Hello Angels,

Sorry for the delay, thought of Saving Gaia, don’t intend to write flash or on computer :) but…sigh…

Last saturday, 3 bankers were there to play poker. Song started it and later went off to do shopping for elderly. Molly took over, followed by Eric. Ah Ma Lim Geok Goo came down to join the gambling table after a long period of absent.
Poh Yan, Meng Huat and Ping Sing were in control of the Mahjong Session with 2 elderly. Rusty was playing Checkers with Uncle John. Heard that she was cheating Uncle John :) How? Ask Rico.:) After loosing two games to Uncle John, she gladly let Poh Yan take over and she happily went to play Zingga with Yi Long, who couldn’t come down for his activity for quite some time. By this time Rico came in, started her chong! chong! chong! up & down, up & down. :) befriending lah.

Jinxiong, Eric, Gary and Christina were conducting the fishing games and bean bags games. Our dear Gary was not feeling very well, hence the singing session was handed over to JinXiong who mesmerized the elderly with his Jacky Cheung’s song or should I said mesmerized the volunteers. :)

Thanks Rusty and Christina for helping to update me on all these activities as half of my time was in the office doing an interview with Grace, Meng Huat and Aunty Molly.

Moral Angels 10 yr Anniversary’s rough programme is already out and the committee members too. I’ll let Rico updated you people this sat.