reminder that we have a recruitment drive at NVPC on October… Date and time will be confirmed… The slot has been booked… so volunteers in charge of recruitment… do take note.. will update you next week…

2. Mid Autumn Festival cum outing

I believe you guys have received some warnings from the coordinator Desmond on the upcoming activity… Get ready for arrows… whahaha.. :) The event will be postponed to 29th September instead of 22nd September as the elderly will be going to Chinese Garden on that day by some organization…

By the way on 13th October, volunteers from Lion Befriender will be coming to the home to do some activities and performance for the elderly. Some of us are required to help out as and when required….

3. Chen Peng Auntie 81st Brithday Celebration

Our dear Chen Peng Auntie will be holding her 81st brithday celebration on the 9th September 2007 (Sunday), 1 pm, at Orchid Country Club, Grand Ballroom. Please let me know whether you guys are going or not bu this coming Saturday…. Please kindly reply… hehe…

4. Special Annoucement

Well, there is this very good news happened in Moral Angels and I really thought it will be great to share this happy and joyous news to all of you… hope you guys (Stuart and Doris) don’t mind… okay… The good news is… Doris is pregnant!!!… Therefore Doris and Stuart will not be able to come down as often as they could… On behalf of all moral angels, I will like to congratulate to Doris and Stuart… Doris, jia you jia you… we will support you all the way… Moral angels will be even more lively with Little Stuart or/and Little Doris around.. :)