Hi Hi Angels,
It has been quite sometimes since I wrote the flash. The flash will be pretty short as I arrived at the home at around 4.30pm last Saturday….hehe… :)

The moment I reached the home, I saw Ah Yong and Gary singing to the elderly, Christina and Ping Sing were playing cards with the elderly…. SK and Rico were playing mahjong with the ah mas… Sharon, Uncle Song, Jin Xiong, Desmond, Ken Goh, JoJo and Mei Kuen were befriending with the elderly… I think that is about all… Hopefully I did not miss anybody….

Just to let you guys know that our Ah Yong was on form last Saturday. He chaired the meeting, going through the programs for the upcoming dumpling festivals and starting to shoot arrows like nobody business…. For those who were not presence during last week meeting.. be careful… you might get a shock of your duties for the dumpling festivals… Especially Rusty and Jin Xiong… I think they already know what their duties are… haha… :)

The upcoming dumpling festival will be held on the 16th June 2007 at Moral Home… There will be exciting program lining up… we have opera show, Alexandra and friends performing Chinese Orchestra, games and brand new MCs…. Stay Tune…

Oh ya, Alexandra needs 3 music stands for the performance… Uncle Song, is it possible to bring yours? I have one and the home have one…

Ah Quan