Yo angels,
Well, I was late for last Saturday Activity due to personal matters… Sincere apology to those who arrived earlier…

Last Saturday was a games and activities day… We had Poh Yen to play chess and board games with the elderly.. Auntie Molly was playing cards with the ah mas which was later replaced by Uncle Song and Christina… Eric, Jin Siong, Rusty, Christina and Gary helped out in the games where the elderly had fishing. Auntie Chen Peng and Uncle Meng Huat was playing Mahjong with the elderly which was subsequently replaced by Rico and Ah Yong.. By the way, ah yong was not on form that day… Don’t know why?? Perhaps Jojo is not around…. Hehe.. :)

Eric, Uncle Song, Doris, Rico, Mei Kuen and Sharon went around doing befriending and at the same time run errands for the elderly…. Doris had a new hair cut… very pretty… with the first look, Gary and I know that she had a hair made at Johor Bahru… haha.. :)

Gary, Jin Xiong, Uncle Meng Huat and Ah Yong brought out some “Kuai Zhi Ren Kou” songs for the ah gongs and ah mas…

Hopefully I did not miss anybody out…


1. Well as for the outing for Home Econ at Vivocity… Our dear ‘Kim Leng’ has been arrowed volunteered to be part of the organizing committee for this outing that will be held on 22nd July 2007, Sunday from 1200hrs to 1800hrs (latest)… Some of our volunteers have already expressed interests in helping… Sharon, Gary, Uncle Song and Christina… Rico and Poh Yan still pending…
Already announced on the blog… so no way back… hiak hiak… :) Interested personnel, please feel free to register with me or SK….

2. I will likely be organizing a visit to Kreta Ayer Senior Citizen Center at Chinatown next wednesday 20th June 2007 from 7pm to 9.30pm.. Interested personnel, please let me know… Encourage to go as you can see how elderly live on their own in one room HDB flat…

3. 30th June 2007, Hui Qing (Ex-Volunteer of Moral Angel) is organizing a concert for the elderly.. She invited 10 to 15 mobile elderly to the concert at esplanade… So far Winnie has given her consent… Now we need 5 to 8 moral angels volunteers to accompanied them for the concert… There will be providing 20 volunteers and a bus for transportation. Here are the details:

Venue: Singapore Art Cafe, at Esplanade
Time: 2pm to 5pm (will send a team of 20 volunteers to pick up a group of selected 10 to 15 mobile elderly from MH, arrive at esplanade at 3pm latest)

Concert time: 3pm to 4pm (will be an hour of music, songs sang by a few friends and myself…mainly oldies…my dad loves oldies of shanghai era…n i believe the elderly will love these familiar old tunes too)

Other program: Lucky draw prizes (like small items to cheer the folks), and light tea snack (sponsored) at the Art Cafe

a)To bring sweet memories to elderly giving them a treat at somewhere different, and in tribute of my father

b) To invite more young working adults esp of my network (those executives) to be exposed to volunteerism…..(kind of like NVPC ambassador..haha, for u know, volunteerism is FUN, n meaningful:)
Logistic: 20 volunteers, 1 bus (sponsored)
Safety plan: The Esplanade is quite friendly to elderly (lifts direct) and have handicapped toilets. Thus, safety should not be an issue.

4) Poh Yan going bold on 1st July 2007. Please remember to lend your support by pledging your donation… The donation card will only be available on 20th something… For those who want to donate but do not have credit card, please let Poh Yan knows and he will donate it on your behalf.. Remember to pay him back…

Give him your encouragement to go bald. So donate generously thru

For more info, go to

Pls let him know if you prefer to donate thru a pledge card

5) Remember to be at Moral Home at around 2pm for the Dumpling Festival Celebration… Be there early to assist in the decoration… Rusty and Jin Xiong will be the MCs for this event.. haha… :) details are already posted below… wow so efficient…