Hello people,

How is everybody? Just a short flash to say everything went fine last saturday. Xiaoxuan, Jo, Desmond and Song were the early angels. VL was not able to go down cos he was needed by Brighthill’s outing. Aunty Molly, settled down comfortably at the gambling table together with the usual gaming ah mahs, was asking gary to distribute the fried white carrot cakes that she brought, for the elderly.  So, Gary!  in the end, did you do it? I wasn’t paying attention, :) but I saw Song distributiing & feeding some elderly.

Two sweet angels’ ; Xiaoxuan & Susanna were polishing up their Mahjong skills with 2 ah mahs. Oh, one of the Mahjong regular, Mdm Loo Fong Yong, Lillian’s mum was in Changi Hosp, ICU.  Ping Sing,  free check on her condition, and report back to us, can?  Uncle Yi Lung, the one playing timberr, fell during last weekday after an asthma attacked and his face was badly bruised.

We managed to play the usual fishing and ball games dispite many late “comer-angels.”  Gary, Yong, Jos & Stuart were busy taking turn to keep the elderly entertained with their songs.  Alexandra, Eric, Doris, Rico and Sk were busy chatting up elderly.  Mei Kuen pop in just in time to leave for games.  After activities, a group of us spend an enjoyable evening participating in Angels’ Sport Day.

Chan Peng Jie’s Opera Troup couldn’t make it this coming saturday, but snacks will still be distribute out. We are getting steam yam cakes and chwee kueh for the elderly, so angels come in early to help out please.