Hi Hi Angels,
Well, it was a big accomplishment last Saturday as we managed to clear the rubbish in the volunteers’ room. All things were rearranged and reorganized…

Last Saturday, quite a few volunteers turned up as early as 2pm…. Alex, Fiona, Winnie, Rusty, Meng Huat and Uncle Song, were there at around 2pm to bring a group of 9 elderly to a Cafe at Esplanade… The whole event was sponsored by an ex-Moral Angels, Hui Qing, who organized it to pay tribute to her father… I also heard that Moral Home has a hidden talent, who is the cook of Moral Home.. According to the volunteers who went for the outing, the cook knows how to sing and play piano at the same time… wow.. impressive.. must recruit him.. haha… Sharon, perhaps you can approach him to perform for our 10 year anniversary…

It was a movie screening last Saturday as most angels were busy clearing the room… The elderly watched “Follow the Law”, starring by Fann Wong and Gurmit Sing… It was a local production… SK and Poh Yan played Mahjong with the elderly… Eric and Sharon went around befriending the elderly… Ping Sing, Uncle Sam, Christina, Gary, Ah Yong, Ken Goh, Desmond and Doris helped to clean and disinfect all the games except the mahjong tiles… Jin Xiong helped to rearrange and reorganize the things at the drawer as well as repaired most of the fishing rods… Sharon helped to transfer and reorganize all the discs into the CD wallet.. This is what we want to do for a long time… and at last it was done… Did I miss out anybody? hopefully not… :)

Well, we only left reorganizing the photographs and disinfect the mahjong tiles next week…


1. Snacks on coming week, 070707 …. Auntie Molly will be sponsoring snacks for this coming Saturday.. I heard it will be Chee Cheong Fan.. So angels do come down to assist in distributing and feeding..

2. ESN’s Vivocity outing for Home Econ Elderly on 22nd July … There will be a briefing on the 14th July 2007 at 1000hrs to 1200hrs at Home Econ at Bukit Timah… There will be a briefing and orientation around the home as well as the elderly… Helpers are encouraged to go to the briefing… Will brief more on this coming Saturday… So far we have the following volunteers helping out:

Jin Xiong, SK, Wendy and Hui Quan (Committee)
Uncle Song and Desmond (Wheelchair Logistic)
Sharon, Fiona, Huai Yuan, Jojo, Gary, Ah Yong, Christina and 2 of Wendy’s friends.
Poh Yan and Rico (Pending)

Interested Angels, please reply either through this website or email me or call me by this coming Friday, 2349hrs… Thank you…

3. Moral Home 10 years Volunteers Anniversary Event … Sharon will come out with the date and the committee members for Moral Home 10 years Volunteers Anniversary Event…

4. ESN End of Year Mini Carnival on 15th December 2007, Saturday from 2pm to 4.30pm at Yishun Junoir College

Rusty… you are reminded to send in the documents which I had passed it to you last Saturday to SK by 14th July 2007… Feel free to approach me if you have any problem…

5. National Day Celebration on 11th August 2007

Ah Xian, Ping Sing and Xiao Xuan – just to inform you that you guys are planning for the upcoming National Day Celebration… Do start brainstorm on what you have in mind…

6. Poh Yan is BALD on Sunday 1st July 2007

Rico, Sharon, Desmond and Hui Quan went to Novena Square to lend our support to Poh Yan who went to get himself bald for the Hair for Hope for Children Cancer Foundation… His courage is simply well respected by all of us… We also witnessed the women with long hair going bald within a few minutes… Wondering where did they get the courage from…

Well, Rico suggests that all angels are encouraged to participate in this event and it will definitely be a big hit with the media… Caption: Volunteers from an old folks home going bald for charity… haha… Here are the pictures: