Dear Angels,

Thanks to VL for helping the decoration team to put up the deco. This year Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration was a low key, but interesting and entertaining celebration.

We started the celebration with the distribution of dumplings, proudly & solely “bao” by our beloved Bak Chang “Rapper”; Madam Molly Yap :)  Next came the Opera Performance Group, invited by our one and only MH opera singer Chang Peng Jie, to sing and banter with the elderly for about an hour. Though they sang only the Cantonese Opera Songs, I”m sure the Ah Kongs and Ah Mas enjoyed and appreciated their performance.

At last, the elderlys were then served dinner together with fresh, healthy fruits prepared by our HuiXian, Ping Sing, Mei Kuen, Meng Huat, and Rico”s girls.  Thank you – Josephine and Jinxiong for Mceeing, Loi for videoing, Poh Yan for photo-taking, Xian & Ping Sing for getting the fruits, Song & Fiona for preparing the refreshment for the performers, Molly for doing the dumplings, Desmond for the sound system-in-charge, Vl, Rico & Kids for the decorations, Meng Huat, Suzanna, Julene, Alexandra, Alex, Eric, James & Jane, Gary Ken, for being present at the celebration, helping in one way or another. :) 

On behalf of the organisers Yen, Doris & Yong (especially Yong) would like to thank all volunteers who helped to make the celebration a success. THANK YOU ANGELS!

Oh, a SPECIAL THANK to Yong who has kindly and WILLINGLY agreed to take up ALL future Dumpling Festival Celebrations by HIMSELF 😮

NOTES:- Those who need to claim any money for the celebration expenses, pls hand your receipts to our treasurer”s Rico.