Hi yo angels,
Thanks Sharon for her updates last week… now is my turn to bring you the moral angels” weekly flash 210707…

Rusty came very early last saturday, around 2pm. I believe she wanted to do a short discussion and rehearsal on the songs to be played for the Moral Angels” 10 years anniversary.. However, Alex and I came pretty late… haha.. :)

We had Uncle Meng Huat, Uncle Song and Auntie Molly to conduct the card games for the elderly… Rusty, Christina, Ah Xian, Ping Sing, Gary and Alex to conduct activities for the elderly.. The elderly had throwing bean bags and balls throwing last week… Well, i think it is time to brainstorm more games… haha.. :)

We also had a new guest last week, invited by our dear Alex… (oops a cute little young girl who will be taking her “O” level this year). She knows Alex through ice-skating and she even had volunteering experiences with other home as well…. She and Eric played mahjong with the ah mas…

Rusty and Jin Xiong challenged chess game with Uncle John… Well, according to my intel… both of them are not his match… hehe…

Eric, Fiona, Sharon and Rico as usual went around the home running errands and befriend with the elderly… As for the sing-a-long session, it was Alex, Ah Yong and Gary that took the stage… They brought out lovely oldies, hokkien and pop songs to the elderly…

Exclusive News: Special Intel latest from angels…. Ah Yong had started to shift his target… so jojo is safe (currently)… According to my special intel, this particular girl is the first time joining the angels for dinner after the activities… and after the whole dinner, she apparently ran home out of fear… For those who want to know the mysterious girl that I am talking about… stay tune for this coming saturday activity… To this mysterious girl – the angels will protect you.. no worries.. :)


1. IRIR (Inter Racial INter Religious Harmony Nite 2007)

The IRIR will be held at the Singapore Expo Hall 1 from 7:30pm onwards… We are allocated to one table for this event… I will be going so i need another 9 more volunteers… Please kindly let me know if you are interested… Thank you… FYI – vegetarian dinner…

2. National Day

The National Day Celebration will be conducted on the 11th August.. I believe Ping Sing will announce the program very soon.. I am currently acting as agents incharge of the singing program… Under my care, I have Gary, Ah Yong and Jin Xiong agreed to perform for the National Day Celebration.. Currently I am still approaching Uncle Loi, Uncle Song and a few others… We are still negotiating the fees and the contract… haha.. hopefully can entice them to perform for the National Day… Don”t worry, everything is under control… :)

That”s all folks!!!

See you guys on Saturday!!!