Yo yo angels,

Sorry for the delay of weekly flash. Well, it was a rowdy and lively Saturday afternoon feel so young It was great to see Huai Yuan coming back to Moral Home to help out in the activities. Yong Guan and Huai Yuan will also be helping us for our outing on the 28th April 2007. Our little moral angels were back during the midst of their studies to assist the activities. Tweety, Alexandra, Suzanne and Julene were there last Saturday. They even brought their friends along Gabriel, Sally and Joanna. Welcome welcome. Likewise, Suzanne, Tweety, Alexandra and Julene will also be helping us for the outing as well What about Gabriel, Sally and Joanna??

We also have a new volunteer coming to join us. His name is Eric Lee. He will be helping us for the outing as well. Thank you Eric and welcome to Moral Home. He will be coming down at least once a month, however he needs to go off at 4pm as he has to fetch his daughter at 4.30pm from tuition class (if I’m not wrong).

Uncle Song was conducting the card games which were later taken over by the young little moral angels. Christina, Gary, SK, Rusty, Mei Kuen, Doris, Uncle Sam, Uncle Meng Huat, Sharon, Kim Leng aka Jin Xiong, Ah Yong, Stuart, Doris, Huai Yuan, Tweety, Alexandra, Suzanne, Julene, Gabriel, Eric, Sally and Joanna were there to conduct the throwing of bean bags, fishing, soft ball throwing, board games, befriending as well as running errands for elderly. (Hopefully I did not miss out anybody) hehe

Our sing-a-long session was conducted by Stuart and Gary. They brought out some of the most popular chinese, Cantonese as well as hokkien pop songs for the elderly… The young little angels also joined in the fun as well. Hehe

Not forgetting Auntie Molly who brought us good food on Saturday and our cool Poh Yan who was always there every Saturday to assist the board games and the activities. Suzanne, please help me to check Gabriel’s and your sis, Julene’s email.. I have received bounce back from their emails and also help me to check whether Edmund will be able to join in the workshop on this Sunday.. Thanks


  • Alexandra, Suzanne and Tweety will be joining the Beginning Volunteer Workshop while Jin Xiong, Ah Xian and Mei Kuen will be joining the Togetherness in Volunteerism Workshop. Both workshops are conducted by ESN (Elderly Sector Network). It will be held on this coming Sunday 22nd April 2007 from 9.15am to before 3pm at National Council of Social Service. Mei Kuen will be giving a talk on speech therapy.. Moral Angels can feel free dropby and lend your support hehe
  • Tweety will be joining the Volunteer Guitar Group on the 1st week of June. So now Moral Home will have another guitarist..
  • There will be live band performance and choir singing by student of Chua Chu Kang Secondary School on 27th April 2007 from 4pm onwards. It is organized by Rico. Moral Angels can feel free to dropby to lend your support as well. hehe
  • Rico’s shop is opened at Novena Square 2. The angels had went to her shop last Saturday to send their wishes..
  • Mei Kuen has a very interesting English Name, Interested personnel can ask her directly J
  • There will be a new resident staying at Moral Home. He is about 46 years old and will be there for about 2 months. Keep a lookout.
  • There will be at total of 37 elderly joining us the outing to the nearby park on the 28th April 2007. Therefore we need manpowers or volunteers to assist us in the outing. I will leave to Uncle Sam and Uncle Song for a final announcement before the actual outing.
  • I will not be able to join some of the angels for the coming Penang Trip. Sincere apologies


Hui Quan