Hi Angels,

VL was absent at the Home last Saturday, as he needs to study for his exam. today. Jia yu VL! Make sure you remember correctly this time ah blurr vl. Glad to see you Sam, it’s great to see angels with valid reasons not to come down, yet see them around the HOME. Thanks for the extra drinks that you brought down last Saturday.

So happy to see our long lost Edmund tee tee last Saturday, he was seen playing cards with Aunty Molly and the elderly. Glad that Aunty Molly was able to come down often lately, and relieved Song as banker. At least now he got time to hang around the railling hahaha.

Gary, Yong, Ping Sing and Rusty were belting out lovely songs as Christina, Poh Yan, Alex and Fiona were doing fishing, sticky ball and passing beanbags with the elderly. Loi came in with his 10,000 songs karaoke set. Surprisingly, it was good. vl, you should listen to it.

Last Saturday we had a special guest singer, our ah kong, well, we don’t know what he was singing about but it was really loud! Luckily, Lee Ah Khim didn’t screamed at him to stop as she was busy playing cards.

At the dining area, uncles Joo Kiat and Kok Kee were at their Chinese Chess again. Sk was playing Checker with John. Eric was also seen playing chess with John if I am not wrong. Alex and Rusty were playing Timberr with Yi Long when I took over the game. Mei Kuen brought a new 3D snakes and ladders games over. We enjoyed playing this 3D games, Yi Long commented that it was fun. She later went to do up the other overdue 3D snakes & Ladders. Thanks Mei Kuen.

Poh Yan and Chan Peng Jie were playing Mahjong with ah mas, while Rico, Huaiyuan and Eric were busy enjoying themselves befriending the elderly. Chan Peng Jie did a few solo singing, how can we go without that, her singing never failed to mesmerize the elders.

Extra news:-
Firstly, on 19th, this Saturday, some elderly are going outing; organize by the HOME. So snacks day postpone to…see third note.

Secondly, on 19th, is also angels’ Sport Day, from 6.00-9.00pm. Only appropriate attire with angels T will be allow in. Bring along badminton, table tennis & tennis rackets small, medium and large balls (pingpong ball, tennis ball & basketball), towels and most important WATER. Oh, have light food before you go cos dinner will be serve after 9.00pm

Thirdly, on 26th next Saturday, most likely Chan Peng Jie is going to bring an Opera Troupe down to the Home, at the same time we will distribute snacks to elderly.

Forthly, volunteers recruitment is schedule on Thursday, the last week of October @ NVPC, Maxwell Road. Ping Sing & Damien are in charge.

Lost & Found Corner:-

  1. Where are you Tomoko & Kazuki? In Australia or Japan? Quick reply, I don’t want your clones to be around, I want the real McCoy
  2. Yo, Yeo Meng Huat, your wife looking after granddaughter and you? Looking after Sindy’s son huh? Joined together “ howl” (Chinese character “good”) hahaha
  3. Wendy, the elderly and angels didn’t see you for sometime already. Why? Trying to get PR oversea.?
  4. James Lim, Teck Ee & Daniel Teo can you, SENIORS say a hello to us?
  5. Alex and Daniel Wong, Nam Huat & Sandra, moral angels still remember you, what about you guys? Come on; drop by sometime.
  6. Des, what! Got gf, forgot ah kongs and ah mas huh? Get her to register as moral angels, then you, as well as kongs & mas will get to see her every week.
  7. Last but not least, all long lost angels in our emailing list, quick say HELLO! Otherwise we are going to hibernate you soon.

Wow, so lor sor…

Ok, good nite, no no correction, good morning.