Hello to all MA,

Another exciting event this April. Pls find below the itinerary for Fresh and Fun outing 2007. It gonna be a really low key event. But we still need everyones support and effort to bring more joy to our Ah Gongs and Ah Ma”s isnt it.

Well, some appointments had being either volunteered or kanna arrowed or being conned into it. Nevertheless, we, MA accepted most happily arent we…….hahahahaha

But still cannot find vacancy for Safety & traffic control, Logistic and camera & video. So if you are free pls.. pls help hor….kam seah first…There will be briefing for the event this Sat(7/4/07) – …. of course, the meeting will be chaired by our Chairman and Event Head – Brother Song…so if you guys dont wanna be arrowed, pls drop by tomorrow. I know this message is rather late, but better late than never…..and thats why i seldom reply email…….hahahaha

Last but not least, we wlecome ideas and suggestions.

Thanks & Cheers



Subject : Visit to the Park

Date : 28/4/2007 – Sat

Venue : Park Opposite to Newater Plant

Time : 1.30pm to 6pm

Budget : Low Key

Timetable :

1315 – 1400 – Volunteer registration

1400 – 1445 – bring down elderly

1445 – 1515 – Snacks and befriending

1515 – 1545 – Games and Laughter

1545 – 1600 – Outing group formation

1600 – 1700 – gentle stroll to the Park

1700 – 1715 – back to home

1715 – 1745 – dinner time

Brief : It will be a interaction day between the elderly and the volunteers. Plan to have some fun in the home, then will wheel the elderly to the park for some sun shine, fresh air, also to view one of our greatest water supply – The Newater Plant. Along the way, we will pass by the residential areas,more like a fun stroll to the park. Then, will proceed back to the home for dinner with the rest of the residences.

This time, we want to be slightly different, whereby we hope to bring more residence who are on wheel chair and those who seldom join us in the outing activities. Ratio as 25 wheel chair, 10 mobile – total 35 elderly

Appointments :

1) Organiser & Program I/C – Brother Song & Sam Lew

2) Group I/C – Ah Xian, Jin Xiong, Wendy, Christina

  • Divided into 4 groups
  • All elderly will be on wheelchair or with wheelchair on standby
  • Ensure safety
  • Appoint your own 2 I/C
  • Move in group

3) Food & Beverage – Ping Sing – Food I/C

  • Home will still cook rice and 1 vegetable
  • Food I/C will top up meat, more vegetable and healthy food for the residence. As dinner will be at MH, F & B I/C will ensure enough top up food for residence at home too.
  • Pls furnish foodlist to Winnie for clearance
  • Uncle Song will prepare 1 dish of ‘Khong Bah’ – (dark sauce pork dish) and Po Piah for Snack time
  • Sister Sharon – will prepare ‘Cheng Teng’ – desert

4) Logistic – I/C – TBA – 2 person

  • 35 wheelchairs – will standby wheelchair onto ambulance even for mobile elderly.
  • Borrow an ambulance, Umbrella, mineral water, cap.

5) Safety Control – TBA – 2 person

  • traffic control over the traffic light outside the home and along the walk way

6) Volunteers Coordination – Rico

  • total volunteers needed – excluding committee – 45members
  • Assigned 1 volunteer to 1 elderly.
  • have Basic wheel chair handling is preferred, may not be necessary!

7) Camera & Video taking – TBA

  • To capture the most precious moments


  1. Liaise with Winnie on the elderly names, dinner, drinks, 2 nurses attachment, T loan on the ambulance, wheelchair, cooking of Rice & 1 vegetable dish, elderly name list
  2. Drinks & snack for volunteers
  3. Food / Snacks / desert – budget
  4. Need volunteers to help out on the following tasks :
  • Safety & Traffic Control – 3person
  • Logistic control – 2 person
  • Photo & Video – 2 person