Hi Hi Angels,
Once again its me who will be reporting last week activity… Times have passed… I have been reporting the weekly flashes for almost 2 years, together with Sharon and Stuart… So angels, who do you want to do the reporting on the coming year 2008?? haha… :)

Last Saturday, Uncle Meng Huat, Auntie Molly and Christina taking turns to conduct the card games for the elderly… Auntie Molly and Jin Xiong were conducting the mahjong session with the ah ma… As for the rest for us, Ping Sing, Christina, Alex, Ping Sing, Gary and Fiona were conducting the games with the elderly. They had fishing and throwing of ball games last Saturday… Uncle Song, Auntie Fiona and Sharon were running errands and doing befriending with the elderly… Eric was playing chess with Uncle John. He was subsequently take over by Uncle Loi which we have not seen him for quite some times… Missed his singing… expected him to take over the mics but he was busy playing chess with Uncle John… Alex, Gary and Uncle Meng Huat conducted the sing-a-long session for the elderly… Ah Yong and Sk were there as well…

After the activity, the angels proceeded to Stuart and Doris house for Durian Party… Got to see Auntie Mona, Jasmine and Brandon… Oh my god… Jasmine and Brandon were growing taller and taller… and they are still currently in puberty age… hey ppl.. hurry up and teach me the ways of growing taller before my puberty period go expired… Auntie Mona and Uncle Loi, what do you do to your son.. haha… :)

A great appreciation to those people who have made the durian party a success…:

Doris and Stuart – for lending their house for us to mess around… preparing cocktail and drinks… and our durian uncle, Stuart who was the one ‘dismantling’ the durians..

Uncle Song – Your 40kg durians were simply irresistible… but a bit too much… my stomach already bloated… don;t know have to do how many sit-ups… haha..

Gary – Thank you and your mum for your Shuan Pan Zi… Simply delicious… big and filling… unlike outside one… small and pathetic..

Ah Quan’s Mum – For the curry chicken..

Sharon – Thank you for the brown rice fried bee hoon… Simply marvellous… she cooked herself lei…

Ping Sing – Your mince meat cake… Unique and marvelicious… Thanks

Ah Yong and his otah stall – Thank you for your otah… spicy and good..

Uncle Loi and Auntie Mona – Your roast chicken was good and tender… where did you buy?? must introduce..

Christina – Your desert was creative and beautiful… didn’t get the chance to eat.. thanks to Uncle Song’s durian… haha.. should bring out earlier…

To all those who I missed out and have made contribution to the durian party… Thank you… Aiyo.. should have taken pictures and put into the website…


1. National Day Parade Celebration

A gentle reminder of our NDP celebration at Moral Home this coming saturday at 11th August 2007… Please be there by 2pm…

I believe you guys have received an email by our chief judge or commentator, Rico on the criterias… haha… LAUGHTER, JOY, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT for the ELDERLYS and volunteers and you will be crowned Idol of Moral Angel..

Here are our four main judges: Ping Sing, Rico, Uncle James and Uncle Sam…

As for the contestants, there will be a slight change as one of our contestants M2 Gary opted out of the competition due to his busy schedules at Bangkok… :)

So here are the new list of contestants:

The male contestants are:
M1 – Ah Yong
M2 – Stuart
M3 – Uncle Loi
M4 – Uncle Song
M5 – Jin Xiong

The female contestants are:
A1 – Xiao Xuan
A2 – Jojo
A3 – Christina
A4 – Sharon

Lastly, request all contestant to send me your song list asap… need to do a short powerpoint presentation on you guys… You can send me your most photogenic portraits of yours or else i will just cut and paste from whatever photographs I have on hand… :)

See you