Hi Hi Angels,
Sorry for the delay once again… have being quite busy recently with work and studies… school starts liao… sigh….

Last Saturday, we had our activities at the dining area as the main activity area was used for repairing the wheelchairs… Well, basically most of the volunteers were involved in board games… Well, Uncle Song, Uncle Sam, Christina and Auntie Molly rountinely played the card games with the ah mas… Eric and Gary were playing chess with Uncle John… I was then playing chinese chess with the ah gong… and oh my god, these ah gongs were simply fantastic when comes to playing chinese chess… was kena trash by them like nobody business… Rico was playing mahjong the ah mas, Sharon, Ah Yong, Josephine, Stuart, Ping Sing and Eric were going around doing befriending with the elderly as well as trying out new board games… No singing last Saturday..

And next, our newly notice board outside the volunteer’s room was finally up… All thanks to Doris and Stuart who had been spending sleepless nights in creating these two wonderful masterpieces… They also allocated a slot for our weekly flash as well… well thought of… Angels can feel free to appreciate the work done by the couple…


1. National Day Celebration on 11th August 2007

A reminder that our annual National Day Celebration at Moral Home will be conducted on 11th August 2007 at 2pm…. Ping Sing will update you very soon… as we do not have auction and Ge Tai for NDP celebration.. we will be coming out with another exciting program and this is Moral Angel Idol Competition… :) yeah…. haha

The male contestants are:
M1 – Ah Yong
M2 – Gary
M3 – Stuart
M4 – Uncle Loi
M5 – Uncle Song
M6 – Jin Xiong

The female contestants are:
A1 – Xiao Xuan
A2 – Jojo
A3 – Christina
A4 – Sharon

There will be 3 commentators making comments after every performance… There will be one male and one female contestants to be crowned Moral Angels Idol 2007 (Male Category & Female Category)… The winners will be chosen through voting system by the commentators, volunteers as well as our elderly… More details will be announced this coming Saturday, including the names of the commentators… haha.. :) ..

Contestants are reminded to send me your details of your contesting songs by this coming saturday.. and you are required to prepare your own vcd or dvd.. hehe…

So contestants, make sure you guys are fully prepared…haha… Now I hereby rally all moral angels to be down for this National Day Celebration and lend your tremendous support to your idols.. Alexandra, I have seen your comments… the angels missed you guys too… try to come down if your guys (Edmund, Tweety, Julene and Suzanne) can… we lack of ‘young’ atmosphere… haha…

2. Durian Party at Doris’s & Stuart’s House

Angels, you guys are invited for the durian party at Doris’s and Stuart’s House after Saturday activity… We will be having a mini potluck as well….

Uncle Song – 40kg of Durian
Sharon – Brown Rice Bee Hoon
Hui Quan – Curry Chicken
Gary – ‘Shuan Pan Zi’
Rico – Yam Cake

See you

Ah Quan