Hi Angels,

Yesterday was rather uneventful; we can’t do much with only a few angels around. This seems to be the problem with moral angels…absents after every celebration. :> Too tired and needed to recharge, I guess. :>

Aunty Molly brought cook food for the residents dinner and she also started the gambling, while Song and Meng Huat went round doing befriending.
Uncle Lee Kok Kee and Uncle Lim Joo Kiat were already deep in thought playing Chinese Chess. Uncle John was sitting around with nobody to play checker with.
Finally, we got 4 residents playing Mahjong; they were Aunties Fong Yong, Kim Heok, Siew Yin and a new resident Mdm Woon.
Only a few elderly were down playing balls and fishing; Ken Goh, Rusty and Yi Ching were there helping. Yong and Gary were the singers as usual.

Rusty, thank you very much for bringing Yi Ching down. I was really happy to see her.:) Yi Ching, are you surprised to see Rico? Well, she WAS! :> Hope you make it regular down to the home.

Bad news! Ah ma Hoo Loo past away on Saturday morning.
“Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” …Norman

Have a roaring day!