Hi hi angels,
Your long awaited weekly flash is here… sorry for the delay… In fact nothing much to say as nothing special happening last Saturday except Xiao Xuan started making noises in the email… haha.. :)

We have games last Saturday… We played throwing of soft balls, bean bags, passing of ping pong balls using the laddle and some were playing the sticky pad and the balls… Uncle Sam, Uncle Song, Eric, Rusty, Jojo, Doris and Ken Goh were there to assist in the games.. Auntie Molly as usual was the ‘bookie’ for the card games… There wasn’t any mahjong as there weren’t any ‘khakis’ around… Rico and Sharon, our so called “golden sisters” were as usual went around running errands and doing befriending with the elderly. Our cleanly shaved Poh Yan was having chess with the ah gongs…

Stuart, Ah Yong, Doris and Jojo were there to conduct the singing… Uncle Loi, where are you?? long time never come… miss your singing lei… we have also one very spontaneous elderly started dancing upon hearing the songs… I kept forgetting her name…. jia lat.. old already… Sharon your 10 year volunteer anniversary have elderly volunteer to perform already..


1. Volunteers Database

Jin Xiong has found and installed an online database system to keep all volunteers records… We will likely to migrate all data to this online system… No worries.. the database will be protected by password and userID and only the VLs and AVLs will have accessed to it… And the password will be changed every half yearly…

In addition all NRIC will be stated as SXXXX123A… and as for the birth date will be stated as 01/01/XXXX… however contact details such as contact numbers and emails are encouraged to be put up… Addresses are not coompulsory… Any strong objection, please voiced out…

2. ESN outing to Vivocity Giant

The briefing for this coming Saturday is cancelled… However, all volunteers who volunteered to help out in the outing are encouraged to arrive at the home before 12.15pm… You are advised to have your lunch before coming.

Here is the attached program. Please kindly refered to it for more infomation…

Econ Healthcare Nursing Home Shopping Outing to Vivocity Giant


Winnie, our home adminstrator required help for the upcoming IRIR held on the Singapore Expo on the 28th and 29th of July 2007… Same as last year, we will be doing usherers… And entitled to free vegetarian dinner… Interested personnel, please let me know… thank you… need as many volunteers as we can provide… :)