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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 250807

Yo yo angels,
Here are the excerpt of what has happened on 250807… Well, we had seemed improvement in the turnout of volunteers last Saturday.. Basically we also ‘Zulu Bravo’ (Zuo Bo aka do nothing) as we had guests from Lion Befrienders as well as friends of Auntie Molly to come and visit the ah gong and ah ma. So basically they entertained the elderly through singing from 3pm all the way till their dinner time… haha… :)

Some of the volunteers however, still went around conducting some activities for the elderly… We had Auntie Molle and Chen Peng auntie to play mahjong with the ah ma… Eric and his daughter, Uncle Song, Hui Xian and Shu Hua taking turns conducting card games with the elderly… Great to see Shu Hua coming back to the home to help out and blend in well with the fellow volunteers… Ah yong, must watned you not to bully the newbie… haha… :) Ping Sing, Christina and Mei Kuen played board games with the elderly…. Desmond played chess with Uncle John.. By the way, does anyone knows how to play international chess… I came across an elderly who knows how to play international chess…. Fiona, Rico, Sharon, Ah Yong and Gary went around doing befriending with the elderly…

By the way, Auntie Molly also cooked a lot of things for us and the elderly to eat… However, as most volunteers were quite ‘full’ at that time, the whole pot of noddles in the end ended up with the nurses… haha.. :)


1. Recruitment

A reminder that we have a recruitment drive at NVPC on October… Date and time will be confirmed… The slot has been booked… so volunteers in charge of recruitment… do take note.. will update you next week…

2. Mid Autumn Festival cum outing

I believe you guys have received some warnings from the coordinator Desmond on the upcoming activity… Get ready for arrows… whahaha.. :) The event will be postponed to 29th September instead of 22nd September as the elderly will be going to Chinese Garden on that day by some organization…

By the way on 13th October, volunteers from Lion Befriender will be coming to the home to do some activities and performance for the elderly. Some of us are required to help out as and when required….

3. Chen Peng Auntie 81st Brithday Celebration

Our dear Chen Peng Auntie will be holding her 81st brithday celebration on the 9th September 2007 (Sunday), 1 pm, at Orchid Country Club, Grand Ballroom. Please let me know whether you guys are going or not bu this coming Saturday…. Please kindly reply… hehe…

4. Special Annoucement

Well, there is this very good news happened in Moral Angels and I really thought it will be great to share this happy and joyous news to all of you… hope you guys (Stuart and Doris) don’t mind… okay… The good news is… Doris is pregnant!!!… Therefore Doris and Stuart will not be able to come down as often as they could… On behalf of all moral angels, I will like to congratulate to Doris and Stuart… Doris, jia you jia you… we will support you all the way… Moral angels will be even more lively with Little Stuart or/and Little Doris around.. :)


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 180807

    Hi Angels,

    Yesterday was rather uneventful; we can’t do much with only a few angels around. This seems to be the problem with moral angels…absents after every celebration. :> Too tired and needed to recharge, I guess. :>

    Aunty Molly brought cook food for the residents dinner and she also started the gambling, while Song and Meng Huat went round doing befriending.
    Uncle Lee Kok Kee and Uncle Lim Joo Kiat were already deep in thought playing Chinese Chess. Uncle John was sitting around with nobody to play checker with.
    Finally, we got 4 residents playing Mahjong; they were Aunties Fong Yong, Kim Heok, Siew Yin and a new resident Mdm Woon.
    Only a few elderly were down playing balls and fishing; Ken Goh, Rusty and Yi Ching were there helping. Yong and Gary were the singers as usual.

    Rusty, thank you very much for bringing Yi Ching down. I was really happy to see her.:) Yi Ching, are you surprised to see Rico? Well, she WAS! :> Hope you make it regular down to the home.

    Bad news! Ah ma Hoo Loo past away on Saturday morning.
    “Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live.” …Norman

    Have a roaring day!

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  • Hi Hi Angels,
    I believe this is what you guys are waiting for… the moral angels’ weekly flash NDP special… So now let me start off with a glimpse on what happened last Saturday…

    The angels started off with the cutting of the Singapore birthday cake… followed by the singing of national day songs led by Uncle Loi, Xiao Xuan, Ah Yong, Stuart, Christina and Ping Sing. After the singing of national day songs, it was our Moral Angels’ Idol Competition, which was the highlight of the whole event.

    It was the man’s category that led the Moral Angels’ Idol Competition with Ah Yong got the ball rolling as the first male contestant… And because of his singing, it resulted in one of the elderly getting frustrated and move away… haha… :)

    Stuart, Uncle Loi, Uncle Song and Jin Xiong also never fail to arouse the interest of the audience, singing their guts out bringing their best performance for the audience and the judges. All of their performance were then commented by our four nasty judges whom they were Uncle Sam, Uncle James, Rico and Ping Sing…

    We also had our 4D game conducted by Stuart and Jin Xiong… It was a new and innovative game where the elderly can choose 4 numbers on the 4D draw lots. The numbers were then selected using a digital stop watch.

    The Moral Angels’ Idol Competition for female contestants kicked in right after the 4D game. It was our 3 female contestants, Xiao Xuan, Christina and Sharon eyeing for the crown. We can see a lot of hidden talents in these contestants, surprises us in every performances… Hey guys, next time don’t hide away during normal singing activities…

    It was another game…oops, i think it was art work for elderly conducted by Xiao Xuan.. The elderly were given a shape of the flag and they were asked to decorate the flag using the available materials given to them… You guys can never imagine the creativity and the talent that the elderly had… Most of them can decorate or even did some chinese caragraphy on the artwork…

    The elderly and the volunteers were then treated with a sumptuous meal proudly sponsored by Uncle Song right after the event…

    Oh ya, almost forget our newly crown Moral Angels’ Idol Competition are Uncle Loi for the male category and Christina for the female category.. It will be great if their pictures are uploaded… the crown and the angels’ wing are simply cute and creative… thanks to Rico…. :)

    Appreciation Honours

    Ping Sing, Ah Xian and Xiao Xuan – for organizing the National Day Celebration… It was a very successful event.. thank you for the effort and time..

    Uncle Song – for preparing the buffets.. simply wonderful and marvelicious… Thank you…

    Auntie Molly – spending her whole morning cooking extra food such as curry and ‘Kong Ba Bao’ for the elderly and the volunteers… Thank you…

    Sharon – Thank you for preparing and wrapping the presents…

    Xiao Xuan, Stuart and Jin Xiong – Thank you for preparing the 4D game and the art work…

    Auntie Mona – Thank you for the decoration… simple yet very nice..

    Poh Yan – Thank you for taking the precious moments.. waiting to see the pictures taken…

    Desmond – Thank you for videoing all the happy and funny moments happened in the events..

    Alex – Last minute kena arrow to control the AV system… Thank you…

    And all the contestants (Stuart, Uncle Loi, Uncle Song, Jin Xiong, Ah Yong, Christina, Sharon and Xiao Xuan) – Thank you for all your splendid performances… very impressive… keep it up… haha… have standard…

    The judges (Uncle Sam, Uncle James, Ping Sing, Rico) – Thank you for making all the funny comments…

    Rico – your cute creative crown and the angels’ wings are simply splendid and fits well for the idols… :)

    lastly all the volunteers who were present and helped out in one way or another – Chen Peng, Eric and his daughter, Auntie Jane, Auntie Molly and her friends, Alexandra and our new contracted volunteer Shu Hua and the rest whom I have missed… Thank you so much…

    Some thoughts..
    It is very heartwarming to see Uncle Loi, Auntie Mona, Alexandra, Xiao Xuan and Auntie Chen Peng… We have not seemed them for quite sometimes due to their commitments.. So glad to see them present… I am also happy to see Eric bringing his daughter to experience volunteering service, setting a very good example or role model for her daughter to follow… As for the rest of the angels.. do keep us updated on how you guys doing… Once an angel, always an angels…


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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 040807

    Hi Hi Angels,
    Once again its me who will be reporting last week activity… Times have passed… I have been reporting the weekly flashes for almost 2 years, together with Sharon and Stuart… So angels, who do you want to do the reporting on the coming year 2008?? haha… :)

    Last Saturday, Uncle Meng Huat, Auntie Molly and Christina taking turns to conduct the card games for the elderly… Auntie Molly and Jin Xiong were conducting the mahjong session with the ah ma… As for the rest for us, Ping Sing, Christina, Alex, Ping Sing, Gary and Fiona were conducting the games with the elderly. They had fishing and throwing of ball games last Saturday… Uncle Song, Auntie Fiona and Sharon were running errands and doing befriending with the elderly… Eric was playing chess with Uncle John. He was subsequently take over by Uncle Loi which we have not seen him for quite some times… Missed his singing… expected him to take over the mics but he was busy playing chess with Uncle John… Alex, Gary and Uncle Meng Huat conducted the sing-a-long session for the elderly… Ah Yong and Sk were there as well…

    After the activity, the angels proceeded to Stuart and Doris house for Durian Party… Got to see Auntie Mona, Jasmine and Brandon… Oh my god… Jasmine and Brandon were growing taller and taller… and they are still currently in puberty age… hey ppl.. hurry up and teach me the ways of growing taller before my puberty period go expired… Auntie Mona and Uncle Loi, what do you do to your son.. haha… :)

    A great appreciation to those people who have made the durian party a success…:

    Doris and Stuart – for lending their house for us to mess around… preparing cocktail and drinks… and our durian uncle, Stuart who was the one ‘dismantling’ the durians..

    Uncle Song – Your 40kg durians were simply irresistible… but a bit too much… my stomach already bloated… don;t know have to do how many sit-ups… haha..

    Gary – Thank you and your mum for your Shuan Pan Zi… Simply delicious… big and filling… unlike outside one… small and pathetic..

    Ah Quan’s Mum – For the curry chicken..

    Sharon – Thank you for the brown rice fried bee hoon… Simply marvellous… she cooked herself lei…

    Ping Sing – Your mince meat cake… Unique and marvelicious… Thanks

    Ah Yong and his otah stall – Thank you for your otah… spicy and good..

    Uncle Loi and Auntie Mona – Your roast chicken was good and tender… where did you buy?? must introduce..

    Christina – Your desert was creative and beautiful… didn’t get the chance to eat.. thanks to Uncle Song’s durian… haha.. should bring out earlier…

    To all those who I missed out and have made contribution to the durian party… Thank you… Aiyo.. should have taken pictures and put into the website…


    1. National Day Parade Celebration

    A gentle reminder of our NDP celebration at Moral Home this coming saturday at 11th August 2007… Please be there by 2pm…

    I believe you guys have received an email by our chief judge or commentator, Rico on the criterias… haha… LAUGHTER, JOY, FUN, ENTERTAINMENT for the ELDERLYS and volunteers and you will be crowned Idol of Moral Angel..

    Here are our four main judges: Ping Sing, Rico, Uncle James and Uncle Sam…

    As for the contestants, there will be a slight change as one of our contestants M2 Gary opted out of the competition due to his busy schedules at Bangkok… :)

    So here are the new list of contestants:

    The male contestants are:
    M1 – Ah Yong
    M2 – Stuart
    M3 – Uncle Loi
    M4 – Uncle Song
    M5 – Jin Xiong

    The female contestants are:
    A1 – Xiao Xuan
    A2 – Jojo
    A3 – Christina
    A4 – Sharon

    Lastly, request all contestant to send me your song list asap… need to do a short powerpoint presentation on you guys… You can send me your most photogenic portraits of yours or else i will just cut and paste from whatever photographs I have on hand… :)

    See you


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  • Moral Angels’ Weekly Flash 280707

    Hi Hi Angels,
    Sorry for the delay once again… have being quite busy recently with work and studies… school starts liao… sigh….

    Last Saturday, we had our activities at the dining area as the main activity area was used for repairing the wheelchairs… Well, basically most of the volunteers were involved in board games… Well, Uncle Song, Uncle Sam, Christina and Auntie Molly rountinely played the card games with the ah mas… Eric and Gary were playing chess with Uncle John… I was then playing chinese chess with the ah gong… and oh my god, these ah gongs were simply fantastic when comes to playing chinese chess… was kena trash by them like nobody business… Rico was playing mahjong the ah mas, Sharon, Ah Yong, Josephine, Stuart, Ping Sing and Eric were going around doing befriending with the elderly as well as trying out new board games… No singing last Saturday..

    And next, our newly notice board outside the volunteer’s room was finally up… All thanks to Doris and Stuart who had been spending sleepless nights in creating these two wonderful masterpieces… They also allocated a slot for our weekly flash as well… well thought of… Angels can feel free to appreciate the work done by the couple…


    1. National Day Celebration on 11th August 2007

    A reminder that our annual National Day Celebration at Moral Home will be conducted on 11th August 2007 at 2pm…. Ping Sing will update you very soon… as we do not have auction and Ge Tai for NDP celebration.. we will be coming out with another exciting program and this is Moral Angel Idol Competition… :) yeah…. haha

    The male contestants are:
    M1 – Ah Yong
    M2 – Gary
    M3 – Stuart
    M4 – Uncle Loi
    M5 – Uncle Song
    M6 – Jin Xiong

    The female contestants are:
    A1 – Xiao Xuan
    A2 – Jojo
    A3 – Christina
    A4 – Sharon

    There will be 3 commentators making comments after every performance… There will be one male and one female contestants to be crowned Moral Angels Idol 2007 (Male Category & Female Category)… The winners will be chosen through voting system by the commentators, volunteers as well as our elderly… More details will be announced this coming Saturday, including the names of the commentators… haha.. :) ..

    Contestants are reminded to send me your details of your contesting songs by this coming saturday.. and you are required to prepare your own vcd or dvd.. hehe…

    So contestants, make sure you guys are fully prepared…haha… Now I hereby rally all moral angels to be down for this National Day Celebration and lend your tremendous support to your idols.. Alexandra, I have seen your comments… the angels missed you guys too… try to come down if your guys (Edmund, Tweety, Julene and Suzanne) can… we lack of ‘young’ atmosphere… haha…

    2. Durian Party at Doris’s & Stuart’s House

    Angels, you guys are invited for the durian party at Doris’s and Stuart’s House after Saturday activity… We will be having a mini potluck as well….

    Uncle Song – 40kg of Durian
    Sharon – Brown Rice Bee Hoon
    Hui Quan – Curry Chicken
    Gary – ‘Shuan Pan Zi’
    Rico – Yam Cake

    See you

    Ah Quan

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