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Moral Angels Weekly Flash 190507

Hello people,

How is everybody? Just a short flash to say everything went fine last saturday. Xiaoxuan, Jo, Desmond and Song were the early angels. VL was not able to go down cos he was needed by Brighthill’s outing. Aunty Molly, settled down comfortably at the gambling table together with the usual gaming ah mahs, was asking gary to distribute the fried white carrot cakes that she brought, for the elderly.  So, Gary!  in the end, did you do it? I wasn’t paying attention, :) but I saw Song distributiing & feeding some elderly.

Two sweet angels’ ; Xiaoxuan & Susanna were polishing up their Mahjong skills with 2 ah mahs. Oh, one of the Mahjong regular, Mdm Loo Fong Yong, Lillian’s mum was in Changi Hosp, ICU.  Ping Sing,  free check on her condition, and report back to us, can?  Uncle Yi Lung, the one playing timberr, fell during last weekday after an asthma attacked and his face was badly bruised.

We managed to play the usual fishing and ball games dispite many late “comer-angels.”  Gary, Yong, Jos & Stuart were busy taking turn to keep the elderly entertained with their songs.  Alexandra, Eric, Doris, Rico and Sk were busy chatting up elderly.  Mei Kuen pop in just in time to leave for games.  After activities, a group of us spend an enjoyable evening participating in Angels’ Sport Day.

Chan Peng Jie’s Opera Troup couldn’t make it this coming saturday, but snacks will still be distribute out. We are getting steam yam cakes and chwee kueh for the elderly, so angels come in early to help out please.



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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 120507

    Hi Angels,

    VL was absent at the Home last Saturday, as he needs to study for his exam. today. Jia yu VL! Make sure you remember correctly this time ah blurr vl. Glad to see you Sam, it’s great to see angels with valid reasons not to come down, yet see them around the HOME. Thanks for the extra drinks that you brought down last Saturday.

    So happy to see our long lost Edmund tee tee last Saturday, he was seen playing cards with Aunty Molly and the elderly. Glad that Aunty Molly was able to come down often lately, and relieved Song as banker. At least now he got time to hang around the railling hahaha.

    Gary, Yong, Ping Sing and Rusty were belting out lovely songs as Christina, Poh Yan, Alex and Fiona were doing fishing, sticky ball and passing beanbags with the elderly. Loi came in with his 10,000 songs karaoke set. Surprisingly, it was good. vl, you should listen to it.

    Last Saturday we had a special guest singer, our ah kong, well, we don’t know what he was singing about but it was really loud! Luckily, Lee Ah Khim didn’t screamed at him to stop as she was busy playing cards.

    At the dining area, uncles Joo Kiat and Kok Kee were at their Chinese Chess again. Sk was playing Checker with John. Eric was also seen playing chess with John if I am not wrong. Alex and Rusty were playing Timberr with Yi Long when I took over the game. Mei Kuen brought a new 3D snakes and ladders games over. We enjoyed playing this 3D games, Yi Long commented that it was fun. She later went to do up the other overdue 3D snakes & Ladders. Thanks Mei Kuen.

    Poh Yan and Chan Peng Jie were playing Mahjong with ah mas, while Rico, Huaiyuan and Eric were busy enjoying themselves befriending the elderly. Chan Peng Jie did a few solo singing, how can we go without that, her singing never failed to mesmerize the elders.

    Extra news:-
    Firstly, on 19th, this Saturday, some elderly are going outing; organize by the HOME. So snacks day postpone to…see third note.

    Secondly, on 19th, is also angels’ Sport Day, from 6.00-9.00pm. Only appropriate attire with angels T will be allow in. Bring along badminton, table tennis & tennis rackets small, medium and large balls (pingpong ball, tennis ball & basketball), towels and most important WATER. Oh, have light food before you go cos dinner will be serve after 9.00pm

    Thirdly, on 26th next Saturday, most likely Chan Peng Jie is going to bring an Opera Troupe down to the Home, at the same time we will distribute snacks to elderly.

    Forthly, volunteers recruitment is schedule on Thursday, the last week of October @ NVPC, Maxwell Road. Ping Sing & Damien are in charge.

    Lost & Found Corner:-

    1. Where are you Tomoko & Kazuki? In Australia or Japan? Quick reply, I don’t want your clones to be around, I want the real McCoy
    2. Yo, Yeo Meng Huat, your wife looking after granddaughter and you? Looking after Sindy’s son huh? Joined together “ howl” (Chinese character “good”) hahaha
    3. Wendy, the elderly and angels didn’t see you for sometime already. Why? Trying to get PR oversea.?
    4. James Lim, Teck Ee & Daniel Teo can you, SENIORS say a hello to us?
    5. Alex and Daniel Wong, Nam Huat & Sandra, moral angels still remember you, what about you guys? Come on; drop by sometime.
    6. Des, what! Got gf, forgot ah kongs and ah mas huh? Get her to register as moral angels, then you, as well as kongs & mas will get to see her every week.
    7. Last but not least, all long lost angels in our emailing list, quick say HELLO! Otherwise we are going to hibernate you soon.

    Wow, so lor sor…

    Ok, good nite, no no correction, good morning.


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  • Moral Angels Weekly Flash 050507

    Hi Angels,

    I was sabo into writing this flash by JX and HQ. It doesn’t pay to be too eager to learn. I am trying this ‘new’ entry, hopefully it goes thru, if not blame JX for not teaching me well, hahaha

    After the Penang trip some angels seems to be very recharged. The fun and food are still lingering around. Aunty Molly bought five varieties of kuay, and Song too, bought the famous Penang’s Tumbun Biscuits for the Ah Kongs and Ah Mahs.

    Song and Aunty Molly were playing cards with the elderly but towards the end, Aunty Molly was left alone to handle it.Hui Quan was happily playing passing ball with the elderly while Christina, Gary and Rusty were still running up & down wheeling the elderly down. Subsequently, they helped with the balls and fishing games. Jin Xiong, replaced by Winnie, was playing mahjong with the three Ah Mahs. Gary and Yong started the music flowing, followed by Josephine Ho with the accompaniment of our resident guitarist, Alex Boy Boy.

    Rico was there as well as Fiona, Desmond, Stuart and our new baby Eric. It was great to see rico making a point to come down to the Home despite having to run a shop. Stuart too, having night duty on Saturday, he scarifies his napping time to be at the Home. Sk came in late as he was having cough and doesn’t want to spread to the residents.

    At the dinning area, two Ah Kongs were having fun playing “Timberr” with Christina and Ken Goh, while uncles Joo Kiat and Kok Kee were engrossed in their Chinese Chess as usual. Oh, just to let you angels know that the sitting position of the elderly at the dining area was shuffled. All those sitting along Aunty Jenny’s row were diabetes. So take note angels, no sweetie stuffs for them.

    Last but not least, thank you very much bro Sam for the carton of fruit juice. They were superb!!!!!! Any more? Bro Song said can ask you for more.

    The End…. See you angels…good night….


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  • Moral Home Travelogue : Penang

    Hi Angels,

    we have just return from our recce mission to Penang Island. And we enjoyed every bit of it.. hahaha.. So let Stuart and Doris give u a brief account of the happenings over at Pulau Pinang… fyi photos for the Newater outing, CNY event and the Penang trip hasl be loaded onto the Moral Angel’s website.

    After the outing to the garden on last Saturday, those Angels going to Penang went off to either Stuart or Sharon’s house to freshen up. We promptly met up at bout 8pm plus at Golden Mile to begin our journey.

    We set off for Tuas 2nd Link at about 9… Brr… the bus was cold and the seats were not so comfy… we kinda get the feeling of sliding down the seats even when they were inclined to the sleeping mode.. anyway Aunty Molly was very nice. fearing that we don’t haveanything to eat when we reach the pit stop, she made lots of Png Kuay ( Pink Rice Cakes ) and French toast with Luncheon Meat. She reasoned that the food at Yong Peng was not hygienic that’s why she went to great pains to make all the Png Kuays… Thanks Aunty Molly!!!

    Along the way we were held back by a traffic jam… apparently there was a traffic accident on the road.

    After a ardous and sleepless( for some angels) trip, we finally reach Oriental Hotel. Unfortunately there were some hiccups and we did not manage to check into our rooms, instead we just deposited our barang barang at the hotel… Aunty Molly then brought us to the POSH Cititel Hotel to wash up… haha…. After freshening up, we “Marched on” to find the local breakfast… we went on a 10lm road march before we hit the local market. At this point, Aunty Molly ordered a few bowls of Kuay Teow with Pig intestines for us to try out… a few of us disobeyed orders and decided to explore the market by ourselves…bringing back You Tiaos and Wan Tan Mee… ” AIyo.. why you all buy these?? they are not nice one!!! ” so said Aunty Molly…. ” Don’t eat too much… later I bring you all to eat the Assam Laksa”..

    Subsequently we finish our food there and continues our road march to find the best Assam Laska…. it was located at one small shop along the road… we sampled possibly the BEST laksa in Penang…. the fish meat was ample but it was the broth that took our breaths away.. Jin Xiong and Stuart had to revive some of the angels by CPR… AFter all the makan… we proceeded to Penang Hill. It was a 10min taxi ride. When we reach the base station Uncle Song got the tickets for the tram ride(4 ringgit per pax ). The tram ride was not easy as we were packed like sardines into the small tram….halfway through, we had to change trams… Penang Hill is 700ft above sea level so when we reach the summit, the view was panaromic as you could see the entire Penang Bridge as well the Penang City…. it was definitielyworth the squeezy trip up… We had a break up there, enjoying the scenery and coffee… and then down the hill we went.

    Next stop was Kek Lo Si ( Ji Le Temple) … it was a temple perched on a hill. Along the way up to the temple, shops selling memorabillias are set up. so how could our female Angels not resist the temptation of SHOPPING? off they went while the rest of the angels went on a trek up to Kek Lo Si…… besides the temple, there was a Pagoda, a few angels took the challenge and climbed the little stairs up the Pagoda… the view was magnificent up there…

    Before we realise, it was almost nightffall.. tired and sticky from all the walking we headed back to our hotel for a wash. After that we headed out for some Dessert at a street side stall… Soon it was time for Rico to leave us as she had to return to S’pore. After seeing her off, we took a cab ride to Gurney Road for dinner. We reached a hawker centre located along the beach. Non of us angels could resist the good food there yummy.. after the makan, we had a stroll along the beach and did a little bit of shopping nearby.. By the time we reached the hotel, all of us were deadbeat… phew…. and this was only the first day.

    Rise and Shine !!! By 8am in the morning… we gathered at the hotel lobby. By that time a few of the angels had already went across the road to have a cup of coffee. This morning, Aunty Molly took us on a ride on the Public Bus.. and we were all amazed by it because you don’t have to pay a single cent. After about 10 mins, we alighed and were sheparded to a shop that sells Kuay Teow Thng … Aunty Molly has been friends with the owner of this shop for 30 over years… and guess wat? they served us extra soup with extra fillings inside… We then proceeded to Komtar, a pretty big shopping centre. A few of us wanted to buy the local goods such as nutmeg.. so they followed Aunty Molly. We met up back at the hotel where a van was waiting for us.

    We were whisked off quickly to a certain road side hawker cente…we had a quick lunch there before we headed for Batu Feringhi… this is a BEach resort where lots 5 star hotels are located…. a few of the angels had a nice stroll along the beach, some even went for horse rides. After a short rest, we returned back to the main town area. Aunty Molly took us to a Famouse shop that sells Tambun ( Tao Sa Bia ) . Mind you, our dear Aunty Molly had to call them up to book 25 boxes because they sell like hot cakes… All of us can attest to that as we saw lots of people coming in and out to buy their biscuits during our short stay there.

    After that we were chauffered to a nice little restaurant along the sea side for food sampling.. We had a taste of succulent prawns and crabs… we did not take too much as we still had to take dinner later on. According to Aunty Mollly, all the seafood were freshly caught by the fishermen.. that explains the freshness….

    Our last stop was dinner at a restaurant near the Bus Terminal… by then most of us were still quite full but we still manage to gobble up everything. Sadly and unwillingly, we bid farewell to Penang… and made our way via coach back to Singapore..

    That’s all folks, see ya at the Home this weekend!!!!

    P.S : Do remember to take a look at the photos at our website

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