Hi Angels,

I was sabo into writing this flash by JX and HQ. It doesn’t pay to be too eager to learn. I am trying this ‘new’ entry, hopefully it goes thru, if not blame JX for not teaching me well, hahaha

After the Penang trip some angels seems to be very recharged. The fun and food are still lingering around. Aunty Molly bought five varieties of kuay, and Song too, bought the famous Penang’s Tumbun Biscuits for the Ah Kongs and Ah Mahs.

Song and Aunty Molly were playing cards with the elderly but towards the end, Aunty Molly was left alone to handle it.Hui Quan was happily playing passing ball with the elderly while Christina, Gary and Rusty were still running up & down wheeling the elderly down. Subsequently, they helped with the balls and fishing games. Jin Xiong, replaced by Winnie, was playing mahjong with the three Ah Mahs. Gary and Yong started the music flowing, followed by Josephine Ho with the accompaniment of our resident guitarist, Alex Boy Boy.

Rico was there as well as Fiona, Desmond, Stuart and our new baby Eric. It was great to see rico making a point to come down to the Home despite having to run a shop. Stuart too, having night duty on Saturday, he scarifies his napping time to be at the Home. Sk came in late as he was having cough and doesn’t want to spread to the residents.

At the dinning area, two Ah Kongs were having fun playing “Timberr” with Christina and Ken Goh, while uncles Joo Kiat and Kok Kee were engrossed in their Chinese Chess as usual. Oh, just to let you angels know that the sitting position of the elderly at the dining area was shuffled. All those sitting along Aunty Jenny’s row were diabetes. So take note angels, no sweetie stuffs for them.

Last but not least, thank you very much bro Sam for the carton of fruit juice. They were superb!!!!!! Any more? Bro Song said can ask you for more.

The End…. See you angels…good night….