Hi Hi Angels,
Is me again!!! Your “lovely” VL is here doing this week weekly flash…. :) We have Auntie Molly conducting the card games but somehow or rather she upgraded herself playing mahjong with Ah Yong and the ah mas…. (Ah Yong and Gary not on form last Saturday)… The card game is subsequently taken over by Christina, Rusty, Jojo and Uncle Song….

Rusty, Jojo and Ah Xian intended to conduct the games activities with them but somehow or rather one of the elderlys complained that they had not have movies for quite a long time and so we ended up having movie screening for the rest of the day… Therefore, Rusty, Jojo, Ah Xian, Fiona, Uncle Sam, Sharon, Rico, Desmond, Eric and Gary went around the house doing befriending with the elderly.. Uncle Meng Huat was there as well…

For the later part of the day, SK arrived to assist in the feeding while Ah Xian and Ken Goh helped Auntie Molly to prepare for the “Ba Zhang”… Fiona donated 120 bottles of snake powder for the elderly… We intend to give it out during the dumpling festival… Thanks Fiona…

A couple of announcement:

1. Still remember that I posted a note on the comments for Moral Angels’ weekly Flash 120507 that ESN members is organizing a outing to Vivocity on the 21st or 28th July, and we need volunteers to be part of the committee to assist us in this outing.. so far no reply… I will bring this up next week… haha…. :) Just a recap… Timing will be in the afternoon starting from 1200 to 1700 (Still not confirmed). Home Econ have already confirmed that there will be 28 elderly going. And there will be no dinner provided as the administrator wants all of them to be back for dinner.

Wendy, how is the sponsorship for Home Econ Outing?

2. Sharon and I suggests to have a meeting with the main committee members to reflect on past year (Jan 2007 – Jun 2007) activities and events… And at the same time, to set up another committee for next year mega events for moral angels, which is our 10 year anniversary… We will discuss it in the coming week as well… Feel free to throw in suggestion as well…

3. I received an invitation from a past volunteer of Moral Angels to invite the elderly to a concert… Here are the details:

Proposed Date: 30 June 2007(Sat)
Venue: Singapore Art Cafe, at Esplanade
Time: 2pm to 5pm (will send a team of 20 volunteers to pick up a group of selected 10 to 15 mobile elderly from MH, arrive at esplanade at 3pm latest)

Concert time: 3pm to 4pm (will be an hour of music, songs sang by a few friends and myself…mainly oldies…my dad loves oldies of shanghai era…n i believe the elderly will love these familiar old tunes too)

Other program: Lucky draw prizes (like small items to cheer the folks), and light tea snack (sponsored) at the Art Cafe

a)To bring sweet memories to elderly giving them a treat at somewhere different, and in tribute of my father

b) To invite more young working adults esp of my network (those executives) to be exposed to volunteerism…..(kind of like NVPC ambassador..haha, for u know, volunteerism is FUN, n meaningful:)
Logistic: 20 volunteers, 1 bus (sponsored)
Safety plan: The Esplanade is quite friendly to elderly (lifts direct) and have handicapped toilets. Thus, safety should not be an issue.

What I need from you to help:
1) Send this invite to the Moral Home Nurse Manager and seek approval for this outing.
2) Mobile your regular volunteers as well since they know the elderly better (most 5 to 8 will do)

4. Attached program is this month activity… Long time never do liao… Haha… :)
Moral Angels Weekly Activities

5. Lastly and very importantly, our Poh Yan is going bald… Please lend him the support by pledging online…

Give him your encouragement to go bald. So donate generously thru

For more info, go to

Pls let him know if you prefer to donate thru a pledge card

Ah Quan